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I think,its Germany

Empires are not nations but the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires lost more than Germany which was also an Imperial state.

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Q: What nation lost most territory in the settlements after World War 1?
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Which nation lost the most territory in settlements following ww1?

Austria- Hungary

What nation lost territory after World War 1?


What Central powers nation lost the least amount territory following World War 1?

My mom

What nation lost territory as a result of ww1?


Which territory was controlled by Great Britain in the years following World War 1 and lost land when the nation of Israel was created in 1948?


Who lost more territory in World War 1?

the Germans

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Did Germany lose 13 percent of its European or orverseas territory?

After World War 1 German lost all its overseas territory and about 15% of its territory in Europe.

Which nation lost the greatest number in world war 2?

Russia .

What was the end result for Bulgaria in world war 1?

Germany lost and Bulgaria lost tooBulgaria could not revive its territory

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The address of the Lost Nation Public Library is: 301 Pleasant St, Lost Nation, 52254 0397

What territory lost by the Central Powers as a result of the war during World War I?

Germany lost territory to a newly-formed Poland. They also lost the French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. The Austria-Hungarian Empire completely collapsed, as did the Ottoman Turkish one.