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Secular Renaissance track used to be written for leisure functions and is used backyard of the church. For example, Madrigals are secular vocal songs besides accompaniment that had been famous for the duration of Europe.

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During the Northern Renaissance, a type of religious music known as "chorales" or "hymns" was commonly used for outside church services. Chorales were congregational hymns that were sung in unison by the entire congregation, rather than being performed by a choir or soloists. This form of music allowed for active participation and involvement of the worshipers during religious services, emphasizing the Protestant ideals of community engagement and direct interaction with religious texts. Chorales often featured simple melodies and harmonies that were easily sung by the congregation, making them accessible to people of various musical abilities. The use of chorales outside the church building allowed for religious gatherings and worship in outdoor settings, promoting a more inclusive and communal form of worship during the Northern Renaissance.

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Q: What type of northern renaissance was used for outside church services?
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What type of northern renaissance music was played outside of church services?

Secular music was played outside of church services.

What type of northern Renaissance music was used outside of church services?


What type of northern Renaissance music was used for church services?

Motet, Gregorian Chant, and Hymns were all used in Renaissance church services.

What are the main ideas and values of the northern renaissance?

Northern Renaissance humanists focused on more religious ideas, compared to the Italian Renaissance's secular focus. The Northern Renaissance was more concerned with church reform and returning to the ways of the early Christian Church.

Difference between northern and Italian renaissance?

Northern Renaissance: nation-states Italy: city-states Northern: strongly influenced by church Italy: less influenced by church Northern: began after Italy Italy: began before Northern Northern: focused on bible, church Italy: focused on classics (Greek/Roman)

What were the changes in the church during the renaissance?

The clergy members had better education, church services were more attractive, and Catholicism spread throughout the world

Who seemed to be in charge of the church during the Renaissance?

The Pope was in charge of the church during the Renaissance. Throughout the Renaissance, there were several popes.

What religions existed during the Renaissance period?

IF you mean the Renaissance in Europe, it was the Catholic Church, the church of the Apostles.

Why did the Catholic Church allow the Renaissance?

Answer by a CatholicI don't think the Church had much say in the whether the Renaissance happened or not.

How did the people of Northern Europe adapt Italian Renaissance ideas to their society?

Humanist's ideas separating from Catholic Church Art (more Gothic themes) Hope this helps =)

What institution supported music in Renaissance society?

The Renaissance was a period in history in which the arts flourished. The church was an institution which supported music in society.

What is the role of the Church of England during the Renaissance?

basically the church ran everything .the church was on top. metephorically.