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Cats can have up to 5 litters a YEAR. it's usually more like 3 or 4. Each litter can be from 1 kitten to 10 or more. The average is 4-6 kittens per litter. Cats have kittens as long as they live. Each kitten in a litter has kittens. Each of those kittens has kittens. = According to humane sites one un-spayed female cat and one un-neutered male cat and their offspring results in 420,000 kittens in 7 years. = It takes a male cat to produce each of those kittens. So spay AND neuter.

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Q: How many kittens could a female cat have in her lifetime?
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How many pregnancies can a cat have in a lifetime?

A female cat can have up to 2 thousand kittens in 5 years

How many kittens could a female tiger have?

I'm pretty sure 2-5 in a litter!

How many babys could a mother bunny have?

Female rabbits can have between 1 and 13 kittens.

How many kittens could a female cat have?

The size of the litter averages about three to five kittens, and the first litter is usually smaller than the first.

How many kittens can a cat have in a lifetime?

The number of kittens a female cat can have in her lifetime depends upon climate and daylight hours, which is how her heat cycle is determined. Whether she is an indoor cat, a cat used for breeding, or an outdoor feral cat, will also affect the number of kittens she can have, as the mortality rate for outdoor kittens is about 75%. The average gestation period for a cat is 63 days, so theoretically she could have 3 litters a year, with an average litter being 4 to 6 kittens. Realistically, however, it is more likely that she would have one to two litters a year with the ability to produce approximately 200 kittens in her lifetime if she is not spayed.

How many kittens does a female lynx have?

a lynx can have up to 5 kittens in a litter

How many kittens can a productive female cat have in her life?

More Than 100 Kittens

How many baby guppies does a female guppy produce in her lifetime?

She could produce hundreds of babies

How many kittens can a female cat have?

female cats on adverage have 1 - 8 kittens in one litter. but the largest know litter with all the kittens surviving is 14. but 1 - 8 kittens is just an adverage.

How many kittens can 1 female have?

a female cat can have kittens since it has 6 months of age till it is neutered or until it dies so id say about 100 kittens aprox

How many eggs does female have in her lifetime?

you get what your born with and that's it.

How many eggs will a female produce in her lifetime?


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