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The herring that has been salted in brine then smoked and cured is called a kipper. It is a type of preserved fish that is known for its unique flavor and texture resulting from the smoking and curing process.

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Q: What do you call a herring that has been salted in brine then smoked and cured?
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How important were salted fish to early New Englanders?

New England colonists depended on salted cod and smoked herring for food and as trade items. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, cured fish products made major contributions to the economies of New England and eastern Canada.

Is Montreal smoked meat horse?

No, Montreal smoked meat is not made from horse meat. Montreal smoked meat is made from beef brisket that is salted and cured with spices.

What is cured herring?

Sardines are cured herring.

Is feta cheese fermented?

It's cured and stored in its own salty whey brine.

What is he difference between smoking and curing?

Curing usually involves the use of brine or other solution where the meat is injected or soaked to preserve it. Smoking is exposing the meat to smoke (either cold or hot). Cured meat can also be smoked but all smoked meat isn't always cured.

Where does the red come from in a red herring?

Fish often turn red when they are cured and smoked. Smoked salmon, for example, is bright red. Herrings have been cured this way since the middle ages and called "red herrings". Smoked herrings have a rather potent scent and would divert hunting dogs who track by scent; it was for this reason that it was first used in its figurative sense as a diversion in 1807.

Is loxes a word?

LOXplurallox orlox·esDefinition of LOX: salmon that has been cured in brine and sometimes smoked

What does it mean cured meat?


What type of fish is a rollmop?

Herring Traditionall "Rollmops" are (HERRING) Fillets wrapped around a small sour pickle and cured in brine. The term comes from rollen, meaning - "to roll up" in German. Side note: Moppen means "sour face" in Dutch

Does Kelley's smoked and cured ham need cooking?

No. Smoking and curing are both methods that effectively cook food. Just smoked food is safe, just cured food is safe and when something is both smoked and cured it is also safe.

Cured smoked meat from a pork leg is sold as?


What is cured cod?

Cured cod is cod that has been salted for preservation I believe but I'm not quite sure