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Can an appliance rated for 15A be operated safely on a 20A circuit?

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Yes, as long as the circuit is not overloaded. Some kitchen appliances require a dedicated circuit depending on your local code. In my area the following require a dedicated circuit. Dish washer, refrigerator, microwave, garbage disposal, stove, and 2 separate dedicated circuits for all the rest of the kitchen receptacles. Check you local code.  
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How do you install a 3-wire 220v welder outlet directly beneath a 125 amp subpanel in your garage 300 amp service to house 4 15A and 3 20A circuits currently in subpanel?

  You'll want this on its own breaker. If there isn't a free breaker slot in your box, you're already in trouble - you'll have to consolidate two single breakers into a du

Can a 120V 15A outlet be converted to 120V 20A outlet?

yes, but make sure the wire is #12 thhn       Thhn is expensive and used in lighing and settings where temperatures can be high, normal house wiring is standard

Can you replace a 20A GFCI with a 15A?

Yes, you can go down in current protection, but not up. With 15 Amps you just won't have as much capacity to power connected devices. If that isn't a problem you can make the

How many watts on a 15A circuit?

How many watts can be supplied depends on the voltage of the branch circuit. Because a normal circuit breaker should only be loaded to 80 percent of its trip rating, then 0.

Can you use 15A outlets on a 20A circuit with 12-2 wire and a 20A breaker and how many outlets would this allow?

I'm going to assume you are referring to residential construction because rules for commercial and industrial settings can be different. Also rules differ by geography (i.e. C

How many lights and outlets can go on 15A or 20A breakers?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.Lights Lights and outlets are normally wired on separate branch circuits, which means that the lights will

Is it advisable to use a 30A fuse in a circuit that is rated to carry only 20A?

The purpose of a fuse or breaker is to prevent electrical fires. Using a 30 in place of a 20 is not advisable even if it does not immediately cause a short. Taking a chance wi

How many outlets or lights can go on 15A or 20A breakers?

Building codes will vary. In the US, the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) is the basis for most of those. The answer will vary depending on what the structure is. For a sing

If the hot water heater and dryer are both run off of split 15A breakers is it safe to upgrade to 20A breakers?

You live in a mobile home, or older house? I live in a doublewide, and my dryer breakers are 30amp, and the water heater breakers are 20, both 220V lines, shared. The only sa

Does a power rating list the voltage required to operate an appliance?

It should, all appliance labels are required to show the voltage and amperage of the equipment. Some even go as far to show the wattage which is the product of the amps times

Can you use 15A plug receptacles on a 20A circuit?

No. You need 20 amp receptacles. ( if a single receptacle on an individual brach circuit NEC 210.21 (B)(1) )       Yes you can use a 15 amp receptacles on a 20 amp br