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Can unemployment be garnished by creditors in New Jersey?

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No, only for child/spousal support.
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Can creditors garnish your wages in New York state?

Answer . Yes, a creditor or collector can sue for money owed. If they win the lawsuit they will be awarded a judgment which can be used among other options as a wage garnis

Can a New Jersey attorney garnish your wages?

Answer . The attorney could request that the court order garnishment on wages, but the general order must come from the court judge or magistrate.

Can unemployment benefits be garnished by a creditor in Indiana?

I JUST spoke to a person that is part of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University - a certified consultant/counselor and he stated that creditors cannot garmish unemployment c

Can a creditor garnish unemployment in Louisiana?

Generally speaking, most states only allow garnishment from unemployment compensation for spousal or child support. Check with your local state unemployment office for clarifi

Can a creditor garnish unemployment benefits in Virginia?

I'm not an attorney, but generally any benefit payments from retirement/unemployment/social security/disability cannot be garnished. however, creditors will try to bank levy