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Can you collect early retirement and unemployment compensation at the same time?

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Collecting unemployment requires being ready, willing, able and available for full time employment and seeking work. If your 'retirement' allows this then yes, otherwise, no. Also, you have to qualify for the unemployment regarding monies, earned employment history, reason for leaving the last job, etc.
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Can you collect retirement after unemployment?

Good question. If you have exhausted your unemployment benefits and have seriously been looking for work during your benefit period, it sounds reasonable to collect some form

Can you collect unemployment if you are collecting a retirement?

This answer depends on a few things. First, it depends on what state you are claiming benefits in (not which one you are living in or received the pension/retirement from). Ge

If you are retired military can you collect unemployment?

From what I've researched 1) it depends on the state, 2) for states that accept your military retirement: If your retirement from the military is the reason you are seeking un

Can you collect Va compensation and OWCP compensation at the same time?

The general answer is yes but with one stipulation, it cannot be for the same injury/illness, as example if you had been injured while serving in the military and been awarded

Can part time Georgia teachers collect unemployment compensation between school terms?

Usually, teachers are paid a salary and cannot collect unemployment between school terms, but you can check with your unemployment office. If you are paid hourly, it might be

Can you collect worker's compensation and unemployment benefits at the same time?

The answer depends on your state of residence, the nature of your illness or injury, and whether you are able to accept work for which you are qualified. If you're unable to w

Can you collect retirement and collect unemployment?

You cannot collect absolute retirement (meaning not returning to work) and unemployment benefits because the latter requires you to, among many things, continuously seek full

Can you collect workmens compensation and unemployment at the same time?

Workman Comp and UnemploymentNot in the State of Michigan. Not sure about other states, but I highly doubt you can collect both at the same time anywhere. Addendum: Think a

Can you collect worker's compensation benefits and unemployment benefits at the same time in Pennsylvania?

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can collect both worker's compensation and unemployment benefits without penalty in Pennsylvania, depending on the nature of your illness

Can you collect unemployment if you retire?

No you can not. You could then collect Social Security benefits. And unemployment does not last forever. In most states, it isn't a function of the company to make you retire.

Can you receive unemployment and retirement at the same time?

In the UK no. You are only entitled to one or the other dependant on your age. Below retirement it would be JSA or retirement age and above it would SP. In the US you cannot