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Can you receive unemployment after retirement?

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If you have come out of retirement, started working again, lost your job and met all the requirements other unemployed workers have to meet, then yes you can.
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I retired at 49 can I file for unemployment?

Laws in the United States vary from state to state as they are set by each locale's unemployment agency. The rules in your state may be different, but most require that you be

Can you collect retirement after unemployment?

Good question. If you have exhausted your unemployment benefits and have seriously been looking for work during your benefit period, it sounds reasonable to collect some form

Can you receive unemployment while getting retirement money?

You receive unemployment benefits, if you qualify for them by, among other things, being willing, able, and actively seeking full time employment. Private retirement funds y
In Alabama

Can you receive unemployment in Alabama while receiving military retirement pay?

I seriously doubt it... military income is deductable from Alabama state unemployment, and with AL's unemployment as low as it is ($265/week max), any retired military pay wil

I have been receiving partial unemployment but applied for early retirement at age 62 recently and received my first benefit. Do I have to report this on my unemployment claim as earned income?

As of Spring,2011, only three states (Illinois, Louisiana, and south Dakota), offset their unemployment benefits by 50% of the Social Security benefits a recipient receives (s