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Did the US really start the war by stopping the long-standing trade agreement with Japan?

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Japan drew the US into WW 2 when they launched an unprovoked attack upon our Pacific Fleet while at peace, Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941. Japan launched the attack because of many reasons, one of which was an oil embargo placed upon her by the US & Gr. Britain. The oil embargo was placed by the US & Gr. Britain because of Japan's aggression in the Far East, esp. in Manchuria & China. Japan wished to create the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," an excuse to exploit Asians & reap all of Asia's natural resources for Japan's our desires. No, the US dd not do a thing to provoke an attack by the Empire of Japan, so say the 1,103 sailors that died Dec. 7 aboard the USS Arizona.
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  the US helped rebuild its cities and economoy

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because US decoded the Japanese message about an attack

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  The instrument of surrender was signed on the battleship USS Missouri on 02 September 1945. blah blah when the u.s drop two atomic bombs in japan