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Apple cider vinegar I am a very big advocate of apple cider vinegar! There is so much out there about the uses of organic apple cider vinegar, and with me being a person who is green friendly I use as many products as I can to promote healthy living. Also it helps to flush toxins and makes your skin beautiful by removing the dark circles from under the eyes. Just be careful not to take it straight from the bottle! Dilute it or else it could burn your stomach like taco bell at three am can. They make tablets that you can take but some people find them difficult to swallow. ACV can be found in tablet form in the vitamin section of most pharmacies or health food shops, and some department stores (possibly Wal*Mart, Costco, etc). In researching for a kidney stone treatment, I found that Calcium Oxalate crystals (one form of kidney stone) caused by unhealthy diet change: too much fluoride (brushing teeth with tooth paste every hour or so after each snak), too many peanuts, and too much chocolate--could be dissolved naturally by a number of treatment methods including ACV, lemon juice & olive oil, banaba leaf extract, eating pickles, alfalfa with lime juice, and more. CT scans showed a 2 cm stone in each kidney. Gas in gastrointestinal tract put pressure all through the abdomen that caused kidney tissues to be compressed against both stones causing huge pain / damage. Hospital doctors gave two prescriptions--one for pain, and another for widening the urinary flow pathway. Pharmacist said they would fill my prescriptions right away, but instead took about 45 minutes chatting with one particular "potential customer," all the while kidney stone pain returned with a vengeance. Pharmacist did not know of anything to take for kidney stones, but had heard that some people tried some risky substances and got no better. Both the hospital doctors and the pharmacist recommended just drinking a lot of water, and letting the stones painfully pass out during urination. After getting on the internet, the answers came quickly--first a whole bunch of web sites trying to sell a book about the topic, then later a web blog site where people pooled their experiences with treatments... Using a lot of lemon juice, olive oil, ACV tablets, eating pickles, and a day or so later, voila, no stones at all, no pain, and only minute chunk of one of the stones passed through the bladder into a fine meshed strainer given by the doctor at the hospital. The strainer was supposed to filter out the stone material, and this could then be analyzed by a lab to determine the exact cause of the stones. However, recent unhealthy diet change indicated that it was the cause--no need to get an analysis done. While some people like an alkali diet, this resulted with poor amounts of stomach acid (stomach upset due to gas), and not digesting food properly, and also forming kidney stones. This illustrates the need to strike a proper balance in diet with the kinds of food / drink that are needed. I am taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar everyday in the morning in liquid form. This liquid has been professed to increase metabolism, decrease water retention, suppress the appetite, lower blood pressure and control cholesterol levels. There have been several studies done regarding weight loss and they all seem to agree that apple cider vinegar is an effective aid for weight loss. It is quite rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. I just read that taking it in liquid form may damage tooth enamel so I will probably purchase some pills for the future. I figure I need all the help I can get, so as long as it is OK with my doctor I may as well utilize it.
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