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Does the amount of light a seed is exposed to affect seed germination?

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yes it does. the less light the seed has will either make the seed take longer to germinate or not germinate at all. Answer it really depends on the type of seed. some seeds like watermelon and tomato coulnd care less about how much light they get while others like lettuce would not germinate in the dark at all. but as a rule of thumb, most seeds prefer to germinate in the dark.
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Does amount of light affect seed germination?

Light doesn't really affect seed germination because during seed germination the seed mostly needs water so the seed can break out of the seed coat and also the water triggers

Is seed germination affected by temperature?

Seed germination is significantly affected by temperature. When it  is cool, seeds are slower to germinate than when it is warm. If  conditions are too cool or too hot, seed

Does a seed need light to germinate?

Physiologically seeds do not need light to germinate as they store enough food reserves in their cotyledons (or cotyledon if a monocotyledonous plant). However, so seeds need

What affects the germination of seeds?

Moisture, soil pH, soil nutrients, scarification, warmth from the sun that heats up the soil, etc.