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Furry Fandom

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The furry fandom is a group of individuals that are interested in anthropomorphic animals. They have conventions and some dress up in fursuits.
Yes she has it is a pink bear
Not necessarily I'm a furry and I don't worship demons. People inthe furry community differ greatly, they can range from pervertedfreaks to perfectly normal people. I like to think I'm plentynormal. Furries are like any other group, including "normal" people. therewill be weirdos and there will be...
furrtrax it will work in your mobile or desktop browser!
The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes....
It is the same as a regular asexual, but with an interest in anthropomorphics and possibly costuming (or, as they call it, fursuiting).
Any kind of animal. I suggest you use google images or something,  because those are much more useful than words. Or any other place  you can use too look at images. Even an inexpensive art school. Or  a nearby friend.
FurAffinity.net is a very popular furry site, considered to be the  most popular in history.
It depends on your definition. If you like anthropomorphics, have a fursuit, have a fursona, and go to Anthrocon, but don't call yourself furry, you can't be called one. If all you do is bark like a dog, but you want to be considered a furry you can be.
Furries exist because people who were fans of anthropomrophic anmals found others like them and the fandom was born.
You're really only a furry if you think you are. There is not concrete way to determine that you are a furry. Some would say that if you fursuit/draw/look at etc. you are furry. But, I find that that's a little... extreme. It's like telling someone, "You ARE part of the anime fandom, deal with it!"...
This question is more of an opinion than a straight answer. I might, but then again I'm a furry. I wouldn't, however, like it if I had a boyfriend who "brought furry into the bedroom", if you know what I mean.
A furry potter, which is a fun anaolgy of harry potter if you  consider it.
FurAffinity   SoFurry   Weasyl   InkBunny
Being a furry is not "Bad" in itself. Furries are just people who like anthro animals. there is nothing wrong with being part of a fandom.
In my opinion, good Furry webs are Furaffinity and Anthrocon.
Yes, being furry has nothing to do with age.
most artists in the fandom make their home on: furaffinity.net
Yeah, there are a bunch. High Tail Hall is a fun one but there was a fire at the studio so progress is a bit down. Bad Dog animations has come out with a new one called The Penthouse that is also like a puzzle. Be sure to get the current ones because the prototypes were a bit lame.
Yeah, I'm a furry and I personally think fursuits are stupid. Improve: Yes, but they might still wear them for special occasions like Halloween.
There is nothing wrong with him being furry. His intrest in furries  should not affect his intrest in you. If he told you he was  breaking up with you because he is part of the furry fandom it was  more than likely just an excuse.
theirs imvu you can be a furry in there and for more childish one  is amazing world.
There are lots of furry artists, usually furs themselves, looking  to do lineart for just about anyone, just look around FurAffinity,  as that is a very popular furry site.
When a fursona has the word 'anthro' applied to it (it's probably already anthropomorphic, as a furry, anyway), it's referring to the body shape. That means the character has a human's general body composition. Feral, as another example of a body shape, would imply a more natural animal's build.
You would draw out a pattern and then cut it out of fur, then you would sew it together and stuff it.
1. 'Paws Up Radio' - FREE! This app is a radio station that's run by furries I guess. They play dance and club music mainly and have cool talk segments.2. 'AC Information' - FREE! This app just gives you information about the next Anthrocon. Is has information about where the special guests will be...
It's impossible to stop a kink. Believe me, I've tried.
That nuber is imposible to count
well you can draw it or ask a request or a commission of one
To make a fursuit you have to first make a pattern and then sew the pieces together.
ironclaw,jadeclaw,gammma world if you want the sifi (not really furrys,but close),heck even in D&D you can play as a shifter,(note these are tabletop games)
yes he yes he has been a furry for 3 years now hes raps it in his mixtape song ema tape related link below
personally i find that IRC rooms are the most effective way to find furries, we tend to hang out in places like that pretty often. I've also seen quite a few in secondlife, and theres a large group on steam called "furry pride". hope this helps =) yiff in heaven furfriends! Nate Bluepaws
Youtube. Internet. X-Box. Netflix. Redbox. Etc
InkBunny ,FurAffinity, and DeviantArt are the most popular ones Iknow. You can find quite a few good tumblr blogs, but they'remostly all reposts.
Yes he is. Furries are just anthropomorphic animals.
It depends on who your parents are, and their personality, it's  different with each one.
There are entire furry IRC networks out there. I highly recommend Anthrochat.
anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and  characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include  exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability  to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes.
Start by drawing a basic outline of how the body shape will be, Itis easiet to do this a stick figure. Once this is done make theface like a tiger (tip: look at a tiger picture) add a tail andmake all deatils.
People wear fursuits because hey like to dress up as their fursona.
Furry chacaters go way back at the momet the earliest I canthink of is Anubis but I'm sure there were some before him.
Your friend might already know the he/she is a furry. One way to go about it is to ask him/her if they are a furry. If they say no you reply with something along the line of 'Ok well I though you might be'. If they answer yes just say 'cool'. If your friend doesn't know about the furry fandom just...
yes it is ok to have more then one fursona i have two
    You find yourself fascinated by animals, perhaps even repulsed by humanity. You draw furry art, you view Furry Art, look at furry characters, and you begin to feel connected to animals. so you make a fursona, and it represents you, and how you feel. Fur-suiters (those who dress as...
Yes, robot can be furry, if you add a synthetic skin with fake/ real fur attached.
There are litterly hundreds of fursuit bilders. Go to Google and search you'll find some that are close to your area. Just look at the pictures of theire work on their website and see who you like best.
Generaly people use a fur suit.
Yes. It's ok your not alone I too I'm a furry. I know sometimes it feels like your the only one out there but know it our not furrys are every were hiding in plane site. Hopefully you can a few furrys out there.
If your fursona is a wolf
Yes. Furries are completely real. A furry is just somebody that  enjoys anthropomorphic animal characters. You've probably seen a  few before and not even noticed it. Lots of furries wear collars,  tails, animal ears, paws, or fursuits.
Yes furries are just people who are fans of anthropomprhic animals. okay this is a different person, if by furry you mean fan of anthropomorphic animals than yeah duh, but if you meant anthropomorphic animals, i dunno, im sure at some point in time we would get technology capable of doing that, as...
YES!!! We love having you guys there! Lots of times, regular people outnumber the number of furries at the conventions. Go in and have a look around! Most conventions are completely family friendly and have lots of fun and interesting people to meet!
Anthropomorphism is giving something (anything) not human, humantraits or qualities. Furries are a subdivision of anthros
For most people the fandom is simply that... A fandom, like any other. Part of the reason furries are afraid of "coming out" is that thay are worried of losing friends or respect. I would just say ask normally and don't make a deal out of the answer either way. If knowing that he/she is a furry...
That relly deends on your parents. Myabe just don't say anything unless they ask. If you are uncomfortable with telling them then don't
You can't, thats like trying to get a gamer to stop playing games.It's kind of hard to get someone to stop enjoying hobby. Even ifyou were to try you would probably loose a friend, and so long astheir being part of the fandom isn't hurting them or anyoneelsethere is no reason to try and make them...
Furaffinity.net/user/onai beastcub.com
"Furries" are alive. Plushies are dolls.
It's ccalled FurTag. It isn't as good as facebook though.
In the fandom, we refer to most reptiles and scaled antros as "scalies". But they are still considered as furries in the sense of fan group.
If you're looking for a FURSONA idea, search Wikipedia for some common mammals, see if their characteristics and behaviors are similar to your own, because you'll have more fun that way. I'm not too particularly common, and my icon is what I am, so just have a guess at what I am.
Depends on what media you plan to draw. Paper: Paper or drawing tablet, Pencil, Eraser, Pencil sharpener,Color Pencils*, Marker*, Pen*, Digital: Computer, A drawing program (photoshop, MS Paint, ect.), Adrawing tablet*, *optinal material
Most furs live in America, though they are global.
yes there are a few: . Paws Up Radio -Listen to this awesom furry radio station, right from your device! . FurCast - The FurCast streaming tool app will easily and freely tune you into the FurCast audio streaming server. . Fursuit Diary - This app provides a connection to the Fuirsuit Database.
FurAffinity.net has some of the best furry forums on the net, there  are some Livejournal and other websites that have support for  forums and have been taken advantage of for furry uses.
That depends on who you are talking to someone who is a Fur-hater would deffinatly call you weird as well as some other rude names. Someone who is a furry would not.
Of course! There are furries just about everywhere.
One who has a furry aliernative character. Click link below to read about it!
Elliot is a furry because he is an anthropomorphic character, anthropomorphic means that something that is not human has human characteristics, meaning walking, talking, and human like body form. Elliot acts like a human, so he is considered a furry.
You don't have to consider yourself part of the furry fandom to play feral heart. Anyone can play. You just have to follow all of their rules and have a working PC with Internet connection where. You also need to have enough memory to download the game.
You can get fursuits from a variety of sellers online. Simply google and look around.
Fursuits can range anywhere from 800 - 2500 dollars.
Miami and Tampa and Tallahassee
Gilies i really don't know but frances it can take ahopadomp of time
Look around furry MUCKs and MUDs, as for definitions of those and examples, please visit your best friend, Wikipedia.
Furries are people who are anthropomorphic animals. A feral furry s a fourlegged anthro animal. Meaning it can talk and expresses human features and emotions.
Just come straight out with it. It may be hard at first, but in the end, you won't regret it. (you will if the 'friends' you're talking about don't accept you) TELL YOUR FAMILY FIRST!!!
A furry is someone who has intrest in anthropomorphic animals. the Furry fandom is as diverseas tha animals it is about.
No not at all unless your religion says that you aren;t allowed to be part of a fandom it s not a sin.
Candy, DontHugCati, and the list goes on like mix candy
Usually having interest in animals in general (zoology) can get  confused with furries, having interest in characters such as those  from movies with Anthropomorphic animals, such as Over The Hedge  for a younger-audience example.
Well, As what I did, I told them I had something to say when we were at lunch, I actually had to explain to them what a furry was for them to understand. Here, Some Steps you need to take Step one Hang out with your group of friends, Tell them you need to chat with them about something that ain't...
No you don't have to but that is what the majority of the fandomis. So I'm not really sure what you would do in the fandom if youdont like anthros. Perhaps just fursuit in a quad suit.
Well for starters no one would hat anyone for being furry. And the world would be much more accepting since the fandom is very accepting.
You should first check your local fabric store (JoAnn's, or othersuch store). If you can find what you want there chances are itwill be a lot cheaper (partly because there are no shipping fees).If they do not have what you want there then there are severalsites on-line who sell furs. A lot of these...
If you loo at the Anthrocon website at the pagd linked below you can see that there convention grew in number as time went on. Weather that is beause of the growing fandom or just because moreheard of the convention is up for debate. But theworldis alread covered in furries and you don't even...
(Fursona's name) Furry Or (firsona's name)(hobby or personality) (species)