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Persian Language and Culture

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Farsi and Dari-Persian languages are primarily spoken in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iraq, as well as other Persian Gulf countries such as Bahrain.
Aryan. In Persian language, the name Iran is a cognate of Aryan, and means Land of the Aryans. for more information please check these links below: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Iran http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Iran http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran http://en...
First of all, Why would you even do this in America? And Second no its not because it disrespects them and you possibly could get arrested for it.
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key be donya oomady? (Literally translating; When were you born) or tavalodet kay-eh (literally translating; When's your birthday)
"Persian" is derived through Latin, from Old Persian "Parsa". ThePersians referred to their language first as "Parsig", modern"Parsi". In a very large percent of dialects, this became "Farsi"under possible Arab influence. (Arabic has no 'P', often turningthe 'P' in Persian words into 'F'.) While ...
The word "zarghan" is a combination of two words: zar + ghan. Zar in Farsi language means: Gold, And "ghan" is the Arabic form of "Kan" which means: mine ; so zarghan means "the mine of Gold"
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Dari is a dialect of Persian spoken in Afghanistan by more than 40% of the population.
In Pashto: one - yow - يو two - dwuh - دوه three - dray - درې four - salore - څلور five - pendzuh - پنځه six - spaj - سپږ seven - ow wuh - اووه eight - at tuh ­ ­- اته nine - nuh huh - نهه...
You read it right to left من تو را مثل But I don't know how to "say" it.
In many of the same ways we do: they farm, sew, work in markets, offices etc... I have a brother-in-law who is from Iran; his brother makes his living by making hand made luggage.
elaahe الهه
khaake nasooz (خاک نسوز) OR gele boote (گل بوته)
saket bashid (you-plural) saket bash (you-singular)
depends who you are talking to if a friend: pitsa mikhory? or pitsa mikhay? if you dont know the person that well: pitsa male dareen? :) hope i heleped
1. "Sepas gozaram" or "Sepas". ("a" in "sepas" and "gozar" pronounced like "u" in "cut"). 2. "Mamnoon" or "Mamnoonam". ("a" in "smamnoon" pronounced like "a" in "cat", noon is like noon in English). 3. "mersi" (pronounced mer-see), which is originally a French word. 4. Mot-e- shakkeram, which...
mam-nun or mo-te-shak-ke-ram
Shiites. refer to the related question listed below for more infomation.
during the war the soviets had put troops in northern iran and after the war instead of with drawing them as promised, stalin kept them there and demanded access oil. They also aided communists in northern iran.
Its pronounced: . Ta-va-llod-et Mo (not 'mow') -bu (not 'oo')-rak. 'Tavalodet mobarak'. Its pronounced literelly the way it is written, with an emphasis on the 'L'
A UN nuclear watchdog report suggests Iran could be developing anuclear bomb, apparently confirming long-held suspicions in theWest. Tehran denies the claims, insisting that its atomicintentions are peaceful. Israel (and the U.S.) may be makingpreparations to launch a military strike to destroy...
khandedar. ( used describing objects, tv programs ect.) bamazeh. (used for your funny,he's funny,she's funny, used describing people) :) hope i helped
I am learning how to speak Persian: man daram Farsi harf zadanho yad meegeeram
definisi terkonsolidasi
Very good in farsi is "Khali Khoob" (pronounced Khay-lee kh-oob Or: besyar khoob
khaylee khosh shons hasti (very) (good) (luck) (you are) or khaylee khosh shonsee (very) (good) (You're)
Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family, Farsi belongs to the Indo-European language family. So yes, Farsi has more in common with Russian, French, Irish, and English than it does with Arabic.
khodafez khoda negahdar
Both are dialects of the Persian language (spoken mainly in Iran). Dari is the name of the Orthodox dialect which retains the classical Persian alphabet, grammar, and spelling rules. Farsi has more speakers, and while comparable to Dari, has altered some of its spelling rules and letters.
well i know the words but not how to put it together .. Mann = Me Dhost or Rafeeq = friend You = tu ok i know these words because their in my language too but we sentence our words differently to that in Farci
sale no mobarak سال نو مبارک
Dari is a dialect of Persian/Farsi, spoken in Afghanistan.
khcoda chkoob e , the khc i a letter in Farsi English doesn't have it is made in the throat not with your mouth
اختراع EkhTeh Raa
apa bahaya jika terlalu sering melakukan marstubrasi
Arabic : Afro-Asiatic - Semitic - Central Semitic Farsi : Indo-European - Indo-Iranian - Irania Arabic
Dogs both understand, and can actually read Farsi. They just don't speak it. Note: Do you wonder why they do not do as a written message tells them to do? Some need glasses but most of them are just stubborn.
komak (n) komak khaastan (v) - ask for help komak kardan (v) - to help
سلام دوست عزیزم، خوشحالمافتخار آشنایی با شما رو دارم، ممنونم از زحماتتان، چند روزی اسØ...
Hassan = حسن
man ajale nadaram means I'm not in a hurry
Khalij خلیج
komakeh maly lazem daram کمک مالی لازم دارم
you can say: ~thanks -mersi -mamnoon -motshaker ~thank you -mersi -mamnoonam (az shoma) -motshakeram (az shoma)
Answer . A = Alif B = Bay T = Tay S = Say J = Jeem etc contact me ill give you full
Safar be Kheir (سفر به خیر) OR safare khoobi daashte bashid (سفر خوبی داشته باشید)
Israel's official capital is Jerusalem (some functions in Tel Aviv). Lebanon's capital is Beirut. Iran's capital is Tehran. Saudi Arabia's capital is Riyadh.
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None, other than the fact that they're both in the Middle East.
Chi kar mikoni? چی کار میکنی
English--------------> Farsi Why? --------------->Chera? .
"Did you sleep well ?" or "you slept well"
The Farsi dialect commonly spoken in Afghanistan is called Dari (Eastern Persian), or Farsiy e Dari (فارسی دری).
My name is Hasan from Iran.how are you?
It means " Do you do?" or " Do you do it?"
Stop as in "halt": . Informal: Vaaisaw وایسا . Formal: Beh-eest بایست Stop as in "enough": . Informal: Basseh بسه . Formal: Bas-ast بس است
Saddam Hussein was the President of Iraq who invaded Iran during the Iran-Iraq War.
Muhammed is written the same way in Arabic and Farsi: محمّد The word itself is Arabic though. Ham-mada (which is the root verb from which Muhammed comes) means to glorify or magnify in esteem. The F3a'il form of a verb creates a noun representing the person performs an action. I...
(Rumah Adat Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT) 1. 1. Sao Ata Mosa Lakitana 2. 2. Lopo 3. 3. Musalaki 4. 4. Temukung
'kir' means penis and 'kiram' means my penis and 'dahan'means mouth and 'dahanet' means your month. So literally means my penis in your mouth! :D
Since John is a name it doesn't have a meaning in Farsi
چرخبال, Pronounced Charkh-Ball, is the official Farsi word for it but almost everyone calls it helicopter in Iran.
Whether Iran or Persia is likely to appear on a map depends on two things, the date the map is portraying, and the date the map is made. The name Iran is rather recent. Maps of ancient Persia use the name Persia. Maps from the 19th century are likely to say Persia. Modern maps of the modern land are...
Persian is one of many types of Middle Eastern food. Thedifferences between Persian Food and, say, Iraqi or Levantine Arabfood are slight, but noticeable. There is a different spice pallet,focusing on saffron over cumin and an increased use of fruits forflavoring. Persian food also has a large...
Iraq is primarily Arab with some minorities like Kurds and Yazidiin the north. Iran is a multi-ethnic country made up primarily ofPersians, but also Dari, Pashto, and Balochs in the East and Kurds,Azeri, Circassians, and Arabs in the West. Persians considerthemselves to be Caucasians, not Arabs.
Toh chegad shereen hast eh. شما خیلی شیرین
1. mengancam kesejahteraan hidup 2. memporak-perandakan rumah tangga 3. tertekan 4. menjadi penghutang sepanjang hayat