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O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)

American author William Sydney Porter, better known as O. Henry is known for his short stories. They are recognized for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization, and surprise endings.
Robbery, but he didn't do it.
the only one i can think of is terror.
You just answered your question! O Henry wrote both of those books. He is known for his surprising endings!
O Henry wrote 300 short stories.
He supposedly selected it from living in a family (Harrell) home in Austin, TX, and calling for the family cat, "OH, Henry!" He lived in Austin from 1884 until 1887, ten years before his incarceration in Ohio. I just found that information on a site but didn't write down which one I DID find it on....
O. Henry died on June 5, 1910. - Answer from the book Writing is my business: The story of O. Henry . By Peggy Caravantes.
William Sidney Porter, also known as O. Henry, held a number of employments before fleeing the country to Honduras, returning to the United States because of his wife's sickness and death, and being convicted for embezzlement occurring during his time working for the First National Bank of Austin,...
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luulu ka pattha ..... who studies o Henry stories i hv just read bout after twenty years of o Henry it was a good one......................
"The Gift of the Magi" about a young couple who are short of money but desperately want to buy each other Christmas gifts. Unbeknownst to Jim, Della sells her most valuable possession, her beautiful hair, in order to buy a platinum fob chain for Jim's watch; while unbeknownst to Della, Jim sells his...
he made people to inspire in his works and published stories
best seller is a fiction written by o henry ...............................
Jim's sacrifice is greater as he cannot retrieve his watch. Della's hair will always grow back.
When we figured that the marshal was the criminal and the criminal was the marshal
William Sydney Porter, who wrote under the pen name O. Henry, was born in North Carolina in 1862. He started writing stories while in prison for embezzlement, a crime for which he was convicted in 1898 (it is uncertain if he actually committed the crime). His writing career was short and started...
Sally Mathews-artist Tom Crocker-custodian Beth Williams-Sally's friend Harold Green-medical doctor In The Last Leaf a play in one act by William Glennon.
There are many elements in the short story the last leaf. One of the elements that i used for one of my write ups was irony.
4th June 1067
There is no one set answer to this- but I would make a guess. Things that are "bewitched" sometimes would have results that you did not expect. In a similar manner, the lady at the bakery thought that buttering the bread would have one effect, when it had another effect entirely.
O. Henry would say that the most valuable possession of all would be love like in the story "The Gift of the Magi"
She was friend of Joanna
Best Seller deals with the life of a business worker of a plate and glass company who believes that fictions are unrealistic and according to him a man always marries a girl of the same background. The story starts with the narrator traveling in a chair car on his way to Pittsburgh where he meets...
the climax would be the part when there was only one leaf left on the tree.
Jul 24th 1901 O. Henry is released from prison in Austin, Texas after serving three years for embezzlement from a bank . He was relased for good behavior. Fact that happened in 1898 when he was sent to prison. Emile Zola is brought to trial for libel for publishing J'Accuse. Robert Allison of...
O. Henry was born on September 11, 1862.
The social relevance is to sacrifice. And never wish to be diebecause its a big sin.
I think it's to honor your friends
William Sydney Porter wrote under the pseudonym, O. Henry. The short stories of O. Henry is remarkable for their 'pun', 'irony', 'wit', 'humour' and unexpected/surprise endings. A Strange Story falls in the category of surprise endings. The contemporary critics found an element of satire in the...
The conversation between lawyer tolman and young Gillian's $1000 given to Gillian
We should never lose hope at any situation we face.
O. Henry wrote almost 400 short stories. Some of them were collected in "Cabbages and Kings," and others in a collection called "The Four Million." He did not wrote any "stand alone" volumes such as a novel.
How did William Sydney Porter come up with the name O Henry
True Wisdom may appear foolish, APEX;)
"One Thousand Dollars" by O. Henry is told in a third-person limited point of view. It adheres more to the perspective of one person.
1. What is the author's attitude towards actions or events? The author's attitude is describing the events and action, he does not put any of his own feeling in this describing the story. 2. Is the story humorous or tragic of frightening? Does the author want you to laugh or cry, to feel happy...
he loved reading classsic literature
It is said that he had a younger sibling.
O.Henry's stories were famous for the twists towards their end. Anton Chekhov also had adopted this trick.
Trevelyan is the name of the hero in the bestseller which pescud talked about . The writer calls him trevelyan because at first he mocks romance and its ways but later on he himself follows the same ways to get his love.
when judson odom mentioned pancakes to willella
When you read this story, did you notice the small details like when Mr. Easton holds Ms. Fairchilid's hand- 'The younger man roused himself sharply at the sound of her voice, seemed to struggle with a slight embarrassment which he threw off instantly, and then clasped her fingers with his left hand...
The dangers of curiosity and prejudgment
The first police officer and waiting man discuss what he will do if the friend is late. As it turns out, the friend was right on time.
Sacrifice, love, friendship, irony(is that a theme?)
O.Henry was a master of Surprise Endings to his stories.
He never "changed" his name to that. It was a pen-name he used (with others) for stories wrote. "O. Henry" was a pseudonym that first appeared over the story "Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking" in the December 1899 issue of McClure's Magazine.
i would say the main conflict is internal conflict because he doesnt and know how to spend the thousand dollars he has been given.
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street has a subplot where Ernie and Bert exchange gifts very much in the fashion of the Gift of the Magi by O'Henry. It is arguably one of the best, most sincere Christmas specials imaginable.
I don't know the answer to your question but I have books from O'Henry that are from 1903 to 1911. They are 7 hard bound books and in pretty good shape.
The title "Bestseller" sounds as though the story is to talk and praise the bestsellers. But in this story Pescud mainly criticizes the bestsellers, saying that they are unrealistic and unbelievable.
best seller deals with the life of a business worker of plate and glass company who believes that fictions are unrealistic and according to him a man always marries a girl of the same background. THE story starts with the narrator travelling in a chair car on his way to pittsburg where he meets john...
I think, he wants to inspire us to understand the impotance of life and how it means to the people who loves us..... by: Praveen kumar (PD)
Athol Estes Porter wife of William Sydney Porter (whose pen name was O. Henry) died on July 25, 1897, from tuberculosis (then known as consumption).
Piano salesman Rudolf Steiner the main character in The Green Doorby O. Henry. Other characters in the story are a young very poorwoman and the man handing out cards for The Green Door.
William Sidney Porter, who wrote under the pseudonymâ??Oâ??Henryâ?? used a plot device he called â?? Turning the tableson Haroun Al-Rashid.â?? While he utilized themes of coincidence,surprise and fate to create his beloved short stories, his favoritetheme was pretense and posing as...
The story is quite interesting in this Mr persued belives that every thing which we reads in story books are false and imaginary and does'nt happens in real life.But while he was travelling he fall in love with a beautiful girl and folowed her and reaches to her hometown.There he went to the girls...
It's ironic to do something honorable such as paying back a loanbut having to steal to do it.
Omniscient point of view, also known as the all-knowing point of view. This point of view focuses on one character, but the narrator is not a character in the story.
In the short story, The Purple Dress , by O. Henry, there are two young ladies who quarrel against the color of their dresses whom they will be trying to catch the eye of their new boss, Mr. Ramsay. The main protagonist of the story is Maida, who favors in the color purple for her dress, but her...
Mr. Chalmer's friend, Tripp looked much older than his age because of his illness. He was always borrowing money and when he asked for a dollar, he wanted to earn it by helping Mr. Chalmers, a journalist, to get a story. He told him a love story about a beautiful girl from Long Island who came to...
To emphasize the disastrous effect the disease had ion Greenwich Village
It was published in the book "The Trimmed Lamp and Other Stories of the Four Million" in 1919.
Both of them are self-sacrificing and selfless. Della gives up her beautiful hair (which is alluded to as hair that the Queen of Sheba would envy). He gives up his most prized possession...
O. Henry was born on September 11, 1862 and died on June 5, 1910. O. Henry would have been 47 years old at the time of death or 152 years old today.
O. Henry died on June 5, 1910 at the age of 47.
O. Henry died on June 5, 1910 at the age of 47.
In the novel After Twenty Years by O. Henry, Silky Bob feels angryand betrayed when he find out that the first policeman was JimmyWells. This is because he thought Wells was his friend.
This story explained the different between right hand and left hand, which prefers to fault.
1. The story takes place in rural Alabama. Two crooks, Bill Driscoll and Sam (we never learn his last name) have about $600 between the two of them and figure they need another $2000 to pull off a "fraudulent town-lot scheme." And by the way, you learn in the first paragraph of the story that these...
When Bob realizes that the man is not his best friend Jimmy.
When he was 15 he worked as a store clerk for his uncle. Healso became a pharmacist in Austin, Texas.
The rising action of the last leaf is when the first branch falls off from the tree, that's also when Johnsy thinks shes closer to die.
A young couple who want to buy each other something nice for Christmas so Della sells her hair and Jim sells his watch and Della buys a chain for Jim's watch and Jim buys Della a comb for her hair and both of the gift becomes useless to each other...its the though that counts
He was a humorist (he is mainly famous for his short stories).
The Rose Lady and Trevelyan is a fictional book in the story"Best-seller" by O. Henry.