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Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a result of tears in the dermis. They happen when an area of the body rapidly expands. This can be from muscle growth, weight gain, or commonly pregnancy. Stretch marks are a form of scarring.
Yes. you can get a tattoo over stretch marks and guess what it even  hides the stretch marks.
Yes there is there are Creams you can buy from Boots in England and health stores which make them fade away.
  Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. Don't forget your arms and legs as some women get horrible purple stretch marks all the way down to the backs of their knees.
There is NO 'common age' for stretch marks. ANYONE at ANY age can  get stretch marks, although in children they are exceedingly rare.  The typical causes are pregnancy, obesity, and loss of skin  elasticity (which is the one age-related criteria).
There are many creams out there but the best one so far has to be  Revitol cream for stretchmarks.We have it there. Check the reviews  to.
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Absolutely not. That will just create a scar on top of the stretch mark. The best thing you can do is use coco butter religiously to soften the area or you can go to the doctor and they can most likely prescribe you a more intense stretch march softening topical cream.
Yeah, stretch mark creams can only lessen the appearance of stretch marks, they do not keep them from happening. You can try various proceedures after the fact to get rid of scars-or lessen their apprearance-such as laser treatments.Below is an article that explains laser treatments for scars.
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While some may be genetically predisposed to cellulite and stretch marks, the best preventative advice is to maintain a stable weight that is adequate for your height and weight. Avoid rapid weight loss or weight gain. Avoid excess sun exposure as this will destroy elasticity of your skin. Drink...
Contrary to popular belief, there is no way to get rid of pregnancy-induced stretch marks. you can try out creams and oils that will enhance the look of the skin around the marks, so that they are less visible. If you are really conscious about it, you should use a cover-up on your belly. It works!...
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Stretch marks occur when you gain weight too fast. Don't worry. The stretch marks can be erased but it may take awhile. I have heard that coco butter is good at taking away stretch marks. It is also something you have to make sure to apply one to two times a day. Another product is bio oil and it...
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Unfortunately NO. Loosing weight doesn't helps to get rid of strechmarks.
Stretch marks can be from being pregnant, gainging weight, building  muscle too fast or can be normal in teenagers during puberty. In  all of these conditions, the stretch marks start when the skin  begins to stretch more than it can withstand. For some that may  never happen. For others, it can...
No it doesn't i thought that intill i tried it and my legs and it looked ten times worse and i paid £45 from a salon. i wouldn't do it because it looks horrible. :(
yes aw bless u thought u had something wrong with u awwwww blee yu
ofcourse we do...atleast i do.....i like it so much when i run my hands over my bf's waist sides where some stretch marks are visible.It feels different and personally,very sexy coz it makes him more manly...you know kinda feeling you get when you run your hands over his abs.......<3<3<3
It supposedly does. It works pretty well but it is not a prescription and is not surgical so it might not work for all
Yes I've used rejene for a month and it did nothing. I just wasted my money!
yes! also sagging skin . eating sugar and other highly processed foods causes mineral deficiencies . REMEDY:red desert clay .it has every mineral highly absorbable goes straight into blood stream .
Make sure to use tons of lotion-this strengthens the skin's elasticity. Most people find cocoa butter lotions to work the best. Also make sure not to itch your belly. A good diet and exercise (OKed by your doctor) are also ways to keep your belly smaller, which means less stretch marks.
Cosmetics formulators would regard stretch mark lotions and anti-wrinkle creams as two different categories of product, with rather different sets of ingredients especially in the most modern, science-based formulas. However, if you have one type of blemish, but you have cream designed for the other...
you should try some creaams for stretch marks like bio oil or anything that has shea butter and colligan..
We don't like them. So keep the vitamin oil rubbed all over your body. With that said, I never complained. But true love does not always last and the next Guy may not be as nice.
stretch marks occur because of rapid growth of the body, or  weight gain/loss. In teens, girls get these reddish/purple lines  because parts of their body are expanding or stretching. Areas  include chest, hips and inner thighs. If you are really  uncomfortable with them, use some bio oil, it...
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Sadly, no. There is no "cure" for stretch marks. I don't know for sure if they can or not, but a plastic surgeon may be able to do something to make them smaller, but it would be pretty expensive.
I'm not sure, but you can use cocoa butter its really good.
Stretch marks are actually a type of scar which never goes away completely. They often fade so that they are not longer visible, but they are still there. The biggest factor in how quickly they will fade is youth and skin condition. And not smoking.
== It is just bad luck.  there is nothing you can do about it, unfortunate but true.   A very moisturising lotion may help but apart from that it is those danged hormones again. ==   As long as it is your stretch marks itching you are ok but anyone itching without stretch marks...
Causes When the skin is stretched, such as during weight gain or during pregnancy, the stretching breaks or permanently damages the underlying skin fibers and skin cells. This has nothing to do with dry or dead skin-- it is simply that stretching, even of supple (soft, pliable) skin makes it weaker....
They will naturally lighten as they mature, but getting lasertreatments done will speed up the process.
Might help to soften the skin to prevent them but not afterwards.
Vitamin E capsuls .. busted and used as a sort of lotion.. the results would take quite a while to take effect but vitamen E works wonders on the skin..
I hate to break the bad news but there is no complete cure to stretch marks! Once stretch marks develop on your skin, you will have to live with it! All the miracle creams that you hear about can only help lighten their appearance, if at all! You can go in for laser therapy if you want substantial...
yes you can have laser treatment but that doesn't fully get rid of them
yes it is normal, im 13 too and i have them on my inner thigh and just below my hips i know its embarrising but mostly all people have them. they do fade in time if they don't get some kind of bio oil which heals them soo there not visible. if your around 8.9/9 stone that's a good weight for our age...
Well, lotion works great for me. Just Aveeno works the best.
couple of reasons1. Your growing2. need to drink more water, to help skin keep moist and elasticity3. possibly a fast weight gain
no it darkens them at first then it matches you taned skin color
you can never get them to disappear but you can get them to fade so there Nealy unnoticeable but they'll still be there. sorry. :(
Not reccomended....technically you COULD try but it will cause major health problems and they make tons of cream for stretch marks.
yes shea butter works but it might take a while. For African American women/men 100 % African shea butter works very well on stretch marks and also works on , burns, for acne, stretch marks, pain relief, authritus, sunscreen, hair conditioner, exzema, and massages
  Yes, you can get a tattoo over stretch marks....But I find that stretch marks are quite often too big to just tattoo over, too much area, so I borrow a trick from the magicians hand book....When the magician says I have nothing up my sleeve and lifts his hand he is preparing the setup with the...
Yes, stretch marks are simply scars on the skin from stretching. The bigger problem is the stretched skin may cause it to take longer for your abs to show as the skin shrinks. Usually however the stretched skin would sag more on the waist line, you would still be able to see the upper abs show...
The thing is.,the moment I started using aloe vera on my stretch marks,they started turning red or so. And I think that's the color they should be before they completely disappear. I think it does anyway. Just confused bout the color change but mine reduced really quickly.
I'm not completely sure but, I would think so since the muscle is stretching your skin. It can stretch your skin just like fat. That's the main cause of stretch marks...i have them all up and down my legs...im only 13.
I don't see any benefit, nor have heard of any.
ANSWER: bio oil or surgery ANSWER: There are a lot of natural and surgical methods to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but unfortunately, removing it "completely" is not possible. For natural ways on stretch mark removal, you may apply any of the following on the affected areas: - aloe...
no! they just appear on the surface of your skin, you cant feel them and they dont irritate you, they just leave marks
use body butter! the sooner you get it the better as stretch marks tend to stay but in order to prevent them you should massage in some body butter every night and also in the morning, keep it well moisturized
Sudden burst of growth, and no that does not mean you are fat, girls go thru growing stages much sooner than boys when finished you will grow into everything so don't mind some of the temporary phases you may go thru.
Yes. It's all apart of growing up. As you gain/lose weight, or grow a large amount during a short period of time, stretch marks are normal and common.
if you are stretching the skin a lot like doing extraneous exercises that really stretch out your skin then yes , but light exercise is fine
The cream I heard about is called ElastinX But dont forget it is never permanently removed, not even surgery can do that I was told.
No, losing weight does not help reduce stretch marks.
yes at any age and it is beter to get rid of them earlyer in life than when you get older so get some palmers cream and let them fade before it is to late.x
it means that they're getting worser and you need to use cream or bio-oil now or they'll get at a point you wont be able to get rid of them.
  www.eastwood.com they have glass polishes for fine or deep scratches. they also have a ton of other stuff for repairs and resto's.
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== Opinions on Getting Rid of Stretch Marks ==   * What you need is natural products that will repair and exfoliate your skin. The skin has 7 layers (3 main layers, 4 sub-layers) and what you need is something that can repair your skin from the bottom up. Not over-the-counter products that...
Yea if You massage it in it worked for me i just have been doing it every night before bed :)
yes everybody has them well most women some are lucky and never get them but who care its a part of life just learn how to deal with them they are not that bad..... plus its how you fell dont worry about others and models just have great makeup to cover them up yuppp even the skinny of them get them...
when u get bigger and your butt stretches out
Unfortunately, Yes. You are probably going through a growth spurt and any rapid growth can cause stretch marks. They will fade eventually and vitamin E cream might help.
  No vitamins will get rid of stretch marks - once formed, they remain forever, unfortunately. Try taking Zinc, Vit A, Vit E, Vit C and MSM tablets.
Don't Worry. I'm 12 And I Have Them To. I'm Really Insecure About Them. You CAn Never Get Rid Of Them. There Scared Tissue. They Are There Forever Unless You Have Them Surgically Removed. Try Some Vicks Vapor Rub On Them, Or Some Body Butter. It Will Help Them Fade. If You Don't Do Anything At All...
i don't think so but you could try it and if it doesn't work definitely use cocoa butter
Usually, these occur when you grow. They are most common as a result of pregnancy, but can also be due to obesity.
It should do, any type of skin oil that isn't dangerous for the skin should help, apply regulary for maximum effect.It would help to ask for proper medial advise as well.
if you scratch a place where yo have psoriasis and rub the blood on the place of stretch marks its possible that you could get psoriasis on your stretch marks. and since psoriasis peels of your old skin and you get new skin by the time psoriasis gets better i think that will also get rid of your...
Probably she got fat all of a sudden and the stomach skin didn't have time to adjust so stretch marks showed up.
  == Answer Skin ploblems ==   Bio - oil is a special oil that can be purchased at a chemist that apparently helps for stretch marks and other blemishes.
  == Answer ==   to cover up use a heavy base or concealer to heal use oral antibiotics and local cream like polysporin
No, they aren't bad! They're actually pretty normal, and a lot more common than you might think.
to avoid them is easy you just don't put on wait or loose it to quick but if you still feel unsure just use stretch mark cream to avoid them coming forever.
Just use some concealer and powder blush ( that matches ur skintone)
Stretch marks can go away,but for this to happen,you need to do some exercise to unsure your succes!
Stretch marks show up after a rapid growth spurt on some people, male or female - you don't have to be pregnant and some women don't get stretch marks during pregnancy. It all depends on how elastic your skin is. Men get them too.
When they itch it usually means they are getting smaller, or bigger. My doctor told me to apply lotion, or some kind of stretch mark lotion to the area and it should reduce irritation.
i have 4 stretch marks at the age of 8 i hate getting changed for P.E i have to go in the toilet i get bulled you think only boys bully but girls do aswell coz they do it to me they call m preggy for pregnant i hate it you normally get stretch marks when your pregnant i am 8 how am i pregnant
Yes most defiantly but the gold bond plus works best! starke Florida 32091
I would suggest you abrade top layer of the skin where stretch marks are located. I've gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and got stretch marks all over my body. No stretch mark cream ever helped because stretch marks are like scars there's that dead cell buildup that you can only mechanically...
It usually indicates impressive weight loss.
I don't think you can buy it in stores yet. But you can call 1-800-900-1337 to get it. They say it for the first 240 people to call but I bet you'll still be able to get some. Hope this helps. Take care.