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A crush is a feeling of infatuation, love, romance, or lust towards another. Crushes are usually considered to be more superficial and short-term than romantic love, but certainly can develop into more complex emotions. Having a crush is often an important step in the emotional development of an adolescent.
Im a huge fan of both Ahsoka and Anakin. But as for Ahsoka having a crush on him, I don't know for sure. I know that they care for each other a great deal, though
yes because there was an episode that they kissed and also ash saved may in the temple of the sea
I am no expert on boys, but I have done this once and it worked well. First, you ask him what his locker number is. Normally he will tell you but if he doesn't you have to make sure you find out, if he doesn't tell you some of his friends might. Second, pick the Valentines day card that you like the...
no way !!!why would she?I cant believe you would think that!! She is my friend and do not mess around with her or me! i didn't write this but plz tell me who wrote the above
You change to a different therapist. Most therapist worked really hard to achieve their career and most will not give up their career for a crush or love. Therapist can not have a non-working relationship with clients until 2 years of termination. If they do, they risk fine, prison, and lost of...
The guy would say hi and look in your eyes and smie at you.
Usually when this happens it means there is something about them that you emotionally feel for. Like, if a guy that you used to like kept appearing, it shows you still have some feelings for him as your brain is imagining being with him. Sometimes it can be a hatred thing also, it really depends on...
Well you feel like you are on cloud 9 when you get around your crush.You think about them all of the time.You look at them a lot.And you ask about them a lot.
Well what I think is if you have a relationship with someone that that person is the only person you like and have feelings for. But if you do have a crush on someone dont act on it, or talk to the person you are in a relationship and tell him/her what you are feeling and see what they say...But its...
You will start looking at her/him a lot and start making randomn conversations so GOOD LUCK!!!
I really don't know who this is?
jordin sparks has a crush on chris brown
Just tell like a friend, its always nice to talk to your mom like a friend once in awhile. From her experience she can start telling what to look out for in the future. Because from my experience there are alot of different things you should be aware of.
Yes, she does in fact. She has a crush on RB singer, Chris Brown, who is rumored to have been dating Rihanna. This was revealed on the Tyra Banks show when Tyra asked her the question if she had a crush on any1 and Jordin said that he was cute. However, before this, on a YouTube video of Jordin's...
Then that's a big problem... You have to ask the guy who HE likes better. ;) Cuz then it's fair
Either write a letter to him saying how you feel or make it anonymous. Or tell him straight up. I did both.
Answer . Talk to your friend. See what she thinks, and start spending time with the guy. He'll try to use you to get information on her, use this as an opportunity to get to know him better. Become friends. yes, that's right, FRIENDS. Guys go out with people they like as FRIENDS. Trust me on...
well, I'm a girl, so I know what I'm talking about: 1. Be nice to her, if you're teasing her in the way crushes do, STOP IT!!!!!!!! We don't like it!!!!We feel uncomfortable with you if you do that. And we would just think you're a jerk so don't do it. 2.Be out-going and get her attention.Be...
She generally loves it especially if he sucks on the ear lobe also.
he has a crush on brad felton
Never!Trish did not have a crush on John cena.
Katie potter is not famous but shes Emily potters sister and she has a crush on luke benward
She has a crush on randy jackson
it seems to me like its because i want to be ther person to have loved them first. theres something that feels way more right about loving someone in the 1st place, as opposed to them liking you so you date them only because they like you. I mean, you can eventually like them too, but for me I'd...
If you mean Miss Briggs from iCarly, then most of the evidencedirects the answer to be Mr Howard.
Well, he does every possible thing to be next to you or with you. When he looks directly at you, he gets nervous. He gets extremely nice to you and offers to do things for you. :)
No. It does not. Even a peck on the lips does not count. A real kiss has to be on the lips for more the three seconds. Some of that is totally wrong. I bet he/she has never kissed a girl/boy. If you kiss a girl/boy on the cheek, it does count as a kiss, just if you kiss him/her on the lips, it's...
there isn't an approxamate time...it will come naturally.
depends on how he acts around you if hes always nerevous and is trying to find things in common then he likes you but if he just acts like a boy thenn he dont like you
Answer . What makes it wrong that you have feelings for them? The age difference is not that big of a deal these days. If your worried about the legality of it then check with the state law for age of maturity. It could be 16, if not then ask her parents like a gentlemen if you can court their...
the crush she might have is probaly on a guy on tv. or a guy on the street even in the club . %HERE_GOES_TEXT%.
i think that Mady More loves Shane west but is just dose not want too let it out
If you best friend is dating you crush, the best thing to do is to talk to her about it to avoid any unneeded drama
I think you should try to drop soem hints. Try to ask him questions like what would you do if someone you knew liked you. he'll probably get suspcious which sorta makes it easier. It's like telling him without actually telling him or just ask him or if you have enough courage go up to him and...
a field where rice is grown
nobody he isn't thinking bout girls
yes, omi does like kimiko . he kinda admits it in every single episode . you would have to look closely . my friends agree . we all take bets on who kimiko's gonna end up with . yes i am a raikim fan . peace !
Justin beiber. But it is said there relationship was fake.
Well one thing is for sure, I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION!!!!, ok well i have liked a kid for 4 years now, he liked me the first few years, and then this year he became uninterested, in the beginning of the year he told me he sorda liked me, and i told him the same, EVEN THOUGH I STILL REALLLY LIKE HIM...
They usually stare a lot at you and try to agree with everything ur sayings make u laugh. sometimes they even go out fo their way to help u out.for example he or she could say oh u don't know bla oh i can tell u sure and usually for ppl who think ur ugly something they say i dunno y are u talking ti...
Ask him to walk you home or try to have more physical contact (in the least romantic way to put it!) just be adventurous..dont hold back and find small things that make you closer :)
He likes Mr. Washburn
Don't give up. Start out by just being her friend, that way you get to know her and if her and her boyfriend break up, you are already there waiting for her
i dont know i have been trying to get a girl to motice that i havea crush on her she just cant take a hint :( Buddy, I'm a girl, and let me tell you that we are the mostCLUELESS creatures on the planet. We know when someone is crushingon our friends, but we don't know when someone likes us unless...
Well, you shouldn't be too formal when trying to look cute and nicein front of your crush. Just try something different and pick outsomething that is best for you. If you try and that doesn't work,and your being yourself, in my honest opinion that's someone whoisn't good enough for you. I'm truly...
first, find out if she likes you back. if she does, you need to try to win her over. if she doesnt, try to change her mind. don't try to hard because then she'll either feel sorry for you, hate you, or think your being to clingy and desperate. if she's a friend, why not just ask her out. you've got...
He has a crush on the singer tiffany evans
No, Bakura doesn't have a crush on any character.
They are going out... She told me :D
Jessica Alba, he talks about her non stop, he doesn't mind the fact that she has a child either, ha ha!
All you named to do is to get him to notice you be yourself try to attract him or talk to him or ask a friend to try to hook you up with him
Yes Gaz does like Zim because he's evil.
Monique used to have a crush on him because they used to date but now their not dating anymore and Monique doesn't have a crush him now but I'm not sure about zac. All I know is that Monique is dating corbin and zac's dating vanessa.
who does baby bash have a crush on? . OF COURSE!!. MEE!!! LOL
Answer If a guy doesn't remember his first kiss, it couldn't have been that good or there is something else to consider, he's pulling your leg, playing with your head, as I don't know of any man or woman who doesn't remember their first kiss whether it was bad or good we always remember that first...
no, Nudge doesn't have a crush in Maximum ride 1-5, not so sure 'bout 6, Fang thought
think about your ex-crush in the nude, if that does do anything for you, the crush is dead.
Paddy Nelson, if you watch the episode "Le Petit Tourette" which is season 11 episode 08 he blurts it out when he loses control over what he says.
In the episode, "Le Petit Tourette" (Season 11, Episode 8), Cartmanblurted out that he was in love with Patty Nelson. Who promptedexpressed disgust. There is also speculation as to whether Cartman has a crush onWendy Testaburger even though they are constantly at each other'sthroats. The most...
Rebecca, the home schooled girl from season 3
However he may have a crush on Millie a minor character ("Biggest D****e in the Universe", Season 6"). He also had two girlfriends Kelly("Rainforest Schmainforest", Season 3) and Tammy Warner("The Ring", Season 13)
You can tell if you look at them and get a feeling inside you whereyou loose all the words you were planning on saying to them andyou're wishing you knew them a while ago
because they want someone but can't tell them which makes you want them badly. peeps sometimes want to get to know someone better or that person just mite seem attractive to them. um...if my advice doesn't work, im sorry. -eragonbunnylover3000 . itz becuz of the "feeling" of LOVE!!!!! ;D. yea cuz...
If you know her a bit and you really like her go for it. You only live once and if you don't ask her then somebody else might. forget all about your worry's just go up to her and tell her how you feel I know that sounds daunting but at the end of the day she will never know how you feel unless you...
Only say yes if you are sure (absolutely) that you like theperson in that way. Also, think about his attitude and if you onlylike him because others think he's 'cool'.
You know you have a crush on someone when (1. Your heart flutters when you see them. (2. You smile when you think about them. (3. You are always texting, calling, or talking to them. I hope this helped you. Other answers are you always look at them You always notice them
"I have a crush on you " is Ho una cotta per te . (oh oon-ah cot-tah pehr teh)
Just tell her and if she laughs or anything else that embarrases you you just get revenge and hate her
cause he is the hero of the show. almost all heroes or main characters of good/long running shows have two or more chicks having a crush on the hero.
he might not have opened the message yet, or he may feel unsure and not know how to reply to you.
In Dirty Dancing, baby's sister Lisa has a crush on Robbie their waiter!
yes she was made to love mario
No, he has it on Zoe Saldana
it can mean he doesnt like them or that he loves them so much it drives him crazzy for u :) -alwaysrightt
Yes he is head over heels madly in love with her
ya you can like to be honest you can any age really
David revealed last year he has a crush on Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.