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Carpeting is traditionally a floor covering. It can be made from many different materials, and it comes in many different styles. Different types of carpet need to be cared for in a variety of ways.
Try the spray "Totally Awesome" it really is awesome and cleansjust about anything.
They may live 20 years or more.
Any grocery or big box stores.
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You can put clorox-if brown carpet-then use dawn
Lay a moist, warm wash cloth atop the indentation and GENTLY rub with a hot iron. DO NOT press hard. The moisture needs to transfer to the carpet and swell the fibers.
any clother stain remover will suffice. i prefer grandmas secretspot remover, find it on amazon or at most craft stores
Yes and it is common when pad is being placed onto a cement substrate. It should be noted that when pad is glued, removing it later can be a very messy job.
Carpet cleaners provide a service or services. However, while providing the service to clean your carpets, theycould try to sell you a good or goods, for example, their brand ofspot stain remover.
My purple carpet is in my room and I love it so much! I use a carpet in the bathroom so that my feet do not get cold in the wintertime.
goof off, painters friend, grandmas secret spot remover
'un tapis de fleurs' (for flowers), 'un tapis à fleurs' (for a flower-patterned carpet).
It should also be noted that choosing the carpet that is wellsuited to a given area is another factor that guarantees that thecarpet will be cared for its lifetime. Moreover, once laid, thecarpet needs an effective carpet cleaning that should includevacuuming; cleaning with cleaning solutions; and...
\nSpot Clean using liquid cleaning agents that you should fist test out in a small not-so-noticeable area of the rug to see whether there are any negative reactions.\n. \nVisit http://rugcaremaintenance.wordpress.com/ for more rug tips.
Wouldn't recommend this ... it may warp your hardwood flooring and/or permanently damage the wood finish. There are "floor strippers" made for this purpose.
simple water and rag, it will disolve and even clean the carpetsome
There are 2 standard ways that carpet is sold, either square yard or square foot. Depending where you are shopping, both are used still. The carpet mills require orders be placed in square yards. Carpet stores began pricing their product in square foot because it was a smaller number and a more...
It's a little bit of incomplete question. Ingeneral carpet pads are available in custom sizes, thus the cost ofit varies according to their use. If you want to know the exactcost of a carpet, please share the size of your area rug or you candirectly take an expert suggestion at any rug and carpet...
There are many type of Carpets. Depending on the face fibre &Condition. While nylon is recyclable and polyester is not commonlyrecycled. Some Companies will Pick it if you live nearby.
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Baking soda is much effective for this purpose. Apply baking soldtill one hour
Carpets used in aeroplane meet the safety requirements for smoke,flame and toxicity.
The most effective way is to freeze the gum with ice so that it ishard and no longer sticky, then chip or scrape it out. As long asthe gum is sticky any attempt to remove it will only spread it.
If this is drink then you dont need to worry. A cup of clean watercan solve this problem. hope this will help you.
Antifreeze is water soluble. You can use water to rinse theanti-freeze out of the carpeting provided you remove the carpetingfrom the car first. You don't want to put water on the carpet onthe car while it is in the car because water will cause the floorto rust and holes in the floor are bad. The...
Mostly people do not like this kind of carpet. cushion used forsitting so that anyone can sit and rest comfortably.
One is not universally better than the other, just different. Bothcould be junk and either could be tough as nails. Woven will almost always be more expensive & gives a lot moreflexibility of design in patterns. Today almost all woven is used in commercial jobs like casinos,tufted is used in both...
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Grams is a unit of weight measurement NOT thickness (distance) if you want to know how heavy a 900 G carpet is just divide 900 by 28 grams(per ounce) and that will tell you how heavy it is (likely to be per sq meter not per sq yard though)
Calculate carpet of one step of stair horizontally and verticallyand then multiply with total steps of stairs. In this way you canobtained exact figure for any stairs.
Warm the tape with a hair dryer or heat gun.When the adhesive is warm it comes off easier.
Use a baby wipe and rub vigorously
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There isn't a standard length for carpet rolls. They are often shipped as large as 200 sq yards depending on how thing the nap is. Carpet widths are most often 12', but they are sometimes 15', 13'6", and 6' wide.
Some carpet can be repaired easier than others. Most can have a section replaced if you have some of the same carpet or perhaps a piece could be taken from a closet or from under a piece of furniture.
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Carefully blot with dry towels, then with damp, checking first to ensure your carpet's coloring will not bleed from water. It's a similar cleanup to any sugary mess.
Walter Guinan who created the Karastan brand would love your question. He created the name Karastan on a bar napkin because he wanted to create a line of carpet & rugs to sell through department stores that people would believe were something hand made and exotic. There is not nor was there ever a...
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Not a good DIY job, call the local reputable carpet cleaner & they have the chemicals & skills
The closer the tufts are together the higher the "density" the higher the density the more fiber there is in each sq inch to support the load & take the abuse. There is a formula for calculating density 36XFace weight divided by the pile height= Density If kind & yarn and all other things are equal...
Go down to your local general store and buy carpet stain remover.
Measure the area of the space to be covered. Multiply by the cost of the unit area of the carpet. A typical economy carpet at Lowe's is about $2.25 per square foot including pad, plus $97 for installation of any number of rooms. A pretty nice carpet runs about double - around $4.50 per square foot. ...
What kind of cushion Contrary to what the salesman will tell you cushion is about comfort not wear. Pick the one that gives you a great feel & you will be happy. Rebond : Looks like confetti, lots of little pieces shuck back together, is a great product and good value for the money 7/16" 6 pound...
Suck them up with a vaccuum, throw 'em on a tray, toast 'em and eat up. . It usually takes 10-15 for a good sized meal.
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might look like a carpet...
Chafed in all the wrong areas.
A carpet has so much friction because it has a coarse surface, causing the surface to rub against it and cause friction.
A high pH in carpet cleaning can cause browning of the carpet fibers, or rapid re-soiling. Make sure that your carpet cleaning company uses a fiber rinse solution to rinse out the high alkaline pre-spray (carpet shampoo).
Any carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning solution that is specifically designed for cleaning carpet should not be hard on carpet. Please know that different manufacturers and formulations may vary from a neutral of pH of 7 up to a very aggressive alkaline cleaner of pH 12.5. Too much alkalinity left...
When damage exceeds what the law calls 'ordinary wear and tear' Since tenants' interests in real property are not vested, the opinion of the landlord carries the most weight in such a determination.
Flea larvae, or carpet beetle larvae most likely. Search web for those for picture.
You need to remove the front and rear seats. Remove the console, various interior panels and the door sill plates. Pull out the carpet.
Have it re stretched by a fitter. That is presuming there is no other cause ie something underneath the carpet
2nd Answer: You can try to find some carpet cleaning products made especially for this problem in the larger Pet Stores. Also try using vinegar, diluted to about one part vinegar to 5 parts water. 1st Answer: you can't. sorry!
Usually not, since they are being paid for the cleaning. However, where the cost does not include certain activities (moving furniture, relocating rugs, etc.), you might feel that they have provided an extra service due a gratuity.
then take a towel put anti bacteria washers on it and scrub scrub scrub!
If you do have raccoon urine on a carpet you have a problem. I justrecently learned on Animal Channel that raccoon's urine contains aparasite that can be transmitted to humans. You need to get a verystrong disinfectant on that carpet. Call your local vet to see whatyou should use.
use resolve carpet cleaner then vacuum. It works great!
Not really. You will need to seal the concrete surface to preventconcrete dust becoming a problem. Also, the carpet makes the floorwarmer to walk on, concrete would feel cold to bare feet.
Answer . If the flood water was from an actual flood, check with Red Cross, you may need to remove the carpeting. Some bacteria cannot be cleaned out of a carpet after a flood.\nIf the flood was from internal pipes, it is probably an alkaline based stain. www.fabriclink.com/carpet/carpetstain...
stains are on carpets because of people walking onthem
Honestly I don't think you CAN get linseed oil off of anything. I know people who have found dried linseed oil paint in their hair 2 months (and dozens of showers) after leaving a jobsite. Linseed oil does one thing very well- it permeates and infiltrates most any surface it comes into contact- that...
what is the law on carpet in apartments
Yes, some stores even sell rugs and carpets from Iran and other places. there is a good chance that store owner is Iranian. Mostly they work in D.C.
It means the area of the carpet in 'square meters'. Multiply squaremeters by 10.76 to get the equivalent area in square feet.
Need to know which carpet and where it's located in the truck.
A lot of time when you pull the carpet up most of it comes with it. Carpet glues should release and you only need to scrap up the glue residue. If it doesn't then you will need to scrap it all up. There are machines you can rent to do this. They will cost around $80 for 4 hours. Otherwise invest in...
Candid Carpet Care Of Marin And Sonoma California is the best option for carpet cleaning. (415) 383-3331
Carpet Calcium carbonate, limestone, talc, lithium, borates, sodaash, feldspar
the chemical formula is a sented powder that has a static charge that cling to dirt and the suction from the vacumm pulls up the powder and the dirt leaving a pleasent sent
No. Carpet that is to be glued down must have a clean, smooth and sound surface prior to installation. It is necessary to remove the existing carpet before installing the new. Scrape away any old adhesives best as possible, vacuum, use a premimum adhesive or contact adhesive, and press the new...
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Carpets can be if you are allergic to the type of material from which they are made. Carpets can also become dirty, collect germs, and collect allergens such as tobacco smoke and cat hair. Carpets can cause physical injury if you somehow slide across them. Carpets often are not allowed in the...
Varied carpet beetles get their name from the rainbow of color on their backs. It can take up to three years for them to grow from an egg to an adult. Adult beetles only live between 13 and 44 days! xxSunshineheart1
It as a Fixed Asset if it is not for resale purposes and is used for more than 1 accounting period. But it might not be recorded in the B.S as a Fixed asset if the company feel that the figure is immaterial enough to be recorded. (It does not affect decisions of stakeholders).
It help to keeps the floor clean as well as insulate your house tokeep it warm.
Mix a large amount of Fairy washing up liquid with a little warm water and rub with a clean cloth. Sounds far too simple but worked on my carpet!!!
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3 feet=1 yard Therefor there are 36 inches in one yard. There is 36 inches to a yard, so it is 36 inches long. In square inches there is 1296 inches in a yard by a yard of carpet.
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Soak it all up, neutralize it with vinegar, then soak that up, go and buy the enzyme product at a feed store, animal store or walmart sells a Woolite brand, spray that on area, let sit, soak it up, no more odor or spot.. The product with enzyme is the only thing that really works, the enzyme sort of...
the most popular carpet color is red.
Toothpaste gets out sharpy but for ink, a liquid "Resolve". Buy this at Target or Walmart. Do not pay over $13 for this product.
Carpet snakes skin is so colorful, just like a carpet.You cannot differentiate when the snake is on a carpet.
Ever since the war between the Zaarkt and the Balack, the stable supplies to Ganymede have been sorely depleted. Even with a steady supply of luxurious rugs. mats and other floor coverings from the Ioean Empire, stocks have failed to keep up with demand. The Callisto weavers have tried to keep up...
There are many chemicals used for carpet cleaning like: Ammonia,Bleach, Methylene chloride, Phosphoric acid, Sodium hypochlorite(bleach) etc.