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Chicago Bears

This category is for questions and answers about the NFL team, the Chicago Bears. The Bears were established in 1919, and are based in Chicago, Illinois.
Mike McCaskey was the chairman of the Chicago Bears from 1999 to2011.
With a dominating defense. On January 26, 1986, the Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots, 46-10, in Super Bowl XX at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans.
William Perry American Football Player, best known for his years with the Chicago Bears
January 6th1993 from the Chicago bears
On January 26, 1986, the Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots, 46-10, in Super Bowl XX at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans.
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Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of the legendary George "Papa Bear" Halas, gained ownership of the team after her father's death in 1983.
He is now a second string QB for the Texans. Second or third I am not sure.
McMahon isn't in a wheelchair. He made a parody of the Superbowl Shuffle and he was standing up. On the news hes able to stand.
Answer: Elise Neal More information:Plot:The story of professional football players Gale Sayes and Brian Piccolo, and how their friendship on and off the field was affected when Piccolo contracted a fatal diseaseMain Characters in Brian's Song Movie (2001): Brian Piccolo - Sean MaherGale Sayers -...
Soldier Field has a seating capacity of 61,500 people.
Yes. The Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers tied at 1-13 for the worst record in the 1969 NFL season. There being no tie breakers in place during the time, the tie was broken by a toss of the coin. Bears executive Ed McCaskey called the toss incorrectly giving the Steelers the #1 overall choice and the...
medical reasons. when he was a young kid he tore the retnia in his right eye. though his vision was saved, the eye is extremely sensitive to light.
Nephew of Marshall Field, as in the iconic Chicago retailer. The Board of Trustees of the Museum named the hall in in honor of Stanley Field, who served as President and Chairman of the Board from 1909-1964.
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Answer . answer is 6. 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963. Also won Pre-NFL National Championships in 1921 and 1932
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The Bears went 8-3 in the 1940 season and were the NFC West Division champions. They defeated the Washington Redskins in the NFL Championship game.
William Perry (born December 16, 1962 in Aiken, South Carolina) is a former professional American football player and brother of former professional football player Michael Dean Perry. He is best known for his years as a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears. In reference to his large size, he was...
Brian Funeral was on June19,1970 At Evergreen Ill.
it would depend on what you mean by "major". There are several big universities in the state of Illinois with great academic programs. The most well known state universities are: University of Illinois, Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Western Illinois, and Illinois State. You...
George Halas was born on February 2, 1895.
Walter Payton has a younger sister name Pam
The first and, so far, the only time the Chicago Bears have won the Super Bowl was on January 26, 1986 against the New England Patriots. It was Super Bowl XX(20) and took place in the Louisiana Super dome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The score was 46-10.
It stands for George Stanley Halas, founder, owner, player, and head coach. GSH first appeared in the 1984 season following Halas' death on October 31, 1983.
  == Answer ==   Lou Gehrig
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The Chicago Bears are also known as "The Monsters of the Midway".
  Yes, John Charles "Butch" Davis did play for the Bears. Butch graduated from Chillicothe, MO High School in 1966 and played college football at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
At the moment the Pittsburgh Steelers are for winning the most Superbowls which is 6Superbowls.
He didn't...he is still alive as of August 2010 and is 74 years old.
As of the 2008 season, that would be Dave Finzer who was credited with an 87 yard punt for the Bears in 1984.
Harold Olsen. Olsen guided the Stags to a 39-22 regular season record and the BAA championship series in the 1946-47 season before losing to the Philadelphia Warriors, 4 games to 1.
The Bears won 6 NFL Championships prior to the first Super Bowl.
1) 1971 season - Super Bowl VI as a player for the Dallas Cowboys. 2) 1977 season - Super Bowl XII as an assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys. 3) 1985 season - Super Bowl XX as head coach of the Chicago Bears.
They were guided for three decades or more by the winningest coaches in NFL history --Don Shula with the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Colts (347 wins), George Halas with the Chicago Bears (318 wins) and Tom Landry with the Dallas Cowboys (270 wins).
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Arizona Cardinals, 1898Actually, they weren't the Arizona Cardinals in 1898, they were the Morgan Street Normals, the team of the Morgan Street (Chicago) Athletic Club. But they went on to be known as the Morgan Street Cardinals, the Racine Cardinals, the Chicago Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals,...
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Rex Grossman is the quarterback for the Chicago Bears.
Bob Schnistindale, Barbara Striesen, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber.
Highlights of Brian Piccolos life include the time he spent playing  college football at Wake Forest, where he led the nation in rushing  and scoring in his senior year. Piccolo married his high school  sweetheart, Joy Murrath, on December 26, 1964. He died on June 16,  1970, at the age of 26,...
Brian Piccolo died on June 16, 1970 at the age of 26.
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Yes, she remarried three years after Brian's passing and had two more children. She goes by the name Joy Piccolo O'Connell.
Number 81 is Rashied Davis.
Sunday, October 7, 1984. At Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. vs the New Orleans Saints. With 14:11 left in the 3rd quarter, it was 2nd down and 9 yards to go for a first down and the Bears leading 13-7. The play called, Toss 28 Weak, was a simple one with Payton getting the toss from QB McMahon and...
It is a known fact that the Bear's/ Packer's rivalry is the fiercest rivalry in the NFL, but I'm not sure about all of sports.
The Chicago Bears lead the all time series 91-82-6. They also are one of two teams still in existence when the league was founded (the other being the Chicago Cardinals, who subsequently moved to St. Louis, then Arizona.) The Chicago Bears Founder, George Halas, is largely credited with the...
  In 1919, starch manufacturer A.E. Staley from Decatur, Illinois decided to market his company by creating a football team. To improve the team he hired former New York Yankee, player at the University of Illinois, and Rose Bowl MVP George S. Halas to coach and work in his starch factory the...
1988-89: PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS 00 Kevin Duckworth, 2 Mark Bryant, 7 Brook Steppe, 10 Craig Neal, 11 Clinton Wheeler, 14 Jerry Sichting, 21 Danny Young, 22 Clyde Drexler, 24 Adrian Branch, 25 Jerome Kersey, 27 Caldwell Jones, 30 Terry Porter, 31 Sam Bowie, 32 Rolando Ferreira, 33 Steve Johnson, 35...
A football WR runs approximately 7.4 miles per game.
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no he retired about 15 years ago
On Aug. 8, 1961 the Chicago Bears beat the Montreal Alouettes 34 to 16
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No solid evidence to date,but he did play during an era when steroid use was a rampant and widely used and accepted compound,he did die from a rare liver cancer as well as other notable players from that era(70's-80's) who were known to use and abuse steroids and died at relatively young ages also...
South Blvd., near Austin Blvd., far West side of Chicago near Oak Park. Burn outs, heads, Henchmen, etc.
Walter Payton was nicknamed many things, he was called the dancing tiger because in college he was also a very good dancer and he was as fierce as a tiger on the gridiron. Hence the nickname, the dancing tiger.
Jackson State... go bears!
Jay Cutler is the QUARTERback
He got in in college because of his personality and he was such a joy to be around. It also has a double meaning with his tough style of play, which was a pain to play against, but fun to watch.