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Banking is the process of engaging in the business of keeping money for savings and checking accounts, issuance of loans and credit, and the like. This is an industry that is strictly regulated by the government.
%DETAILS% A bank can take the money you have held in its accounts if you owe it money. Even in a bankruptcy, you need to pull any money out of the banks you owe money to.   NO, unless you give them permission to in the contract. I don't rem the term for it,its not vey common. That's why …
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IF you are in DEFAULT, the lender can repo meaning "1". If being 2 wks late puts you in default of your contract, then you better clean your ride out.If You're Behind On Your Car Payment, Facing Auto Repossession "Repo", Trying To Sell Your Car, No Title... CAR DEBT SOLUTIONS WILL BUY YOUR CAR TODAY…
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YES, its the same. You agreed to pay XX numbers of dollars over XX number of months. You didnt do that so you own the balance due.
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NOPE, only the state can garnish for CS or taxes. Some collector is trying to smoke you into paying or dont know the laws in SC.
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YES, they can/will likely garnishee his pay AND/OR yours too. Especially if he doesnt pay, they will come after you and any assets you may have. Make him take care of this ASAP. When you co-signed, you said in effect, if he doesnt pay, I WILL. Good Luck
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%REPLIES% Answer what goes around , comes around. If someone doesnt have a smile, give them yours. The odds are much better if you do so. Answer Depends on the bank, the state, how far you're behind, etc. My bank? No. I've been very nice. But they're punishing me for falling behind. …
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GOOD question. Read the contract. Were you in default of it?? Why didnt you TAKE the car back? Why did they have to come get it?
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The attorney gives you some time to pay, then gets a judgment and uses the other legal options(garnishee wages, attach property, bank accounts).
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Start here http://www.ago.state.co.us/CONSPROT/statutes/MOTREPAI.HTM
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READ your CONTRACT. You can be repoed whenever you are in DEFAULT.
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NOT if you dont give it to them. The usual procedure on the 1st repo is pay all the back notes,fees,ect. and get the car/truck back.
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To my knowledge, the lender can ONLY repo when the loan is in DEFAULT. Does your acct. being minus put you in default????
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IF your loan contract calls for cross-collayteralization of the checking account, YES.
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The Clothes on Your Back It took me an hour, but I found a site. Basically, you can take your body with clothes on it into the stadium! www.baltimoreravens.com/facilities, choose FACILITIES, M&T Bank Stadium, and scroll down to STADIUM POLICIES.
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the check should be in your name, and possibly whoever financed it if that's the case , not the repair shop- in most states you can take the vehicle wherever you want to have it repaired, some companies will steer you to certain shops,unless you know the shop I would NOT do that
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Finding Payoff AmountsIf you are referring to "how to actually locate the company" who has the collection to obtain the payoff amount, I would suggest obtaining your credit report. Most of the time your credit report will have a list of creditors along with their phone number and/or address of credi…
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That is a highly unusual tactic.Unless you were notified in advance that they would only accept a lump sum payment.You need to check the consumer laws of your state.They probably, however can do it.If they take any legal action against you they may find themselves explaining their actions to a judg…
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      You would need to see if you had been reported to SCAN.
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Yes, it can. Banks feel that they are taking a risk on someone who has bad credit. Most lending institutions think that you will write "bad checks" and not be able to pay for them, thus leaving them to charge off the account. If you have bad credit, they think that you can't manage money.
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NO! SS, SSI, SSD are protected by Federal Statutes and exempt from creditors. A creditor cannot simply "take money" from your bank account. They would have to sue, win the suit, and collect the judgment If that were the case,you would claim your disability payments as exempt. The process for suing i…
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Most banks use some kind of verification when opening accounts. There are many banks that do NOT use credit as a means but use chexsystems or telecheck instread. Other banks may pull credit for identity purposes only.
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Not usually. Unless it includes NSF charges. It may affect the terms and charges though, for period of time.   Actually, I was turned down for a checking account at Bank of America because my credit was poor, so that is not true. It can effect you getting a checking account. It just depends w…
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Made payments on July but they get a letter explaining (id theft) some1 took my money from my bank , Can I recover $$ I already pay for? from who?? This event doesnt concern the lender on your car.This between you, the bank, and whomever did the ID theft.Can I sold the car and pay the dealer?":IF y…
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In the US, when it is obviously refering to US currency, it is written simply $1000. When there is any possibility that it is in another countries dollars, it is usually $1000 US and I have seen financial documents written elsewhere in which it is written as 1000 USD (apparently their keyboard does …
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This is rather a complicated issue in the sense that states inact banking laws. In which case what would happen to a joint account depends on state laws. And also on whether it is a Federal or State BK filing.
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It might be that there was not enough money in the account to honor the auto draft. Or in quite often the request date falls on a holiday or "non banking day". Thereby making the draft when it is implemented, appear as a late payment. In short a bookkeeping error, that can and should be corrected as…
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Consumers should respond to collection attempts in the same manner regardless of how the account originated. The first step is to find out what your rights are under federal and state law. The second thing step is to exercise those rights.www.ftc.gov has a link that will allow you to print off a cop…
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A bank account can only be seized by the excution of a judgment writ by the court. The funds can usually be held for a maximum of thirty days, for a ruling to be made on the amount that can be taken. If the debt is paid in full, the account should be reactivated within a reasonable time, generally 2…
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No. The authorized user/signer will have to apply for an account using their own credit history.
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Yes, but it is very unlikely. I used to get calls all the time asking me to remove customer's names off of this list. The reporting bank does have the option to have you removed if you paid owed balances. However, all of this is dependent of: The severity of CS report - If you commited AT…
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That's at the discretion of the party who won the lawsuit and had the judgment enforced. In general creditors are only open to a settlement/payment agreement before a lawsuit is undertaken.
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You should receive your chexsystems report within 2 weeks of ordering it. However, there may be cases where it takes up to 30 days to receive it.
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Yes. Creditors cannot seize bank accounts except by due legal process. Which entails filing a lawsuit, winning a judgment, executing the judgment against the debtor's nonexempt property. The defendant is given an opportunity to claim exempted property before the judgment is rendered. A summons shoul…
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You will need to consult the customer service dept. where the account is held. Usually you can close the account over the phone, but need to follow up with a letter. It would be in your best interest to send a certified letter asking for the account to be closed. If questions/problems arise afterwar…
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Possibly, depending on how "upset" you were :). You would need to write the CCC explaining the situation. If you have a good payment history they would probably restore your account.
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No. That's a myth that has been around "forever". It has no affect whatsoever, unless the check is actually written for the full amount that is owed the creditor.   Section 3-311 of the Uniform Commercial Code does state that a debt can be discharged with a check designated as payment in full…
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It's against the law! I have no idea why this person did this, but not only is she liable, but she could serve a few years in prison. It's called "extortion!" I suggest she stops while she can.   The SOL will not apply in such a case. The person has willing committed the criminal act of fraud…
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Maybe. If the decedent had a loan with the bank in which the account is located, there might be a clause allowing a "set off" withdrawal. Whether or not this can be done against a person's account before it has been probated is dependent upon state statutes.
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Chapter 7 is total liquidation, so basically you present the court a total financial picture of yourself, assets and debts. The court will distribute what it can of your assets to your creditors. In my case, I had no assets but the court took my 2700 tax refund and distributed it. So my answer is ye…
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Answer Many banks will work out a equiable arrangement, unless they were one of the creditors in the BK. Which usually doesn't happen because they generally use their "set off" options. You can open an account at Wal Mart for as little as $25. There are several online banks, I'd be VERY careful a…
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Maybe. Not in the sense that anything will be placed on their CR.However, when the BK Trustee, goes over your assets, might be difficult to assess, who the funds belong to. The way the account is set up (whatever is on the signature card) will more than likely be the determining factor. The account(…
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%DETAILS% Answer NSF checks and fees can usually be discharged in BK. Refiling? or reopening? Once a BK has been filed,it can sometimes be amended. There will be an additional fees.
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In general, Federal tax lien are not able to be discharged through bankruptcy. You didn't mention what state you are in, but whether or not state taxes would be exempt would depend on applicable law. You should consult a bankruptcy attorney for exact answers to this question.   The short-term…
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Yes. If the loan is with the bank where you have deposits, then you have a "offset" clause in the agreement. This allows a bank to take funds directly from your account to pay the debt. Dependent upon the outcome of the creditor hearing, the BK trustee might have the money returned (temporarily).
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The effect it would have depends on the amount in the account and the exemption status. Regardless it would be considered an asset and would be included in the BK.
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No. Unless there is some proof that the money was placed there to avoid any creditor claims. The way such transaction are determined is when the account was established and the most recent deposit of funds.
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This is a great question to ask your B/K attorney. This is what you will being paying them to do. Judgements (NON-governmental) YES. Hot checks NO. The cashing service can still prosecute you for NSF checks.
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You can attempt to open a savings account. Whether or not the bank you apply to grants you the account depends on each institutions rules and policies.
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A bank account can be garnished by one creditor at a time. Levies on bank accounts remain until the debt is paid in full.They can put a "freeze" on your bank acct everyday if they want. I found this out. Keep your money out of the bank. Im going bankrupt and my lawyer said to let the bank fees go in…
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Answer this is a rather odd question. how about you pay off the loans you agreed to pay? since that answer probably doesn't help, if they are garnishing your wages, the only way to avoid it is to be paid under the table. Answer Administrative Wage Garnishment does not require a court order, T…
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If you list your assest to cosign and the house is the asset. Your will then be responsible to repay the loan. As a co signer you have the same responsiblity to pay the loan as the signer.Not recommended to co-sign on a note unless you have the funds to pay it in full
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I doubt you got a Trojan on a bank website. My advice is to never ever store any information on your computer that you would not want other people to see.   Yes you need to change your banking passwords You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer. 1. Ru…
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Getting Around ChexSystems When a person applies for an account at a bank that uses Chexsystems and is denied, it shows up as an inquiry on your report. Too many inquiries on your report can cause Chexsystems to "flag" your account for suspicious activity. It is very important to know where you can…
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Banks merge all the time. Though it may appear the bank does not exist anymore, the paperwork should still be somewhere. Try going to the location of where your financial instution used to be. Even though they are not the same bank they should be able to help you out with the situation. I've worked …
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Here is a site that is absolutely free and will provide a list of non-chexsystems banks and credit unions http://www.chexsystemsvictims.comAnd here is a forum that you can join for free that will help as well ..they offer free sample letters for chexsystems removal and also have a free nationwide li…
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Paying off chexsysems will not remove you from their data base. Chexsystems is a CRA and they will not remove you for 5 years unless the reporting bank tells them to. So yes it is possible to be declined even a savings account if you have been reported to chexsystems (even if no debt is owed) And ye…
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Opening A Savings Account Generally if a bank uses chexsystems, they will use it to open a savings as well. Sometimes a credit union will open a savings account if you are on chexsystems as long as you are eligible for a membership even if they will not open a checking. Some banks and credit unions…
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Highly UnlikelyBecause of the Patriot Act, banks and credit unions use your SSN#, ID and the ChexSystems reporting to identify you as a person. The likelihood of finding a non-CS bank or credit union is very slim in this day and age. My suggestion would be to pay off the owed balance. Most banks wi…
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Any negative report on your chex systems file will only be held 5 years. After five years from the date the bank reported the negative info should be removed. To dispute write to: Mail: Chex Systems, Inc. 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100 Woodbury, MN 55125 Phone: By phone at 800-428-9623 or fax…
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You have to remember all the large investment banks have now either been absorbed by bank holding companies, filed for bankruptcy, and have reorganized into bank holding companies. The biggest problem in the past has been over leveraging investments, and running the risk of becoming illiquid and thi…
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If you knowingly deposit a check from an account that is closed, you are committing fraud. Because the bank is thinking that you are trying to inflate your account with money that isn't there, a process that is known as check kiting.
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Concentration Banking is system whereby customers make payments to a regional collection center which transfers the funds to a the principal bank. Acceleration of cash collections from customers by having funds sent to several geographically situated regional banks and transferred to a main concent…
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Once you open an account at any bank, your account is monitored regularly for new Chexsystems records (usually through eFunds). As a courtesy, if your account has a new Chexsystems report, eFunds or whatever company they use, will either email, fax or mail a letter to all of your banks telling them …
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A countries central banking system generally decides what amount of money a country can print. Contrary to popular belief, gold or precious metals are irrelevent and uncessary to give money a value. The only reason that gold (or other metals) have value is because people have accepted them as havi…
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Yes! Bank regulation E stipulates all these rules about what can and cannot go through your account and what is required if funds are to be electronically sent to you. When you fill out your form for direct deposit, it states that the information that you listed is correct and that you knowingly are…
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Maybe. It depends on how the account is set up and the laws of your state of residency that governs creditor judgment actions. It also would depend on whether or not the amount in the account that was your mother's was probated according to state law.
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You will need legal advice to find a loop hole on this one because you and your mother had a joint account. It's no different than a man and wife sharing an account. If either of them skips town or dies, then the living mate is responsible for the debt.Good luck Marcy   A joint account is onl…
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Answer: The central thesis behind the formation of the Federal government was clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence. From the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with cer…
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I don't know for sure how long they keep the records but I can tell you that my husbands mother passed away when he was very young and he had no information other than the area where she was buried. We contacted all the funeral homes in the area and found the one she was at ... who then told us what…
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You can't share premises with a physically violent abuser (batterer) and avoid harm altogether.You can either confront him (usually involving the police and the courts), succumb to his demands (short term, inefficient, and counterproductive solution), or contract with him (which works intermittently…
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Your question refers to an instance when you write a check and include all information except the amount. When you leave the amount blank, you risk an overdraft on your account if the payee or your agent writes an amount that is greater than your account balance at the time of processing. However, …
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POD's can only be revised or revoked by the person who initiated the action. In order to overide a POD it would have to be proven that it was fraudulent. For example, the person was legally incompetent at the time it was made. POD accounts are sometimes "frozen" if there is estate tax owed.
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All marriages are predestined to fail, if couple doesn't seek professional counselling. I've been married for 25 years in a an 'interethnic' relationship and initially there are things that need to be adjusted and worked out. Even as the years go by situations will come up where there needs to be di…
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prior to world war 2, the world had been colonised by European countries. Europe then controlled about 85% of the worlds land surface. after ww2, their economies and infrastructure were decimated and so they withdrew from nearly all of their colonies and granted them independence in what was called …
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Not if you wrote the bad check....  In business, probably always, as some type of business expense.On personal tax, probably never, unless you could possibly tie it to an investment or such...(and even that's always going to be a stretch).
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Answers: There is no guarantee for removal but since chexsystems is a CRA, everyone has the right to dispute their report with both the banks and chexsystems. The idea is to catch them in an error. Unless the info was reported in error, you can't. You can write them and ask, but if they verify th…
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Answer You can call the bank up and ask them to remove it. If its the first or second time (which is pushing it) they will usually remove it for you. It can't be blatant though, you have to make it at least seem like an oversight. In most cases, at least these days, you generally overdraft beca…
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Answer Accounts that are past due or collection agency accounts.
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If you need to know now just phone the bank you deal with, identify yourself and they will give you the information. Usually when one has a bounced check you should have a copy of it mailed out to you with NSF (Not Sufficient Funds). You also should be getting a bank statement and you should really …
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An International Travelers Cheque is processed the same way as an International check. The issuing financial institution will be verified as well as the authenticity of the cheque. Normally, a bank will put the standard 10 day hold on funds, however some banks will treat it the same as cash. Sign th…
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Money saved in a bank is generally insured up to $100,000. Money saved under a mattress is not. Simply put, the person will have money earning a specified amount of interest, that can be used when needed. Whereas funds invested in CD's Money Market accounts and so on are generally subject to penal…
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Answer the bank 2 o2 sensor is the second o2 sensor back on the exhaust. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bank 2 is the drivers side of the engine Sensor 1 would be before the exhaust gas reaches the catalytic converter Sensor 2 is after t…
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RBI in baseball stands for Runs Batted In. It is the amount of runs scored in a game as a direct result of a particular batters at bats. So, if there is a man on third and the batter gets a base hit and the run scores, the batter got a run batted in for that at-bat. This is tallied throughout the ga…
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Answer invent something or take acting or singing lessons.
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Probably, it depends on what and how the information was imparted. Section 805d of the FDCPA, defines consumer as "the debtor's spouse, parent(s),guardian, executor or administrator".  It depends. Have you ever given the finance company permission to speak with your mother? Even if it was a ca…
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Answer Cashier's checks or Money Orders are certified checks because you must have cash to purchase these negotiable items, and these items are often insured by the issuing bank. Personal checks are not certified funds.
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Answer Go to the bank; they will give you the forms for the previous and new officers to sign. Answer New signature card is required as well as a resolution listing authorized signers.
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Answer Check with the people you want to pay, most likely YES. Answer: Yes, you can pay your bills online. It's hassle free and a real time saver. I prefer paying all my bills online using a VeriSign secured toolbar called Billeo. It makes the process faster and also reminds me when bills are d…
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depends on the credit card company, but most of them allow you to pay online. Of the dozen cards I've had, I've yet to come across one that does not allow you to pay online. It's the "in" thing to do now :) : Yes, you can pay your bills online. It's hassle free and a real time saver. I prefer paying…
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Opening a Joint Bank Account My father tried to open an account with me & we were rejected. He then turned around & applyed for an account himslf & they approved him with no problems. NO you can not open a bank account with some one who is listed on chexsystem. I concur, I tried to open…
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Answer Chexsystems agrees to remove all reports after 5 years. If you have a report that is older than that, you can simply write them a letter requesting removal and they will do so. To dispute write to: Mail: Chex Systems, Inc. 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100 Woodbury, MN 55125 Phone: By ph…
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  Specific bad check laws vary by state.In almost all it is a crime, and depending on the amount (and circumstances) and place, even a felony. It can also be pursued as fraud or theft by deception...which is a felony crime almost everywhere.In California, you can be held liable for the amount …
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Answer She needs to get a checking account in her own name, which means that you both will need to put money into the joint account until it is at least a zero. If you stiff the bank, then it will not be possible for either of you to get a checking account anywhere until you pay the amount owed. …
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not unless the leinholder holds the title and the new owner doesn't want the title or doesn't mind someone oweing money on there car.
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"District Attorney Bad Check Restitution" programs are operated by district attorneys, and by private companies. The following is about programs operated by private companies. Typically, the private company is a debt collector attempting to collect a dishonored check. The company pays the local pros…
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