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Painting and Staining

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Questions about the technical aspects and information on the uses, application, cautionaries etc. of the various types and brands or paints and stains.
"Resin Based Paint" is the liquid in paint that suspends thepigment (leaving the resin behind, obviously) and transports themfrom the paint brush to the wall. The paint then evaporates andleaves the paint film behind.
Use a razor blade when it is dry. You can try thinner, but be aware that thinner can cloud some glass. Fingernail polish remover can work too. But, the razor is your best solution.
Skim Coating is applying a very thin coating of epoxy on a wallbefore applying a service covering such as wallpaper. The skimcoatings market are the users of such epoxies and plasters.
I have a framed print of Deep in the Winter Woods . The original painting was almost certainly used by the Osborne Company for their calendar line and the print has the title printed at the bottom. I am Grif's daughter and remember many such prints from my childhood. I can't remember precisely when...
Black absorbs more energy than white- this extra energy could explain the faster drying time.
depending on the climate where you live, you may want to wait till  spring rather than chance damp wood and cold temperature it's a  good idea to wait days following a day of rain check the wood in a  number of places with a moisture meter should be around 15 or so in  order to paint safely.
It depends on what kind of stain it is. I have always found that  pouring isoprophyl rubbing alcohol on the area and scratching it  off with something sharp like a knife usually helps with paint  stains. If it is a grease stain, that cannot be easily removed. If  it is something else, it may or...
You could by a clear coat spray or paint on Waterproof Mod- Podge.
Wet the egg stain and leave it to soak, then rub with a  non-scratching cloth or sponge. A microfibre cloth often works  well. You may need to re-wet it from time to time. Your fingernail  is often effective for small stubborn pieces, and will not scratch  the car.
Find an accessory that your teen really loves and choose a color from that. You can take the article to the paint store and their computers can determine what paint color would match by scanning it. If it is an intense color, you can consider just painting one wall that color with a companion color...
You aren't really supposed to repaint it but if you do it looks  best with chrome paint.
You use an air compressor with an attachment to spray the compound on the wall.  Hog squash. You can apply it with a roller, however, it is easier and makes a better appearance if you use the air gun to spray it on. If you use a roller, the easier way to go is to get the powder texture. However,...
Firstly, analyze what is the reason behind the air bubbles on  painted wall. Maybe it is because of rain water during rainy  season.
Ive painted a lot of!!!!!! I recommend using black sote paint, because it water proofs and protects the wood very well! It can be bought at most any hardware store in 1 to 5 gallon buckets.Black sote is oil based ,and there is also white oil based paints as well.White latex paint don't preserve the...
== Answer == I had a similar problem - over the years of oiling my teak table with a brush, oily blotches began to appear. I wiped the table thoroughly with turpentine to get rid of surface oil, sanded it and then wiped it with turps again. Don't sand first otherwise your paper will quickly...
cooking oil works a treat
Emulsion is just the English name for latex type paints. You can get it in matte, eggshell, semi-gloss or gloss, just as you can oil based paints.
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lets break it down. if you are laying 4" x 4" tiles down, they cost  20 cents each, you need 12 tiles to equal a sqft (12"x12") so that  is 20 cents x 12, or 2.40 a sqft. if you have a tile that is  24"x12" at 1.50 a tile that equals 75 cents a sqft
I'm having the same issue. I'm currently trying grey shades. My friend has gold tile and painted her bath with pavestone by Sherman Williams. I'm ging to try it next.
Benjamin Moore dealers and Ace Hardwares throughout the US and Canada.
That depends a lot on the type of pigments used, but most often, when red and green paints are combined, the result is a muddy-brown color.
100% acrylic paints are formulated to withstand UV rays and multiple freeze-thaw cycles so they are the preferred exterior coatings for exterior use.
Carefully. A gentle brush with a broom covered with an old rag.
Most healthy people, can stay in a home where latex paint is being used in one or two rooms without too much trouble. Leaving the windows open and putting a fan in the painted room will certainly help. If the entire house is being done; it is not possible to leave the windows open; oil paint is...
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yes you can scratch paint off of anything with enough time
  == Answer ==     I have found the best solvent for removing dried oil based paint is CONTACT CEMENT CLEANER/REMOVER. As always, check first on an inconspicuous area to be sure the fabric will not be damaged by the solvent. Dab a small amount of solvent onto a clean WHITE rag and rub the...
Did you use flat finish instead of semi-gloss? Flat doesn't have as hard of a finish so it lets more of the moisture penetrate. Depending on what was on the wall before, moisture may be penetrating to the plaster or drywall and leaching out minerals that are leaving the stain.
Try to determine what the color is and get stain just slightly lighter. Newer wood is often softer than it used to be so it absorbs more color. Apply 1 coat and compare it to the old. You can put another coat on or let it sit longer to make it darker. The type of finish will affect it also....
Unfortunately not. Beauti-Tone is strictly a Canadian manufacturer and is available exclusively at Home Hardware stores in Canada.
As soon as you can. Depending on the type of paint and how well the surface was prepared, when the paint is completely dry as you pull the tape there can be a strong enough film of paint that it pulls loose from the surface along with the tape. You can do it after it is completely dry, just take...
yes paint pens wash off skin but you need to shower and scrub the area real hard until it comes off sharpie pens come of as well.
I agree with Charles. I would also sand the piece of wood with thestain a bit then apply the darker stain.
I really can't think of any disadvantages. Wood is lovely material to work with, and with proper care and treatment can be used for many different things,
i would paint flowers but if your expirienced then maybe landscapes or animals could be fun!!!
Mix grey by mixing together red , blue , yellow and white resulting in a range of grey shades. If you are wanting atraditional cool grey mix together black / white greys.
Most oil based paints can withstand the heat subjected to a metal range hood. Ensure that the surface is clean and deglossed, then prime any bare spots prior to applying two coats of oil based paint. (previous answer) rust-oleum, sold in home depot and lowes, is a paint that can be used to paint...
  == Answer ==   Sure it can it will just have to be thinned down enough to be sprayed. Read the can for the recommended thinner to be used. One down side to this though is that you will be wasting a lot of the paint due to the over spray. Also sometimes a second coat will needed because...
It depends on your opinion. Personally, I love the colour lavender,It WOULD look good in a kitchen. (My opinion!)
Vandalism is when the painting is done without the owners permission regardless of the type of painting. While some spray painters are very talented, if it is done without permission, it is vandalism.
  ==Answer==   You would prime it first and then paint it.  You could use Rustoleum (see link) or similar type of paint that resists rust.  It goes on nicely.
Emulsion is simply the English word for latex paints. Because they are water based they are supposedly better for the environment.
  you might try a hand sanitizer like Purell. I know it works for acyllic paints. Put in on the bristles then rub the brush into paper towels or some kind of rag. You can also try vodka. Get one of those little bottles from the Liquor store and let it set in the liquid for a little bit...do same...
Possibly the most common use of latex is painting interior walls.
Fred Meyer stores carries various brands of paint. Some of their  most popular brands are Miller Paint and Dutch Boy.
Sandstone fireplaces can certainly be updated with a lick of paint. Before painting, the fire surround should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry. A primer should then be applied. Once the primer has dried, apply your chosen paint and allow to dry.
  I own an older double wide in NJ and decided to paint over one of our bathrooms since the floral pattern might have looked good 20 years ago, but has not for at least a decade. I found that if you thoroughly clean the walls with TSP or similar after lightly scuffing the surface with a...
Medium wood colours are very popular, light oak and similar.
Lead is very flexible and durable. It holds together and resist peeling.
Legally in homes post 1978.
Ïf you don't use base coat the top might either not stick properly, or it might not cover properly.If you put the base coat on the top coat you won't get the gloss and maybe not even the color that you intended.
Adjusting color hues and reducing the size of objects to make them seem farther away
Bring in a sample of the RL paint to a Benjamin Moore store where they can eye match your color. If you want to find a comparable Ben moore color, you can visit color-swatches dot com (see the related link) and enter the color you want to match, then there's a "convert to another brand" option
  == Answer ==   I always shake the can back and forth for about a minute then stir the paint until the thick stuff is off the bottom. If you are lucky enough to have one of those paint shakers then it makes the work even easier. Good luck.
It increases the humidity in the air, so your windows will steam up and it will take longer for your paint to dry. If it is possible, open a window or turn on an exhaust fan to clear the humidity out of the room. Even a normal fan will help. If using an oil based product, it is more important to...
you make it at home go to google and type in how to make edible paint and the answer comes up
It depends what kind of state it is in...if it is in a bad one then maybe a bit of lining paper or thick white paint will be fine x
I say Walmart. Most likely in the arts and crafts.
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No. Once latex paint has frozen, it is ruined.
Once latex paint is frozen, it is no good.
Well it really depends on the type of paint. See there are paints that are low VOC (low Volatile Organic Compounds) these are the ingredients that cause paint to smell. More oil based paints tend to off gas "stink" while the VOC compounds are curing, thus the long lasting smell. Low VOC pains tend...
No many paintings or drawings are done in black and white, just depends what message you want to get across.
  It shouldn't be a problem. The glue is water based and the mud should adhere to it.
I have never seen linear used on a paint can, but if it is brush paint, you would have to assume a foot wide stripe so that would be 25 sq. ft. If it is a spray can, you would have to see how wide a pattern it has at the distance recommended on the can and figure from there.
Yes! Everyone should paint phones with acrylic paint! Remember: NEVER USE WATERCOLOR PAINT! It will not last! Acrylic paint will not leave behind any stains or marks. Personally, (without revealing my name) I would recommend using bright neon, shiny or glow-in-the-dark paint. Feel free to add your...
There is a product called Goof that does a pretty good job. Assuming the paint is fresh, if you are quick about cleaning the Goof off, it shouldn't lift the finish on the floor. Depending on the finish on the floor and how long the paint has been there, you might be able to scrape or peel it off...
Use a chemical deglosser, a scouring pad or sand paper
yes u can but make sure that it can be used for the leather and also use masking tape to cover up the sides u dont want to be painted and keep it 1 foot away from the shoe
As a professional painter i have found there is no substitute for a good angle brush. I have found painters tape just makes you lazy. A good cut is relient on a steady hand, a good brush, and years of practice. The most important trick to a good cut is learning how to use the angle on the brush to...
If your making a caucasian skin tone then get white paint and a little orange paint and mix it. If you want to make shades on the person add more orange. If the scene where they are in is slightly darker, like inside a house rather than outside, add alittle brown. If it's for an colored skin tone...
Stick to mixing the blues and greens with a touch of yellow, but avoid red which will make your mix go brown. If you want grey then mix black and white together the more white you add the lighter the grey you get.
Depends on size, subject and condition of painting. Email photos to foxbat143@aol.com
You could have it professionally painted
You have to get rid of the peeling paint by scraping and then priming with oil based primer.
Add a little green to make dark red
Is there a point, you can easily buy it very cheaply.
  You mean how to make the pint you presently have lighter/thinner ? Add turpentine.
  I own a remodeling company in Massachusetts and recently branched out into Handyman Services to build the client base and better service my past remodel customers. The average rate in my area is $50 - $85 per hour with two hour minimums. I charge $88 for the first hour and $58 for each...
LePage's Polyclens is excellent for this, but you can also use methyl hydrate (also known as methanol or methyl alcohol), or most paint solvents such as varsol or laquer thinner.
Answer#1 With hydro-flouric acid. AKA, rust stain remover. Just don't get any of it on a glass surface, it will damage it! (NOT to be confused with hydro-chloric acid) Answer Gently sand the rusted area and then use a damp cloth to remove the dust. Use Kilz or other primer to cover the stain. Then,...
Not all of them are. Both jobs are what is seen and both require a certain skill level, especially the plaster work. I have been a painter and plasterer for 7 years and women are always afraid of the outcome because they think that men just want to get the job done with no understanding that it...
everybody, I would like to introduce you to this wonderful spray paint product. Or did you mean who or what company first produced it?
that is 336 square feet of wall assuming there are no windows or doors, which I'm sure there are. you need to deduct the square footage of any windows and doors and subtract that from 336. a gallon of paint will paint approx 400 square feet per coat.
you have to choose an what your house looks like then look at the houses around you if you want it to blend in look at them and choose a color that will blend in but choose a color that isn't the same if you want it to stand out choose a color a that's out of this world if you want to blend but not...
  Absolutely. But here is a tip...if it is heavily glossed, like with a clear coat, then the paint will begin to chip and flake off (because ther is nothing for the paint to bind to, polyeurethane is very slick). Try to sand it a little to rought it up, but do so evenly for a consistent look....