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love is love. Age, race, sex etc doesn't define love. When you love somebody, despite your age, you'll know. If you ask me, 11 is too young to know such things yet: you're still growing at that age.
Even if a muslim boy did like you in school, he is unable to act upon it due to religious restraints.
If you and your girlfriend are on a temporary break, then you need  to be subtle in the way you talk to her. Speak in a calm and quiet  tone, this will show that you are remorseful and reassure her at  the same time that you are serious about your relationship
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It depends if the girl likes you. They may cry, but not in front of  you. They will get over it though
yes, it probably means he is attracted to you. if you have the same  feeling with him, just give him a sign to see what will happen  next.
Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one ofthe greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas soI can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know himbut evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats,etc. and get him something that...
O like when every they come around your so happy.. You dont know what to say or do
Well, technically its bad. But you should wait a while to see where things lead up to. Maybe things can be fixed but if you see that nothing seems to change then its best to walk away from the relationship. Remember you cant force anyone to be with someone they dont love.
She's currently engaged to Evan Peters
TO LOOK LIKE! 1. Dress like a boy, wear: • shorts • oversized shirts • flat flip flops • silver bracelets and necklace • baggy / shorts 2. Have a clean short hair cut 3. Flatten your breast. --> the most important :)) LOL TO ACT LIKE: 1. Use foul words mostly! 2. Keep your...
Haha, your tongue can be used in many amazing ways my friend, here  are a few.    French kissing (Or snogging)  Orally stimulating a man's or woman's genitals ;)   Eating! (This is in the dating area, so sharing a meal with  your other half)  To talk and tell the person you love what...
Clinton Kelly is openly gay and has appeared in several LGBTpublications and discussed it.
May I suggest Sternberg's "Triangular Theory of Love." You may find it enlightening.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangular_theory_of_love
well you say how are you and if she ignores you comment her on shoes or purse and walk away then she'll come over and say you just commented me on my purse/shoes and just walked away? then you will say yeah then say do you want to go out sometime? if that doesn't work then say what you really feel...
There's a possibility that he was really flattered and saw your comment as a hint that maybe you like him too
The pokemon move. ( It's super effective)
"Smash" is a slang term for showing you a good time sexually. This  could be a good or bad thing depending on the person.
Yes, she has a boyfriend that is 19. His name is Shane Harper. He play a role in Good Luck Charlie name Spencer.
that's a great question... my boy friends best friend is my friend too and everyone thinks that i would totally leave my man for my friend and my friend asked me did i like him and it sorta caught me off guard but i told him no but ppl still make assumptions... I'm a guy, and in the previous...
It is best to say that you are already in a relationship withsomeone else.
  == Go for it!! ==   If she likes you then you should talk to her cause if your shy then she is probably more shy then you and forget about your friends cause if it ends up working out then your friends will think of you as a god and if it doesn't then they should still think that it was...
"I love you" in Spanish is usually "te quiero." This literally means "I want you". You could also say "te amo", which literally means "I love you", but is less common.
If Lexy is a girl and, and, Oh forget it! I don't know! Ask a friend!
I don't think
Could be anywhere around 12 or even in your mid teens; it really depends on how fast you mature.
  It was to Mizner Park (town center) and we ate, sat by the fountain, stayed out late. My date wasn't offensive ...in fact they were emotional and romantique.
If you get involved with her, there is a good chance you'll ruin her life and it'll have a negative effect on yours.Accept the fact you find her hot and move on - try and find a more obtainable girlfriend.
If your boyfriend is seven years older than you and your a teenager  you have to dump him because if anyone finds out he will get a  fine, and you'll to get a fine, because your dating and adult, but  if your an adult and hes seven years older than you, then its your  choice if you want to dat...
Ask her why, or accept that maybe she's a) not ready to take on the responsibility of a boyfriend b) not allowed or c) going through a hard time and doesn't want to let anyone get close to her at the moment.
tell your friend how you feel an let your friend know that your  still supporting his first girlfriend an him
because she wants to spend time with her girls we girls have never  let a man in our group and if you need to talk about something we  don't need men to not understand girls are always there and they  help you when you are emotional
yes you can.. I'm bisexual and I tend to go for men more.. but I've been in love with a girl before, and I would date/have sex with a girl. (:
When someone does not want you but you want them, you must take back your power and not want them any more, I know that's not easy! but if he was meant for you then you would still be together, if not then he's not meant for you! It's nothing about you or what you have or have not done! It's just...
Jack or Jake, It's famous around the world but I find it  particularly Australian.
suspect/respect/perfect/carrots? xD
It is a huge waste to come up with a cute way. Say "do you want to go to the ... dance with me?" or "I'd like to go to the ... dance. With you." Normally, a guy will be so relieved that you asked him, that will be hard for him to say no, regardless of how you ask him. So don't worry about it....
  == Answer ==   Good luck man you're going to need it. a couple of weeks and she still hasn't given you an answer. are you sure you're in love with this one? It seems like she might not be returning the feelings. If she hasn't said yes yet, that means she probably never will. But if you want...
The first step of any relationship is interests find a commoninterest between the two of you. Plan to do something involvingthat interest with current friends and ask him/her if they'd liketo join if they do then great and if not you still get to hang outwith your friends doing something you enjoy!
  == Answer ==   Hes proboblt just lieng to uand whants to get some thing from you .
Yes,she have.But only in Winx Club magazine.And she wont have child she is pretty young(only 15 years old).
  Florida,California,New york
Well Tbh If Your Ex Truley Loved You And You Truley Loved Him Then Your Always Going To Have Some Sort Of Feelings For Him? May Not Be Love But Still Something , Right?Why Do You Ask Such A Question? - Only You Will Know If You Still Love Eachother? My Ex Hates The F*** Out Of Me, Telling Me To Die...
Yes of course :) dimples are wonderful and acne is normal !
From original answer: Yes, she is a minor so her parents have the right to allow and not allow her to do certain things.
I think so. I hear people talking about like Valentine's Day (mostly girls) and the guys have to write a love note...if they want. There was this guy named Austin and I overheard him saying that he wanted me to be his valentine. So yeah he sat next to me and he was talking to someone across from me...
  Do's= be yourself, if he doesn't like you for you then forget him, try to get to know him first you never know what the real him is Don't= act like someone that isn't the real you, don't say let's go out when you first meet a boy, tell him about you but not the personal stuff JUST BE...
  == Answer ==   Just be yourself!  People can tell when you are being fake.  Being yourself is much more attractive.
You should slowly work your way to hugging. Become his friend first and stick with talking when you've been friends for a while as you leave give him a quick hug then, if he likes you he will hug you too.
they will get chapped maybe and a little dry
Im a huge fan of both Ahsoka and Anakin. But as for Ahsoka having a crush on him, I don't know for sure. I know that they care for each other a great deal, though
Just be yourself .
they like talking about girls and who they like and sports
It's all about their choice and we have no right to interfere in  the personal matters of two individuals
You can know if your girlfriend loves you by her actions and thethings she says to you. If she enjoys spending time with you,respects you, and always helps you out when you are need, then shereally does love you.
not always. Sometimes he just doesn't like the boy you're dating.  But sometimes he is right and your boyfriend is using you
Of course not! It just means you haven't found the right guy yet, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  if you care to much in a relationship he or she will probally breack up with you because he thinks its annoying
yes. in an interview he stated hat he was guess starring on make it or break it and was disappointed that he didn't have very many scenes together. he also said that if need be they would run lines anyways, and during breaks they would go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend.
  ask him if he wants to hang and then once you have gotten to know him see if you really like him then ask if he want's to be more than friends if he say's no then stay friends but before you ask him make sure he doesnt have a girlfriend.
  You dont get girls to like you, they just do or they dont... Trick is being able to tell when they do. Either you chat them up and find out, or you dont...
Probaly cause they like girls. They'll ruin girls' reputaion I don't look at them back either.
As a guy we kinda make it obvious. First well be friends ( most if the time) we will act nervous around your friends and want to know more about you, ask questions or bring up things such as exes or crushes ect. And a good tip see if they are messing with their hands cracking their nuckels or acting...
"I've been hanging out with so and so a lot and I asked her out and she is my girlfriend now" simplicity is key. There is no magic way of doing it so you just tell them. Good luck with your girlfriend.
1. She stares at you , all the time.2. Her friends ask you questions about how you feel about her or they might just mention her name.3.Everywhere you are it seems like she's always there too.4. She gets really quiet around you , or really loud.5. She seems nervous around you, blushes, or she might...
Hit him with a pillow, shake him wake, or a good mornin' blowjob ;)
  Well to be a girl, first you have to buy pink panties 1 size larger than your boxer size. (To fit Willy) Next buy a bra and sports bra and stuff them a bit. Wear girls shoes jeans or skirt. Shave legs face and armpits. Wear makeup, perfume, deodorant. Get a realistic wig that stays on or grow...
simple my dear... pehle dekho ki parent ka mud kaisa hai than ap y  janne ki kosis kro   ki apki life-partner ko lekar unke man m kya h   or bas fir unse kaho...   dad/mom... kya kisi ko pyar krna???   ya kisi ladki/ladke ko pasand krna galat bat hai..??   feel...reaction ur parents....
yes. i'm a guy and girls think they will screw up if they call  first but they wont, if the guys a good guy, he will like that you  called him. if hes not a good guy then he will get mad at you and  you should dump him and slap him next time you see him 
This can mean many things, I would hope that by the time you are putting a promise ring on someone's finger that you have more context than some stranger on the internet. It could mean that she was really touched, and this symbol says more than words can express. It could mean that you clearly...
  == it may be obvious if you see her kissing on a boy, holding hands with him, and cuddling up with him. however, that might not always be the case. don't be afraid to ask her! if you're friends, just say do you have a boyfriend, OR are you taken (or replace taken with single). just be friendly...
No. If they end up splitting, you have a far better reason to date her than if you are the reason they split.
you can simply start by saying hi or hey, then he will ask whats us and isn't that how most conversations start? Well if you want to ask him a question or say something that has been in your way for a while between you guys, just say it. He is your bf, he can handle it and it might b hard at first...
1. he treat's you right 2. he know's your fault's and still loves you 3. he want's to make you happy 4. he understand's 5. he doesn't pressure you to do something you don't want to do 6. he will want to have sex wid you even though you don't
They will because she's not a legal age yet she has to wait until  she's 18 years old
have a knock out handsome face like mines
1.Well girls like sensitive guys.2.They like a guy who is sensitive.3.We will fal for a guy who is funny.4.A guy that doesn't make fun of us.5.a guy who wants to show us off to all his friends6.a guy who is generous7.a guy who isnt a complete idiot when he's with his friends8. a guy who doesnt...
dont punch that is so rude . the reason she may not trust you isbecause you either did something or shes going through rough times
not at all a year is a very long time, if you know she is the one i  your heart it's never to early . wish you luck
first, talk to the guy. show him that you want to be his friend. second, hang out together as much as you can but not to much to freak him out. be nice. text him or call him, also try to use lots of hand contact, like slapping him on the arm or touching his arm while you are talking to him. then if...
if a guy goes out of his way to talk to you or if you some how notice his grades to go down after hes with u for a while ~ Holly
My guess is that it dates back several thousand years. I honestly  don't know, as I literally only heard the term today
Yes plenty but they are a load of rubbish, they don't actually tell  the truth so don't do anything stupid. However Google love  calculator and you should get loads of sites
There is gay, straight, and bisexual. A man who dates a woman would  be STRAIGHT.
I think that you should just like step back and give him some space  if he ever gets irritated. Don't be super clingy and just give him  space. Imagine if your friend was irritated with you, deal with it  in the same way and talk to him about it.