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Dog Breeds

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After more than 12000 years of selective breeding, dogs come in more shapes and sizes than any other species on Earth. Today, there are more than 300 dog breeds, each having its breed standard and unique personality. In this category, you can find questions relating to a specific breed’s temperament, appearance, country of origin, height, weight, etc.
No. They are born with about 1/2 inch fur.
The first breed of puppies were Paleolithic.It existed over 31,700years ago.
Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed. They have large ears forbeing such a small dog.
The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog originating in the USA. The  blue breed has a blue tinge to it. They were bred for their size  and used in pit fights.
if your asking how to find a male dog for your female dog then your  gonna have to wait until your female dog is in heat then  automatically the male dog will be attracted to the female and they  will mate
I would just take her to the vet and get a doctors point of  view 
Another name for a harrier pup is a pack dog
If you have the kind of dog who views everything within reach as a  potential snack, you should be careful about what kind of air  freshener you use. Dry potpourri can be a fragrant addition to a  room, but it can also lead to an upset stomach or worse if your dog  decides to sample it. Hope...
After 9 minths if age, any breed of dog is typically considered anadult
Keep the dog hydrated with plenty of fresh water. A dog that is  dehydrated will tend to lose weight. A rottweiler should have  access to as much water as it wants to consume; the breed generally  requires at least 20-40 ml of water per pound of body weight.  
My 55# Siberian husky has been perscribed 25 mg, 1/2 pill every 12 hours for recovery from surgery.
Most of the dogs in Mexico are actually mutts. But, their most  beloved dog is the Xoloitzcuintli otherwise known as the Mexican  Hairless Dog.
That would be a Chiwawa. Hope this helps!
If the dog comes with papers showing it is registered with the AKC,  then it is a pure breed.
First, Jackie's aren't rare. They're quite common and a popular breed. Second, the breed originated in Oxford, England by breeder Reverend John Russell in 1819.
The white hairs you find are common in all black labs, if you lookclosely you will find many white hairs. This is more common as thedog ages. In yellow labs you will find black hairs, if they can have both ayellow mother, and a black father, or a black mother, and a yellowfather. Any color lab will...
Yes, because they are very big and will get angry when someone is 'on their property'.
a snow related name like:Snowball, Blizzard, Flurry, Avalanche ect.
Nope. But it will do surely as it cant live without doing  excretion.
No all types of dogs have a different temptation to lick. Jack  Russell's lick themselves to look good and tough. You don't need to  worry about it. Its normal.
It can but too much inbreeding will create health conditions.
It depends on what type of food you have and how big the dog is, I  would say feed them in a range of 1-2 cups, but you should also see  a vet if the dog has any medical conditions because if you over or  under feed a dog it may be life threatening.
I highly doubt it, it's dangerous, so don't let them!
    i have herd that they  mature at 2 to 3 years some at 4. They stop growing in height at 12  months I believe.     
Matthew practices violin for 2/3 of an hour 3 times per week and  3/4 of an hour 3 other times how many minutes does he practice per  week? If his teacher wants him to practice 5 hours per week, how  much more does he need to practice
yes but they need water and not for long if coat is long
It is normal for some dogs to have black gums, some dogs have  pink gums, and some have a mix of black and pink. It just depends  on the genetics of your dog.
because they are extremely good at it .. theyre very very fast .. mine can pull at 35mph .. and huskies can pull a sled for a hundred miles without taking rest. they are quick to move and quick to react .. they were bred for pulling and trust me a husky loves to pull ..
Because they have the pointy noses and the long, elegant bodies. They are sight hounds, and they all have similarities.
Basset hounds, like all dogs will run away from you when you let them off their leashes if not trained. They like all dogs get distracted and excited with a lot of distractions from being outdoors.
I have one for 200 my #12199377188
Not at all! Unless it was raised badly to attack, but if you just treat them right they will be the cuddliest. Just raise them like you would raise any other dog that you care about! Answer Rottweilers are not for the novice owner. They can be very Strong willed, but with correct training and...
The English word 'beagle' is a breed of dog.
A miniature poodle mix short haired Chihuahua mix are both good for people with allergies. A york terrier is not but there are solutions you can put on the dog to stop the dander and control allergies. Talk to the Vet
Anywhere from 1.5 years to 2 years old.
Toy poodles, like every other breed of dog, need to eat anywhere from one to three times daily. The problem often is that dogs, like humans, will eat out of stress or boredom. So, it is important to keep an eye on the animal's general health. If they begin to plump up, feed them less. If they lack...
American bulldogs have short, coarse fur. They shouldn't shed as  much as long-haired dogs because their fur is short.
The Siberian Husky was originally developed by the Chukchi peopleof the Chukchi Peninsula in eastern Siberia. They were brought toAlaska in 1908 for dog-sled racing
A great dane is a symbol of trust and loyalty.
Unless you get a LL(Litter License) from a friend, or buy one with foo dollars or gems, you can't.
I can't do all 40 but I can do 15!    Poodle, yorkshire terrier, Shih Tzu, Maltese, lagotto romagnolo,  kerry blue terrier, chinese crested, bichon frise, miniature  snauzer, coton de tulear, airedale terrier, havanese, peruvian inca  orchid, bedlington terrier, and bergamasco
Shih-poos are a cross between a Shih-tzu and a poodle. They are a  small, hypoallergenic breed that have been intentionally created  about 20 years ago.
Samoyeds do not do well with small, passive animals (guinea pigs, hamsters, etc), but most live harmoniously with other dogs and cats.
Please consider spaying your dog. There are thousands of animals being euthanized every day due to over population. This includes many, many purebred dogs. Spaying will also lower your dogs chances of getting ovarian cancer. If that isn't enough, look up whelping. Is that really something you want...
Female: 22-24inches tall and 53-64lbs. Males: 23-26inches tall and  60-70lbs.
usually at 6 months to 2 years...
They are dogs, a dogs breed does not matter with whom you contain  it with unless there are to many dominant breeds  together(rottie,pitbull,greatdane,doberman,etc) a husky and a shah  tzu should be fine, just keep an eye on them at first for any signs  of aggression, you want their tails to be...
Affenpinschers normally cost at 800-1,500. So please diligently search animal shelters to prevent euthanization of at least one of these wonderful dogs.
It depends how much you feed it
  Most adult beagles grow to be 13-15 inches at the shoulder. Males are a little bigger than females, and weight varies, because beagles are sometimes prone to being overweight if they don't get enough exercise and eat healthy.
Yes I have a three year old Weim and she loves playing in the snow and hiking all year. However (there is always a however with Weims) sitting in a cold car for even a few minutes she will start to shake uncontrollably. You see weimaraners have a very short light coat and if they are running they...
Min Pins sometimes shake when they are excited. But they also shake  when they are cold or hyper.If they do it constantly and get walks  and are warm then you should probably see the vet.
It's not really a matter of what age, it's a matter of how many  litters a dog has already had. Usually, for most breeders, they  will stop breeding a female dog after her third or fourth litter.
Boxers for guard dogs would be (and are) sixth (6) in the line.
Tell it OFF OFF firmly and strictly or push it off or ignore it  just act like he's a bully. Like your acting like what is wrong  with you? Stop hitting me!! Don't laugh afterwards just say good  dog if he gets off and leave him. Keep doing this until he gets the  hang of things and then when...
Contact a vet if you are worried about your dog.
The Golden Retriever is in the Animalia  Kingdom. this same title applies to all dog breeds and canines.
Yes, whippet dogs are great at hunting especially small creatures  bunnies, rats, etc...   The YouTube video: Whippets Hunting Rats   
You can either hold them so they can't harm you when you bathethem, or you can try a wet washrag. It is still water, but it mightscare them less than actually entering water.
If obedience was top on your list of requirements for a dog, a  husky wasn't the best choice. They are well known for being  stubborn and ignoring commands when they have something better to  do.   That being said, you should still be able to get a certain level of  obedience. The dog needs...
Yes, the breed originated in France.
Because of it's "working dog" (guarding cattle)nature, it can be reared for that purpose or if it is meant for a family dog, it's tempermant is a little slow to mature but with the right love and care this breed of dog is a good, friendly natured dog.
about 130 lbs
The Basset Hound first originated in France.
  Some dog TYPES would be:   * Maltese  * Manchester Terrier  * Mastiff  * Miniature Bull Terrier  * Miniature Pinscher  * Mudi
its go in heat for about 3 days then it stop
They have a calm energy around their owners.
You cannot control a dog or cat's shedding, but try brushing it  more often to get the excess fur out before it gets all over your  house.
There aren't many around anymore
  A curly tail has to do with their genes, not their age. If a dog is going to have curly tail, it should be that way when they're born. It works the same way with humans and their hair color, you get you hair color from the genes passed on from you blood-related family. Although most pugs have...
Check out the related link I added. It shows a cross between an American Rat Terrier and a Pomeranian.
Male dogs become fertile at 6 months and are sexually mature atabout 1 year. I think you are safe with the Dachshund, but otherdogs in the area could impregnate the female.
They were officially akc registered in 1996 according to akc. I  hope this helps!
Dumb is a human construct of perception. Humans are probably dumbto a dog.
For the military, it was Doberman Pincers and German Shepherds.
Cavaliers shed their hair pretty much constantly. I never noticed a particular time of the year our Cavalier shed worse.
Yes, you can since it is a dog breed. But they do have a medium  amount of stamina, which means a lot of Salukis like to go outside.  If you observe the Salukis behavior, you'll find a Saluki who loves  the indoors!
Huskies or their close relatvies the Alaskan Malamutes, are known for their speed and agility and abilities to pull heavy loads over short distances, kind of like a dog version of a horse, and because of these abilites they are quite the popular choice to have as a sled dog.
  A female dog usually should become ready to mate when she turns around a year old.
most cases the German Sheperds are taller that the Pit Bulls.
  no. its a hound.
Queen Victoria had many pets in her life time, and I mostly think  she had either 9 or 10 dogs.