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Pollution is the process of giving out contaminants such as smoke and carbon dioxide, and too much of a certain product such as light, heat and sound that both cause harm to the environment.
The left overs left behind in the soil as irrigated water for  farming evaporates, which makes the soil water have a higher  osmotic content for the plants. A higher concentration of solutes  means there is a lower amount of water. Therefore, more water will  run/diffuse out of the plants cells...
I can only speculate but I wouldn't imagine global warming would  have had much of an impact on global shark populations to date.  Water takes a lot of energy to heat up and changes to global  oceanic temperatures are less noticable than atmospheric  temperatures. Sharks are cold-blooded so...
because phosphate rocks contains various metals and radionuclides  as minor constituents of ores.
Earth is described as having three atmospheres. The first  atmosphere, captured from the solar nebula, was composed of light  (atmophile) elements from the solar nebula, mostly hydrogen and  helium. A combination of the solar wind and Earth's heat would have  driven off this atmosphere. The...
It is 72% of our atmosphere. However it also can cause ground level  ozone and smog. It also can be bad in water systems if there is an  excess. Without it though nothing could live. Plants need it to  survive.
Methane 16% -- Carbon Dioxide (Forestry and Industrial process) 76%  -- Nitrous Oxide 6% -- F-Gases 2%
Modern homes are better sealed against the elements, and lack of air circulation from outdoors means that more air pollutants stay inside as they are generated.
Rising Sea Levels Hotter ClimateHypothesis - More Natural Disasters
There are millions of carbon compounds. Three simple ones are  methane, CH4, ethene, C2H2 and ethanol, C2H5OH. Remember the  numbers must be subscripts. Answers.com cannot provide  drawings.
You can say that the Earth is like a ball that will explode when  something "bad" happens to it.
 using vehicles for short trips  using many disposable items  leaving lights on when not using them  buying items with a lot of packaging  throwing things out the car window  not properly disposing of chemicals  
The UK generates 290 million tonnes of waste per year
=== ANSWER: ===   Contact the manufacturer and inquire if they repair or replace the units with freon leaks. Also ask them if they can refer a repair shop near the town you live in. Quite simply, putting more freon in it will leak out and it will keep freezing up. Fix the leak.   >>>...
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1. by not standing next to people who smoke  2. not living in a high polluted area 
when fossil fuels is combusted , it produces energy and rest of by  products are poisonous gases like carbon monoxide , sulphites,  nitrites , and solid residue which is non biodegradable
After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Exxon should have paid for all  the cleanup and also provided preventative measures!
Thermal pollution is usually associated with increases of water temperatures in a stream, lake, or ocean due to the discharge of heated water from industrial processes, such as the generation of electricity. Increases in ambient water temperature also occur in streams where shading vegetation along...
The Guimaras oil spill occurred on 11th August 2006.
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement while the  Copenhagen Accord is a political agreement.
Astronomical light pollution started as street and road lighting  became widespread from the early 20th century. It was bad enough by  the 1980's for the dark sky movement to gather momentum. Local  light pollution, for instance from obtrusive security lights, is a  more recent problem, perhaps...
Yes, it is. Both the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq have many  pollutants added by industry and the populace. This includes  sewage, chemical releases, and agricultural runoff.
No, actually in about every country there is a endangered species.
I'm quite sure the answer is Montreal Protocol:)
our cars, factories, fireworks,rubbish in rivers, chemical in rivers come on people litter 68 percent!!!they dont bother to put it in the bin
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Because if their is more mass the more force is applied when the  mass is lower the lower the force will be needed
A schematic diagram will show the connections required for the process concerned, which might be an electrical process or a pipework system. Such a diagram enables you to understand the connections without bothering with the physical layout of the system. In contrast a layout diagram will show the...
There are many ways to make a model of land pollution for a school  science exhibition. One idea is to show a diorama of land and lake  area clean next to a diorama of the same scene with sludge in the  water.
There are many natural resources that are extremely important to  human activity, but without water human activity could not exist.  Therefore, water is vital.
Ozone layer protects our planet Earth from the harmful radiations  that comes from the sun. The ozone layer was discovered in 1913 by  the French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson. Ozone layer  is a deep layer in earth's atmosphere that contain ozone which is a  naturally occurring...
7,568,906,398,976.  approximately = 7.57 trillion
living organism that shows the level of pollution in an area through changes in iys distribution or abundance
by throwing litter on ground
you can use a bicycle or take a walk to school so that you don't pollute the air.
Water can enter into a human's body through the nose and mouth, get breathed into the lungs, the result of which is called 'drowning'. The human often dies from drowning.
because the acids in the rain, usually nitric acid or sulphuric acid, causes a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate in the limestone. This leads to dissolution of the limestone and so the limestone buildings eventually crumble and fall down.
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No, it can't be said that tidal energy pollute the world.
pollution affects people (or your loved or love ones) by putting chemicals into their bodies for example if u smoke beside ur loved or love ones then they are in hailing the same chemicals u are but for them its worse this is called second hand smoking.THIS PEICE OF TEXT WAS WRITTEN BY JOLIEN DOESN
(i) respiration (ii) photosynthesis (iii) burning (iv) movement of yatchs (v) generation of electricity
india is a democrtic country plastic is a dictatorship
Mixing disulfide oil with fuel oil without further sulfur treating is potentially undesireable as combustion leads to the production of sulfur-containing pollutants.   Disulfide oils are generally produced as byproducts of gas sweetening--a process where sulfur is removed from liquid petroleum...
What types of granite does not react with acids?
An air pollutant is known as a substance in the air that can cause harm to humans and the environment. Pollutants can be in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases. In addition, they may be natural or man-made.
Well, when burning hydrocarbons in complete combustion, the products are Water (H2O) + Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The only potentially dangerous product of complete combustion of hydrocarbons is CO2 in large amounts which some people believe presents a danger of global warming. However, if you are...
  == Answer ==   Usually, it lowers it as CO2 is converted to HCO2 and SO4 is converted to H2SO4 (carbon dioxide to carbonic acid and sulfate to sulfuric acid). Nitric acids can also form from nitric oxide. That's the general composition of acid rain. (low pH = more acid) 
It leaches calcium, potassium, and other valuable nutrients from the soil.
Factories effect the evnviroment because of the smoke that goes out of the tubes on top of the factories. It gets into the air and sometimes its hard for you to breathe. The toxic waste from factory processes is well known for polluting the environment.
Littering causes disease because it creates breeding grounds for  germs. When germs come into contact with food or hands, they cause  ill health. Besides, when litter is washed down to water sources,  it pollutes water sources making it unfit for human consumption.
  == Answer ==   Improperly installed oil filter. Too tight, too loose, UN-lubricated gasket, or old gasket left on after removal. Also a drain plug loose or cross threaded.   The shop would be responsible if you can prove it is their fault.   == Answer ==     Sometimes even when...
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Woodworking can be very satisfying both as a profession as well as a hobby. A person gets to express there creativity and ingenuity while creating items that can be one of a kind. The first thing that is needed in order to do this is a well done plan which includes a list of materials as well a the...
Ozone depletion has some associated problems. Ozone hole at both hemispheres,
Water is a natural resource. It is depleted via people of earth.
It appears there is a lot of garbage dumped into the ocean each  year...over 14 billion pounds.  Here are two sources that give a general idea of the scale of  the problem we have created.  The "Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch" (being created by ocean  currents)   and Naples gov site pdf...
The science of global warming is not a hoax. No scientist has anything to gain by creating a hoax. In fact, any evidence that a research scientist has engaged in this would be career-destroying. The only employment open to trained scientists who value propaganda over research is in some sections of...
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Oil is an inexpensive form of heat fuel, lubricant, transportation, and can be used to generate electricity.
Eco-friendly products, also known as "green" products, are generally made with non-toxic, locally obtained, sustainable materials. Ideally, the product's entire lifecycle -- sourcing of materials, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, use, disposal and recycle or reuse -- should have...
Yes, decaying vegetation underwater in a swamp will produce methane, also known as swamp gas.
Particle pollution is elevated in summer. It is due to the heat.
Water deteriorationOne major component of environmental degradation is the depletion of the resource of fresh water on Earth. Approximately only 2.5% of all of the water on Earth is fresh water, with the rest being salt water. 69% of the fresh water is frozen in ice caps located on Antarctica and...
about 10,000,000,000,000 people die every year from alchohol in britain. that's about 100,000 people per day. It's the highest rate in the world.
Severe air, water, and land pollution can cause the rainforest to die out because of a lack of positive growth elements. However, there are some trees in the rainforest that can process pollution into clean elements. Yet, those are the exceptions to the 'norm. The pollutions effect to rainforests...
Various items are equal in destroying ozone. CFC's and FREONS are example.
having a clean purified water
People are careless. Litter can cause land or water pollution. Smoke can cause air pollution. There is noise pollution which almost anything can cause!!!!!
An oil spill is when a pump or boat carrying oil breaks and makes a hole or break which releases mass amounts of oil into seas (depending on how big the hole is). This causes what people call an oil spill. when oil is spilled in seas and it causes water pollution and makes many animals die.
It has many franchise and packing plants that emit harmful chemicals. One of the most polluted cities is Mexico City, which has a dense fog of gases and chemicals that hovers above the city, similar to Los Angeles.
It doesn't affect you at frist but, it slowly affects the enviorment, and the enviorment slowly dies causing disease to go around therefore affecting you.
Some plastic is non-biodegradable, in the sense that it takes longer than several lifetimes for the plastic to disintegrate. A glass bottle is essentially non-biodegradable.
The additional lights from street lamps and buildings gets sent  into the sky which in turn gets scattered by our atmosphere, and  this hinders very faint galaxies, nebula, planets and stars to be  seen.
people throw rubbish and litter in the sea and oil and waste from the factories.
Of the fossil fuels, natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than oil (though the gas itself, methane, is a powerful greenhouse gas and there are serious leakage problems with its use). Any of the renewable sources of energy are better than oil. Solar, geothermal, wind, hydro etc, all have zero...
It paid farmers to plant crops that protected the soil.
There are many differences between siliciclastifc and carbonate rocks as you can see below,1- dominant sediment grian size range. In carbonate slopes is it mud to boulders but it is mud to sand in siliclastic sediments.2- sand grain characteristic. The grains are irregular to spherical shapes in...
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  == Answer ==   On the right side of the bike (if you were sitting on it) there is a cover that is not cover by the plastics, this is the clutch cover. On the clutch cover, there is a dip stick to check the oil level, this is where the oli goes.
Partly. It is stated that sky lanterns are fully biodegradable. The rice paper biodegrades within "6 to 8 weeks" and flourished wire takes 9 months to break down.But this is just what manufacturers claim and it's not facts proved to society.Anyway, if it is true we should think about the harm the...
Silt is a major problem. Run-off (oil and fertilizer) from roads and farms is another. Unregulated or illegal waste from factories is another.
Landscape destruction is essentially the tearing up of the land.  This can happen when animals tear up flower beds, dig holes in your  yard or anything else that affects the ground.
== Answer:... to reduce water pollution ==   An abyss of answers can arise to this question. There are many ways we can reduce water pollution. Too list a few: educate and inform the population of the world to what pollution is and how to control and contain any and all spills, demand from our...
This raw sewage is full of bacteria that would make any animal or person ill. Take to a vet or monitor for appetite loss is you are unable to do so immediately.If appetite loss happens, get to a vet immediately. A dog could be suffer some kind of kidney issues because of the sewage. A dogs or human...