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Thunderstorms and Lightning

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Also referred to as a lightning storm, a thunderstorm is a weather form wherein thunder and lightning are present. Thunderstorms, most especially if accompanied by heavy rains and downburst winds, pose hazards to people and the environment.
Definitely not under a tree, lamppost, or power lines. If you arestuck outdoors, a car is one of the safest places to be. Because ofthe rubber tires, you can't be struck as long as you are inside it.Indoors, stay away from the windows in case a tree is struck andfalls onto your house.
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pitch is a measure of the sound frequency. So high pitch equals high frequency and short wavelengths.
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Since lightning is an electrical current, normally in athunderstorm, little pieces of ice way up in the cloud collidetogether fast and hard, making an electrical charge, which theneventually makes an electrical current that is known as lightning.
Since light travels faster than sound, you can tell how many miles away a thunder storm is by counting. Lightning strikes. 5 seconds pass and you heard thunder. The thunder storm is 5 miles away.
St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham is a parish church of theChurch of England. By 1808, the church spire had been struck bylightning three times.
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No. The odds of being struck by lightning are slim as it is, but to be struck twice? Not common but it has happened...
Probably not . Most fluids are not very compressible at all. I doubt there are any fluids, flammable or not, that are much more compressible than water. Maybe 50% more compressible (at best a factor of 2), but I very much doubt there are fluids that are 3-4 times as compressible as water. Gases on...
A cold front would likely be a front that would produce hail and tornadoes in an area because cold fronts are different than warm fronts. Cold fronts are usually fronts that cause storms and if they have the right recipe it could produce damaging winds, hail and sometimes if it's very strong,...
Yes. A rain free base is a sign of an updraft.
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Cumulonimbus clouds form hail I think
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Bcoz the car acts as a faraday cage , and some say the rubber tyres of the car insulate the lightening but i dont think so , i say ill go with the faraday cage read it on wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cag…
On the onw website I fond and after a little research I have found that the worlds largest hailstone was found in Aurora, Nebraska and it measured over 10 inches in width but that was only about half of it because some of it broke off when it hit the ground and some melted before it could be...
People study lightening because it causes a lot of damage when ittouches the ground or hits a person. Lightening is continuallystudied because there is not much know about where it will strikeand why.
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Lightning and thunder comes from the cumulonimbus cloud and hits the earth.
Quite frequently, especially cloud to cloud lightning. This was rarely a problem with metal planes, but with modern composites which don't conduct electricity well, severe damage has been known to occur.
a thunderstorm is just short a typhoon rains and it becames flood
When air of different temperature collides, the result is usually rainfall and sometimes a storm.. A warm front is created when warm air meets cold air, and the warm air starts to rise over the cold air. As warm air rises, it begins to cool, and condensation occurs, resulting in rain clouds.. When...
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A thunderstorm is a weather-related phenomenon. It is stated that a thunderstorm is defined by having the following characteristics: . Cumulonimbus Clouds . Precipitation (rain/hail) . Lightning/Thunder
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No. Lighting produces a flash. Thunder is the sound the lightningproduces.
its impossible to know exactly where lightning will strike
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the answer is both positive and negitive charges and that is because to make lighting it has to be positive and negitive charges because if there is both 2 negitive charges will both repel and the same thing will happen to positive charges but when positive and negitive charges and positive charges...
Cumulus, Mature, and Dissipating
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The pitch is determined by the frequency of the wave. The absolute loudness is determined by the wave's amplitude. The loudness perceived by the ear is affected by both the above, because the sensitivity of the ear is frequency dependent.
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Yes. OSHA lists electrocution as one of the most common causes offatal workplace accidents.
No. Some thunderstorms produce relatively little wind.
Yes. Low pitch = low frequency = long waves
mostly in the spring time . It depends on the country. In many parts of Australia, thunderstorms can occur any time of year, but are less likely to happen in Winter, and are far more common during Summer.
no not at all but ares is the lightning theif
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Yes. Lightning is an eletrical discharge like being shocked by static. Lightning can be just about 40x hotter than the sun. it's when negative electrons and positive protons are charged and attract each other forming lightning.
Because getting struck by lightening itself if highly unlikely, the likelihood that being struck by lightening and the lightening causing death is unlikely. Lightening can cause death however, but since getting struck by lightening is unlikely, yah.
Thunderstorms in themselves cannot destroy, yet a tornado or lightening in a thunderstorm can cause damage.
Lightning literally is static electricity, just like when yourshock someone after walking in sock on carpet. It's the sametransfer of energy due to the clouds and the earth becomingelectrically unbalanced.
Yes because they are both the same electron until its starts lightning they both become negative and attract! Opposites attract smarty.. they are different groups of protons and electrons. Earth being positive repels the positive charges in the cloud which makes the lower part of the cloud...
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The correct answer is a question... Has it even thundered and lightning during a snow storm? Well yes is does often; a thunder snow.
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Florida state has the highest rate of death by lighting. From 1959 to 2003 lightning killed 3,696 people in the United States. Of those, 425 were in Florida.
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If lightning kills you - and it kills only 10% it hits - it will very likely kill you within a second, generally by stopping your heart.
You'll see the beam of light move out ahead of you at the speed of light. Also, anybody in the path of the light from your headlights will see the beam of light from your headlights move past him at the speed of light, no matter how fast he may be moving.
mostly the ones that don\nt have the sense to come inside during a storm
Snow storms can be found any where. The temperature and precipitation just has to be low enough. 40 degrees and under are potential snow storm weather
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Because metal is a great conductor
Yes it can if you are touching the TV or very close to it when the lightening strikes. This is also true of anything plugged into the electrical source or connected to a water source. The lightening travels along the wires or pipes to the appliance or water outlet (faucet, toilet, etc.).
The frequency of a sound determines its pitch. Most sounds are composed of many frequencies. The other major component of sound is its amplitude, or its loudness.
because oppisites attract. The power from the plants below the cloud pull the - charges down and the + charges goes up and that also causes lighting wow im 12 and i know this
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A watch is issued when the risk of a winter storm is increasing, but its occurrence, location, or timing is still uncertain. As time advances, it could be replaced by an advisory or a warning, though a watch is issued when warning-level conditions are anticipated. An advisory is issued when winter...
Currently the mechanics of how volcanic eruptions produce lightning are not well understood. Part of it may have to do with ash particles exchanging charges particles in a similar mechanism to what causes lightning in thunderstorms.
probably if that piece of metal can conduct electricity and is being struck by lightning whilst you are touching it so it's best not to do that or.......OUCH!!!!!!!! X X
cumulonimbus clouds mean bad weather so when the water vapor rises and the water cycle ends there becomes a storm
The note, the frequency or the wavelength.
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Wildfires may be started by lightning or by careless humans. They can become disasters when they rapidly move into developed areas, and firestorms can spread embers for several miles, overcoming firefighting efforts. Wildfires naturally consume grass and brush, but can also involve trees, which...
When lightning first strikes it is hotter than the sun, however it happens so fast that if someone does get struck, they dont automatically die. So long answer short, yes, lightning is hotter than fire.
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