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Growth Rates

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Growth rates refer to the amount gained by a certain variable in a specific context and period. They have various applications in several fields such as population, employment, unemployment, economic factors, and even on a person’s height.
I'd say start lifting now. A good mix of both Strength Training and  Cardio, along a good diet is the best mix for weight loss and  overall fitness.
1.65 metres
when do infants quadruple their birth weight
NO I'm 10 and I weigh 94 pounds and i'm 4'10 the doctors say im overweight but im really not. ASK A DR but it totally depends on your height 4'2 = 56 lbs. 4'4 = 67 lbs. 4'6 = 77 lbs. 4'8 = 85 lbs. 4'10 = 92 lbs. 5'0 = 99 lbs. 5'2 = 107 lbs. 5'4 = 117 lbs.
For some reason, our society is fascinated with, "Big". Large breasts are more noticable, and guys go by societies rules.In other countries, Italy for example, small breasts are considered very attractive. In other countries, breast size is not much noticed as long as they do the job for which they...
well i am 13 in 2 weeks and i am: weight:8.2 stone/ 114 lb/ 52 kg height: 5.2 ft/ 158cm/ 1.58m/ 62.4"/ 1.7 yards
She should only weigh about 1-3 more pounds than when she was born  so for an 3 month average baby girl, she should weigh about 9-15  pounds.
approximately 100-300 words
Yes, he might have a metabolic condition. While exercise and a low fat low/sugar intake will help, a special diet meant just for him might help as well. Visit a dietitian and/or doctor of internal medicine for his specific issues with weight. Your son may have a degree of insulin resistance. Some of...
Following are the average weight for male and female if you are  5'6. for female the average weight is 117-143lb and whereas for  male the average weight is 128-156lb.
my friend is this height and she is really skinny and 5'6 she is  125 pounds... she also has ALOT of muscle.
Its possible after use some herbal medicine products like,  Hightop Capsules, Hightop Syrup, Ashwagandha Mix, Dr.  Ayurveda Height Increaser Ayurvedic Capsules, etc...   try ratanayurvedic.com for more herbal products...
At the age of 20 your growth centers have likely closed and you are  unlikely to grow taller.If you want to know for sure an x-ray of  your wrist ; hand can be analysed for bone maturity.
There are different approaches taken in order to calculate the GDP:   1. the expenditure method:   GDP = Private Consumption + Gross investment + Government  Spending + (Exports − Imports), or   GDP = C + I + S + (X+I)    2. production approach  " Market value of all final goods...
 This one-day course provides an opportunity to examine legislation  relating to weights and measures affecting the food industry and to  look at the proposed changes to the law in this area.   To provide those persons involved in ensuring correct weight or  measure in the food industry, the...
As far as shoulds and shouldn'ts go the honest answer would be a 15  year old girl shouldn't be on weight watchers. On the other hand if  your on weight watchers at 15 congratulations for making a serious  effort to tackle your fitness and care about your health. You're  already ahead of most...
the average height should be 26 inches long of 6 months old baby
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The average height of an 18 year old female is 163.068 centimetres  or 64.2 inches. The weight is 56.625 kg or 125 pounds
About 15-16 stone thats a healthy weight for someone that tall at that age.
 The Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the sighthounds, typically  weighing about 8 to 18 lb (3.6 to 8.2 kg) and standing about 13 to  15 inches (33 to 38 cm) tall at the  withers. They are in the  toy group based on their weight, but are larger than other dogs  in the category due to...
Exercise Daily and eat healthily. Speaking to your doctor or a  nutritionist would also be a good idea.
  == Answer ==   Yes.     == Answer ==   Actually, IQ testing is not recommended for comparison between different age groups, since the scores must be adjusted for different maturity levels.     However, it's certainly possible for a 15-year old girl to have an above-average...
the average height of 30 year old female will be from 150 to 170 cm
i think that young girls know that they're about to have a period when they start to feel bad and miserable and then u feel happy and then ur moods change alot. or u get cramps and have sharp shooting in ur lower area. ------- Acne also flares up around menstruation. Bloating and cramps are very...
Answer . \nAny four door sedan like a camry, accord, or crown vic would be your best bet.
I am 5 foot 8 1/2 inches and they said that my idea weight is between 59 and 67 kilograms, depending only on bone structure and so on. I suffered from bulemia for over 3 years and found that even 60kgs on myself look 'skinny' so I sit comfortably at 63-65kgs and look 'healthy'.To find out what would...
The average height of an 11 years old is 55 inches.
The healthy BMI recommendation is anywhere from 92-137 lbs. This would also fit with other formulas such as the Robinson(123lbs), Hamwi(120 lbs), Miller (129 lbs) & Devine (120)formulas. *This does not take into account activity levels and fat tomuscle ratio so these numbers are only rough...
Endothelin-2 deficiency causes growth retardation in mice.
its very annoying im only 6ft2 and people at school(10grade) keep making fun of my height i just want to kill myself
85 to 90 pounds is the average weight for a 13-year-old boy.  However, this might vary somewhat depending on build.
There is no average size. All titties are different
An average two-year-old child will weigh around 27.5 pounds.
95 pounds is the ideal body weight for a 4ft 10 inch girl.
my opinion af 12 yr olds average weight well beg a 12 year old i should know. Well im 5'10",lol u shuld be around 130-150. If u shorter like 5'-5'8" around 90-120. you don't have to take my word for it but seeing that i know everyone in my school and them telling me their weight that's the average i...
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what is the average head circumference of a 5 year old boy
an 8 yr old should weigh in between 70-80 pounds no smaller or bigger....
About 200$ for snacks, baby cereal and oatmeal and the famous  Gerber Puree's!:)
Hey Guys! i am a 14 y.o and i am 5 ft 4in tall! i varys...hope this helped!
when sodium thiosulphate is mix with nitric acid what is form
You can build a model of a foot by covering a real person's foot  with papier mache. Be sure to do the upper foot and lower foot in  separate sittings.
Male: 5 feet 8 inches Female: 5 feet 4 inchesVariance: ethnicity and heredity
People tend to believe that the health of the father plays little part in harm to a fertilized egg. That is not true. If the father is a drug abuser (steroids count) or and alcoholic it can affect the fertilized egg just as genetics can cause a problem. It is important you tell your obstetrician...
If a a girl-125-140lbs. If a boy-140-150lbs.125 lbs on average.
the average weight of a girl of this height is about 35 to 45 kg
Between 100 to 130 ibs. I am 127.
The height of an average 4 and a half year old girl is 42 inches.This is only the average. Some girls are much taller, and some are much smaller.
A person who stands 6 feet 5 inches tall should weight between 199  pounds and 228 pounds. Obesity would begin at 246 pounds for this  height.
The average height of a four year old girl is 39.5 inches. The  average height of a boy of the same age is 40.3 inches.
An internet search found 2 very tall 7th grade boys. One was 6'10"and the other was 6'5". They were both basketball athletes.
Average height for a girl of age 15 is 67 inches (5'7"), this would be in the 50th percentile of girls that age. And the 50th percentile of weight for age 15 is 122 lbs. These of course can vary due to genetics and bone structure.
According to one set of CDC growth charts, the average weight (50percentile) for both 7-year-old boys and girls is about 51 pounds.
If this 11 year old is a male, is athletic, and is atleast 5'7 then then he is healthy. Those are loose numbers if course, but you should be able to tell a kid that is fat and unhealthy from a kid that is fit and healthy.
It is about 4 foot and 8 in and 105 pounds.
depends on your build, 5'6 muscle? 5'6 slim? 5'6 fat? if i have to make a guess i say anywhere from 140-60
  I have an 18 month old girl and she is 33inches long.   I have an 18 month old girl and she is 33inches long.
  No, that's pretty tall I would say.
It is important to know the normal pulse of a child especially if  their health is tender. The normal pulse for an 11 month is 130 to  150 beats.
== Please see related questions for detailed answer Answer ==   It depends on your height and muscle mass.
Well technically that's unhealthy small for your age. But your height is the reason. So I would leave it at average. Really nothing to worry about.
Boys - pubic hair , penis gets bigger, adems appel, under arm hair, hips get slimmer, faceial hair, and some more littel thingsGirls- pubic hair, under arm hair, Breasts grow, Nippels get bigger, hips widen, thighs widen, weight gain and once again littel small things.both get more mutcher and have ...
No. This statement and relationship is a myth and fallacy. There is  no known or suspected correlation between the removal of body hair  and human growth rates.
Well, your height is supposed to align with weight and vis versa,  have you asked your parents, I know my parents kept this pink sheet  that had a graph on it that showed my age, weight and height, as  long as its consistent and doesn't change to dramatically, I think  you're fine.
The average cost of 9 months of baby food is about $400 dollars.
i weight 92 pounds and I'm 11 my doctor told me its good but my sisters say that she told her that I'm over weighed so idk... :((
Age..4 ........5 ..6......7 .....8..9 101112 1314 ...15 1610 - 11 11 - 121213 - 12 - 33 - 44 55 - 66 7 - 88 - 99
Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. Therefore, it all depends on bone structure, height, how much muscle the person has, and the health of the person. You may wish to consult a doctor or a nutritionist about losing/gaining weight. For more information, or to view the...
  It means you can't expand and altogether grow healthy and large upon something (mentally or physically- depending on what you are talking about).
A weight between 148 pounds and 186 pounds is considered healthy  for a person who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. Obesity begins for  this height at 233 pounds.