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This category covers questions about Pennsylvania, one of the four Commonwealth states and one of the New England states. Pennsylvania was the second state to ratify the Constitution, five days after the first state, Delaware, on December 12, 1787. The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.


In 1681, William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania, andcalled it an "Holy Experiment." He wanted the Pennsylvaniagovernment to rule by their own religious truths, and to show allthe people of the world, regardless of their respective religion,that the light of God shown from inside all.
Drivers license, apartment lease, mortgage statement, pay stubs,car registration, and tax returns are considered proof ofresidency.
Swampoodle was the old Irish-Catholic neighborhood that surroundedwhat used to be Connie Mack Stadium (or Shibe Park). It wasanchored by St. Columba's parish and a small business districtrunning down 22nd Street.
The traveling time is about 4 hours and 30 minutes.
Pennsylvania is a state with opportunities in many occupations.
William Penn founded the city of Philadelphia.
It would take around 2hrs and 30 mins by an average boat
A great dane is a symbol of trust and loyalty.
It is Pennsylvania's state fish and is recognized so because of itbeing the only trout native to the state of Pennsylvania. Fact: it was titled the state fish in 1970 and is known to onlylike clear, clean, brook water.
Delaware was the other colony connected with William Penn.
Michael Joseph "Ozzie" Myers was convicted in the ABSCAMscandal.
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
There is one located in the King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia.
The driving distance is approximately 191 road miles from Philadelphia to the West Virginia state line. The driving time will be about 3 hours and 15 minutes, depending on your speed and traffic conditions.
Howe's goals were to capture George Washington and Pennsylvania. Heoccupied Philadelphia for a while but he never captured GeorgeWashington.
The abbreviation is PA.
Chippewa (i think it is). . The dominant Native-American group was the Lenni Lenape or Delaware as they were called by the early Europeans. Others included the: . Susquehannock . Eriez . Shawnee . Iroquois and others.
Ohio, west Virginia, Maryland, and New York border it. Lake Erie also borders in and near Atlantic ocean
According to recent estimates by the NFL Players Union, the city stands to lose as much as $160 million dollars in taxes and job revenue if there is a full lockout next season, but that number seems high and they didn't reveal how they calculated it. By comparison, calculations after the fact...
Robert "Budd" Dwyer (November 21, 1939 - January 22, 1987) was an American politician who, on the morning of January 22, 1987, committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth with a revolver during a televised press conference at his office in Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania.
It has come to my attention that this is "Pennsylvania Dutch" for"mischievous child".
No, They are 2 different states.
The driving distance between Chicago, IL and Scranton, PA is approximately 705 miles. The driving time would be approximately 11 hours 45 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such...
The conflict between energy and environmental needs is an importantissue in Pennsylvania. Many people depend on the coal industry forjobs, while others disapprove of the potential environmental risksassociated with coal.
The punishment is from 7 years to life in prison
Minor violations such as speeding, stopping at a light or sign willNOT appear on your record unless you are a CDL holder. Majorviolations such as DUI/DWI, manslaughter, Failure to stop; anyfelony WILL appear on your record.
The driving distance between Wilmington, NC and Philadelphia, PA is approximately 500 miles. The driving time would be approximately 9 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as...
Examples of Philadelphia's suburbs: Camden, Upper Darby, Haverford Township, and many others.
The Inventor of the washing machine.
Pennsylvania was famous for steel mills.
$47.45 (No tolls in PA on I-95)
Probably the 1978 storm in Erie that dumped 62.5 inches in January.
Because they have steel statues in their town square and they make the most steel in the USA.
False, the cities are more densely populated than the countryside. This is universally true.
The Three Stooges, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, and many others camefrom Philadelphia.
The distance between Boston and Philadelphia is 309 miles.
They traveled by horse, horse drawn carriage, or just by foot.
Founded by William Penn, it was orginally known as "Penn's Woods"or "Penn's Forest". Now, the official nickname isThe KeystoneState. It is also known as The Quaker State.
No. Actually is was supposed to be a save haven for Quakers.William Penn wanted freedom of religion.
The flight time for flights between the above places is 11 hours 55 mins This is an approximate travel time (calculated in ideal conditions. The travel speed is 500 mph and 30 mins for take off and landing). The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc
Allentown is a city in Pennsylvania.
The distance between Washington D.C. and Philadelphia is 138 miles.
It is 1459 miles so it takes 1 day and three hours.
The headquarters for the H.J. Heinz Company is located in Pittsburgh, PA.
You must be at least 30 years of age and a resident of the state ofPennsylvania.
It would take a very long time (a few weeks, in this part of February) to melt what I assume is about a foot of snow, unless the temperature goes above freezing or it rains.
William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania. He "envisioned a Quaker sanctuary." Source: Divine, Robert A. America, past and Present . New York: Pearson Longman, 2007. Print.
The approximate driving time andmileage information - Between: Buffalo, NY and: Philadelphia, PA Driving miles: 380 Driving time: 6 hrs 30 mins - is based on traveling non-stop in good drivingconditions. Driving time does not take into considerationconditions which may extend travel time such...
Yes. But there are conditions that must be met. See the Related Link below under "Benefit Eligibility" > "Voluntary Quit" > "Spouse following spouse"
It is 2.5 miles southwest of Bellfonte, 65 miles NW of Harrisburg.
Harrisburg was founded in 1787 by John Harris.
Yes. The city of Philadelphia covers the entire county of Philadelphia, so the populations would be the same. In 2008, the census estimated that the population of Philadelphia was 1,540,351
Pittsburgh is in southwest Pennsylvania, USA.
Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone state because in the original13 colonies, Pennsylvania was in the middle, just like a Keystone.
William Penn was 74 when he died.
Vermont is the first to have a Constitution that forbade slavery.
Finland is 3,5% of the size of US.
Depending on your flight, it could be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.
North Philly is actually worse. More shootings and gangs are located up there.
3 hours except the eastern areas around Ontario, OR where it is 2 hours.
The lot on 30th and JFK is $22 for the whole day. Fairly reasonable price and $5 cheaper than the station garage.
KISS's number is (412) 333-5477.
The approximate driving time and mileage information - Between: Atlanta, GA and: Philadelphia, PA Driving miles: 775 Driving time: 13 hrs - is based on traveling non-stop in good driving conditions. Driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend travel time such as...
1 Philadelphia 1,547,297 2 Pittsburgh 311,647 3 Allentown 107,815 4 Erie 103,571 5 Reading 81,000
The driving distance between Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA is approximately 100 miles. The driving time would be approximately 2 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as...
It is 21, but an 18 year old can contract.
William Penn was involved first with Pennsylvania, and then with what became Delaware.
It is 40.58 miles according to MapQuest.
It is southeast of Pittsburgh and 300 miles east northeast of Cincinnati.
There are many Amish in Pennsylvania, but in other states and Canada as well. Pennsylvania is where they first settled as an invitation from William Penn.
Virtue, Liberty and Independence is the state motto.
No. California is under PST ( pacific standard time) and Pennsylvania is under EST (eastern standard time)
Yes, you can draw both. In Social Security, you have taxes taken from your paycheck that you are able to access after you reach 62, are blind, or disabled. Unemployment benefits are paid by the state, from payroll taxes charged the employer, for the benefit of people who have lost their jobs through...
The Allegheny Mountains Piedmont plains Coastal plains The Allegheny Front Northwest plateau Lake Erie lowlands Lake Erie. . The Allegheny Mountains, Piedmont plains, Coastal plains, The Allegheny Front, Northwest plateau, Lake Erie lowlands, and Lake Erie. . ruben roberto
Pittsburgh averages about 15 more inches of snow annually, although this year ('09-'10) it looks like Philly will come out on top.