The landlocked Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is one of China's central Asian neighbors. The country remains a mystery despite its critical historical role in East-West overland trade. Contributors typically ask about the country's ancient past, dominant Islamic religion, troubled politics, undeveloped socioeconomics, and vast mineral resources.


"Supposedly" The war followed the September 11 attacks, and itspublic aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and denying it a safe basisof operation in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power.
I think no because they say anti so i would not think that at all.So my answer is a Not anti-colonial force. Thank you
There avg debit is 50% of our economy
Hamid Karzai was President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistanin 2009. Hamid Karzai was officially elected and sworn in as the Presidentof Afghanistan on 2004 December 7. He was re-elected as Presidenton the 2009 August election. In 2001, after the collapse of the Taliban government due to theUS...
Really, the Afghans are too disorganized to do much about them. Thetaliban actually are so mixed in that it'll take a while toimplement the preliminary steps that have been previouslyinitiated.
Yes Pakistan is the most dagerious country in the world, because the present situation in Afghanistan has been created by Pakistan, Pakistan i th country who interupt all over the world.
Hamid Karzai is the President. Afghanistan no longer has a Prime Minister.
Afghanistan is slightly smaller then the US State of Texas.
Afghanistan 251,772 Sq mi USA 3,794,101 Sq mi About 15 times larger
The economy is slowly recovering from decades of conflict.
At the time, Britain was the world's only super power with modernweapons and well trained soldiers. They saw the Afghan tribesmen asill-disciplined savages and couldn't believe that they could beatthem in battle.
About 78% of the labor force in Afghanistan is invloved inagriculture.
Mullah Omar (Late) , the Taliban leader, restored peace in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the Taliban imposed a very extreme kind of law and system of punishments that is against the basic teachings of Islam.
Pashtuns are ethnically and iinquistically a people of eastern iranian ancestry (possible partial modern day descendants of Bactrians/Scythians) speaking a language called pashto(or pakhto). There is evidence of a limited greek contribution to the gene pool. Pashto language is related to the extinct...
Well if your a muslim, then nothing init lol.. TALIBANS ALL THE WAY! There a huge help to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and CENRTAL ASIA.
they listen to Hindi music
We have discovered remains of human civilization in and aroundAfghanistan that dates to roughly 90,000 years ago. As a result, wedo not have names for these particular people.
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Bush's revenge due to the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, AKA "The Twin Towers" in New York City on September 11, based on suspicions that Bin Laden was in Afghanistan at the time.
The Soviet Army invaded AFghanistan in the 1980's and lost because they didn't get were caught in a quagmire.
For the United States to help them get freedom
He is the founder of modern day Afghanistan. He newly founded kingdome (Afghanistan) stretched from Iran (Persia) to India, in 1747. I wish I could tell u what he did, it too much good things to be listed. Google it.
War and conflict Higher rates of communicable causes of death (due to poverty)compared to non-communicable and injury such as: . lower respiratory infections . diarroeal diseases . neonatal infections . prematurity and low birth weight in babies . poor antenatal care and other pregnancy...
Pakistan is south of Afghanistan.
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Type your answer here... provide health and education to their country
North west of Pakistan, South of Tajikistan and East of Iran
Afghanistan War is a direct result of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The attacks were caused by Al Qaeda terrorists, who were based in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a radical Islamic group and was the ruling government of Afghanistan at the time. The Taliban refused to allow the US and our allies...
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Two nations (countries) (with their allies) were at war with each other in Vietnam. No nations are at war with Afghanistan.
It depends on the point of origin, the weight, the class of the mail, the form of transport used.
The People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan which was the Communist political party.
Dari is a dialect of Persian spoken in Afghanistan by more than 40% of the population.
Pashto is an official language of Afghanistan, and is spoken in the west of Pakistan.
Because they both are familiar with the Muslim language and Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.
The Taliban have risen, fallen, and then risen again in the past 15 years. The Islamist movement rose to power in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s, ruled the country in the late 90s, and fell to the US-led invasion in 2001.
Asia is Afghanistan's continent and its capital is Kabul.
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There are currently thirty-four (34) provinces in the country , with four having been added between 2001 and 2004.
1. During WWI, the US/allies were trying to defeat the Central Powers. 2. During WWII, the US/allies were trying to defeat the Axis Powers. 3. During the Korean War, the US/allies were trying to defeat the Communists. 4. During the Vietnam War, the US/allies were trying to defeat the...
The Taliban government in power in Afghanistan at that time failed to make efforts to capture Osama bin Laden and hand him over to the Americans. It was he who instigated the 9/11 attacks.
They produce Heroin, pomegranates, grapes, apricots, apples and peaches. These are just some of the things they produce in Afghanistan.
In Pashto: one - yow - يو two - dwuh - دوه three - dray - درې four - salore - څلور five - pendzuh - پنځه six - spaj - سپږ seven - ow wuh - اووه eight - at tuh ­ ­- اته nine - nuh huh - نهه...
There is a concept in war called collateral damage. Sometimes when you are trying to kill the enemy, you miss and accidentally kill innocent people. That is one of the unavoidable risks of war. I could also ask you, why did the government of Afghanistan in 2001 support a terrorist attack against the...
Which one? 1. The British fighting there in the 19th century? 2. The Soviets fighting there in the 1970s? 3. The current searching for terrorists there in the 21st century? The current war I believe is just, whether or not you agree where there to stop terrorists, that is part of the reason...
Some of the weapons include: . M9 pistol . M110 Semi Automatic Sniper System . M14 and variants (originally, the M14s were full auto, but have had the auto sear replaced) . Barret M82 . Benelli M3/M4/M5 shotguns
Family is the single most important institution.
Iran,Russia, English empire, India, Greece, Arabs, Mughals....13 other nations too but i forget who, hope this helped :)
U.S. Troop Casualties - 4,377 US troops; 98% male. 91% non-officers; 82% active duty, 11% National Guard; 74% Caucasian, 9% African-American, 11% Latino. 19% killed by non-hostile causes. 54% of US casualties were under 25 years old. 72% were from the US Army Non-U.S. Troop Casualties - Total 316...
The name for the people - demonym - of Afghanistan is Afghan .
khost is one of the most beautiful provinces of Afghanistan located in south and borders with north wazirstan (Pakistan) and has warm weather and people speaks pashtu language here
You say it "fasaad". Like the French word facade
The Harappan & the Mohenjo Daro civilization.
they are treaten badly by the taliban specially the woman are not allowed to go outside without a man or without the mans information. Childs are not also getting much education.