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Ask questions here about the southeast Asian country of Cambodia and its culture, geography, politics, religion and people.


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap.
Yes it is. Angkor Wat represent the heart of Cambodia.
They built temple and Angkor wat for sacrifiey to the buddha and God in Hindu.
They sought to forcibly impose agrarian reform .
Vietnam did not hate the Khmer Rouge. The main reasons that Vietnam sent troops to help defeating the Rouge are considered of 2 reasons: 1/ Vietnamese troops will loot resources from area that they travel by. 2/ Cambodia is Vietnam's close neighbour, and the Khmer might attack the borders of Vietnam...
Pol Pot did affect the world through his racist sentiments. As a  leader, he helped the spread of slave trade especially in areas  where he had jurisdictions.
Because of Cambodia had many wars since the past. The dark age(1593-1863), this period Cambodia got in control by Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. French Colonial Rule(1863-1953), so much threat from the neighbor, Cambodia asked France for protection. Japanese Occupation of Cambodia(1941-1945), France...
Wat is the Thai, Lao and Khmer word for a temple, eg, Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
== great Angkor Wat driver ==     1, Absolutely! There are literally hundreds (if not thousands..) of drivers eagerly awaiting your custom. The crux of the problem is finding one that is going to be on time and able to communicate with you in an efficient manner. The number of honest and good...
I can refer that Angkor Wat was abandoned sometime in the late 1500s because the Dark Age period was 1593-1893, the time when Cambodia got whacked by Thailand and Laos.
Because of the conflict between Thailand; tourists want to wait until the conflict is calm. If tourisms want to visit Cambodia, they have to stop and change the flight at Thailand first, lately in Bangkok there are some problems about the flight, and the tourisms have to delay their vacation. The...
*****Today Cambodians are being discriminate by Vietnamese.Many independent NGOs report the human rights of the Khmer Krom are still being violated by the Vietnamese government. Khmer Krom are reportedly forced to adopt Vietnamese family names and speak the Vietnamese language. The education of the...
Khmer Empire reached its high in the 12 century. Its capital is called Angkor Wat.
The KR did it on their own. The US was busy elsewhere (Vietnam).
In the numerous "killing fields" all across the country of  Cambodia. The genocide did not happen in just one place.    Probably the most important and most famous killing field is  Cheung-Ek, which is around 15-30 minutes outside of the capital  Phnom Penh.
  During the Cambodian Genocide of 1975-1979, approximately 1.7 million people lost their lives (21% of the country's population), it was one of the worst human tragedies of the 20th century.
Well many of the things he believed were pretty outlandish: No one should be educated, families shouldn't exist, cities are decadent, money should be banned, everyone should work as farmers on the land for 20hrs a day, holidays should be banned, anti-intellectualism, anti-lawyers, anti-medicine,...
Getting rid of enemies.
  i want download national songs in cambodia, Such as Pongsavdakhmer, Song for King. what sould i do?
he killed more than 3million people
They were influenced by Indian culture.
Because of so much troubles from its neighbor such as Thailand and Vietnam, made Cambodia asked France to help protect the country. France included Cambodia as one of the French colony.
Pol Pot was a communist leader, people could be killed if they didn't follow his rules.
They have universities, but I don't know if College and University are the same, it's kind of confuse. They have universities in cities, but not in rural areas.
Pol Pot weight consisted of 194 pounds.
Phnom Penh is called Phnom Penh, official name.
No, Phnom Penh has only one official name. In Khmer we also called Phnom Penh, but in tone of Khmer.
Myanmar(Burma), Thailand, China, and Vietnam.
Why was Angkor Wat made
The most common year is 2010, the same in everywhere. Another year is 2253. Buddhist era: 2253Christ era: 2010
  I'm not positive, but I think Cambodia tried to appease both America and North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The North Vietanmese had lots of bases in Cambodia, and Cambodia turned a blind eye to it for a very long time; but eventually the Americans went after the bases. Some Cambodians were...
Pol Pot did not want to have power of cambodia, since he was working with the cambodian government every else had a place they were chose,so the only place left for Pol Pot was having control over cambodia and that is all.......
The Communist Party of the Khmer Rouges.
Maize, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Groundnuts, Soybeans, Sesame seeds, and dry beans. :D hope this helps!
Following its establishment, the primary foreign relationships of the PRK were those with Vietnam, Laos, the Soviet Union, and the countries of Eastern Europe. The PRK had only one resident mission in a noncommunist state, the one in India. The PRK also maintained diplomatic relations with about...
"As many as 750,000 Cambodians died over the years 1970-1974, fromAmerican B-52 bombers..." According to A World Without Genocide atWilliam Mitchell College of Law.
Angkor wat is a temple part of the city of angkor and ngkor used to be the capitol it is now phnom penn
Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia; after the fall of Khmer Empire, Cambodia moves its Capital to Long Vek then to Phnom Penh.
Classification   Ethnically   the targets were Vietnamese, Chinese, Muslims, and Buddhist monksPeople residing in urbanized areas and citiesUpper class    Bans   ReligionMusicRadioForeign languagesWearing glassesLaughingCryingExpressions of affection    Symbolization  ...
Never give up, unless you are bitten by a snake.
Sihanouk lost his power when Lon Nol asked US for help, then US overthrew Sihanouk. Lon Nol was liked an American dog, Nixon was liked his owner. After Vietnam War, Lon Nol allowed Nixon and Kissinger to oder US troop to bomb Vietnamese in Cambodia. But the one who hurt were Cambodian Civilians, the...
  Prime Minister Hun Sen   In 2008- Norodom Sihamoni is the King of Cambodia.His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia
Angkor Wat is the name of the complex of temples in Cambodia that you refer to, but it is also the name of the best preserved temple at the site and is the temple depicted on Cambodia's flag
Improving. By my own experience, I believe that the class in Cambodia is harder than in U.S. In Cambodia, u need to take chemistry, Khmer, math, biology,physics, history, health, PE, geology,and geography in every years of 4 years High school.
The United States and about 50 other countries.    ----------------------------------    I don't know if this list is complete, but it's a start (these are  the ones that celebrate an independence day holiday):    Afghanistan (19 August 1919)  Antigua and Barbuda (1 November 1981) ...
Total area 181,035 square kilometers, about the size of the U.S. state of Missouri; country shares 803-kilometer border with Thailand on north and west, 541-kilometer border with Laos on northeast, 1,228-kilometer border with Vietnam on east and southeast, for a total of 2,572 kilometers of land...
Many of the victims of the Cambodian genocide were innocent city  dwellers. The Khmer Rouge government forced people out of the  cities to work on collective farms. Victims of the tragedy also  came from the ranks of doctors, professors, and other educated  people.
Pol Pot died on April 15, 1998 at the age of 72.
to help the poor people which were the majority of ppl in combodia
The proper sentence construction should be: Did Thailand (or Siam) steal Cambodia's Land? Yes Thailand, and also Vietnam, they stole Cambodian's lands. Theystole by war, and they stole by pretending to be friendly.Cambodian's land used to be bigger than France; Cambodia used toborder China,...
Angkor Wat was built in early 12 century. Angkor Wat was more than 810 years old.
Because Angkor Wat is a complex temple, it's big, and has beautiful architectural structures. Angkor Wat also built almost 1000 years ago.
In 1975 North Vietnamese forces seized South Vietnam's capital, Saigon and in the same year Lon Nol was defeated by the Khmer Rouge. Things were calming down but were still very uneasy until 1989 when Prince Sihanouk was elected president of newly restored Cambodia.
2 Million people were killed in the Cambodia Genocide
chah (yes) but same difference:)
The most common way that I saw when I was there was a bus. You can find many bus services on Khaosan Road, backpacker central. The roads are not too bad from Bangkok to the border of Cambodia, but make sure you have motion sickness medication if you don't like bumpy rides. From the border to Siem...
  The genocide in Cambodia claimed about 1.7 million persons.
Politique potentielle. He was given that nickname by the Chinese authorities. However his real name was Saloth Sar.
Cambodia is much better now!! Im so happy. The people are so nice and welcoming and the kids are so sweet. I suggest bringing candy for them cuz they might ask u for some!! lolz Remember their just kids!
muy, bpee, bpai, buen, prem, prem-muy, prem-bpee, prem-bpai, prem-buen, dab
The Netherlands s smaller than Cambodia, but it richer than Cambodia.
With a heavy focus on eco-tourism, adverts on CNN Internationalalso include Apsara dancers, beaches, shadow puppets and of course,Angkor, under the new slogan of Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder .
Tourism has several disadvantages. For one thing, it causes a lot  of excess traffic. For another, it drives up the prices of goods  and services in tourist areas.
Cambodia- The Kingdom of Wonder.
KR were Cambodians; communist ones.
Yes is does. Thailand and Vietnam are the main enemies of Cambodia. Thailand, right now is claiming that the temple that closed to its border is belong to Thai property; even though the International Court of Justice had already gave that temple to Cambodia in 1962. And lately Vietnam has passed the...
There are many floating village along the Tonle Sap River.
The Khmer Rouge was the name given to the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, the totalitarian ruling party in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, led by Pol Pot. For three-year, eight-month, and 21-day period Cambodia saw the death of approximately 2 million Cambodians through the combined...
  YES - after the Pyramids, the greatest!
It depends entirely on who "the people" were. There were many,  especially in Phnom Penh who were excited by what he might do to  transform and build the country. Many more were frightened by what  he planned to do. Within a few months, most of the positivity had  drained from the populace.
A lot of development. Hun Sen is still PM after 30 or more years. The place is moving forward though.
The war with Thailand, and Vietnam( in-between 1400s to 1800s after the Khmer Empire fell) In World War II, Cambodia emerged unscathed. Though the Japanese occupied the country briefly after the fall of the Vichy French, it was a peaceful occupation that stuck to the vision of decolonisation. The...
Southeast Asia. Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.
King Norodom Sihamoni
Khmer rouge under the guidance of Pol Pot.
It was the Pol Pot goverment as he turned into a extremist  Darwinian, he took the "Survival of the fittest" motto to heart as  Hitler and Stalin did. Surviving the Pol Pot genocide was next to  impossible. Once a group was rounded none of them was ever  released. After torture and interrogation...