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Egypt is a country located in the northeast of Africa. Egypt is well-known for its ancient history about the pharaohs, gods and goddesses and most importantly, its pyramids.
The Kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the ancient  Egyptians. This word was used by the Greeks and Hebrews, and today  is commonly used for the ancient Kings of Egypt. We really do not  know how many kings ruled in Egypt, for at times in its ancient  past the country was split up, and...
Maybe you noticed that when you put this question up the section it went to was Egypt?
Life in modern Egypt is both modern and traditional. In the bigcities, such as Cairo, you will see people wearing jeans andsneakers as well as more traditional dress. Clothing in Egypt isgenerally conservative because followers of Islam obey rules thatrequire shoulders and knees of all people to be...
The pyramids were lavish tombs for their deceased pharaohs. They  wanted to be sure that their kings were traveling safely to the  afterlife.
* Linen  * Tools  * Beads  * Beer  * Weapons  * Oil
The land of the dead was located in northern egypt.
well there is senet: a commonly played game with sticks for dicemehen: a game with a spiral pattern, and some lion shaped pieces
Giza is right on the border of Cairo - it practically is in Cairo,  right o the southern end of the Nile Delta on the Western shore.  And the river no longer runs next to Giza as it did in ancient  times. But it is not far from the Nile's shore to the Giza plateau.  Definitely within walking...
The Nile River Valley i believe is very good for farming because it has great fertile soil. 99% of the population in Egypt lives there
The Third Army is the one that was surrounded in the Sinai by the Israelis in September, 1973, during the "Yom Kippur" War. According to journalist Robert Fisk, tt was also the army ordered by Hosni Mubarak to crush the demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square in January, 2011. The commanders given...
You need a visa level of 3 to buy a home in Egypt.
Egypt has an international trading economy, with the major exports  being oil, cotton, and metal goods.
Yes, there are millions of telephones and cell phones in Egypt.
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"idk yo peeps awsome though" Was a stupid answer.The real answer is this: Egypt impacts us today a lot in the modern day. Egypt is located in Asia. NO DURR
They were the Traders, Artisans, Shopkeepers, and Scribes
This question cannot be answered accurately because of the fluctuation in water levels throughout the year , but I believe between a lot , and a much larger amount.
The site for the city of Alexandria was selected by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. However, he died before the work began.
Throughout history, civilization in Egypt has been concentrated  around the fertile Nile river. The earliest settlements alongside  the nile river began during the stone age period and the population  of Egypt is still concentrated alongside the Nile river and the  Nile river delta.
Their pyramids and tombs are similar.They had similar religious beliefs and gods. They spoke the same Latin language.Their art and architecture were much the same.
The Mediterranean and Red Seas. Additionally, the border between Egypt and Israel and Egypt and Gaza is a border fence, so that's visible, but it's not geographic.
  == Answer ==   The Red Sea
make up in Egypt were made out of mud, clay and dirt
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The Pharaohs who have ruled over, the rich history, and the hotdeserts. Egypt is famous for the pyramids and the Nile.
The Sahara the western and 1 other but I do not know!
because the king needed to be safe with all his precious things.
According to USA Today, the following attractions are listed as the top ten tourist attractions in the state of New Mexico:   Carlsbad Caverns     White Sands National Monument     Sandia Peak Tramway     International UFO Museum     Gila Cliff Dwellings National...
They put King Khufu in The Great Pyramid of Giza, but most were just oversized tombs.
Tenerife is an island in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are  located off the coast of Africa, but they are owned by Spain and  thus a part of Europe.
Nefertiti's bust was a famous artifact from Egypt, but I think that Tutankhamen's death mask was the most famous. His tomb was found by Howard Carter, in the 1900s. He had found jars and pots with his name on them and was interested on finding his tomb. Ginger, a ancient mummy was found in a hole,...
the dam has plenty fresh drinking water and fish also it keeps water in to reduce floods and it lets go of the water if there is a drought
The Mediterranean Sea
Egypt is located on the Eastern side of Africa.
It's the longest river in Africa.One thing unique is that it comes from the bottom of the river
The Suez Canal is the only way to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean without having to travel all the way around Africa. The Suez Canal is also under the ownership of the Suez Canal Authority which is an Eqyption holding. Ships must pay to use the canal, like a toll road, otherwise...
· Damanhur is a city in Egypt
Egyptian prize winners so far: - President Mohammad Anwar Al Sadat (Peace) - Naguib Mahfouz, a novelist (Literature) - Ahmed Zewail, a scientist (Chemistry) - Mohammad Al Baradie (Peace)
The word "Ba" represented as a bird or a human headed bird.the word "Ba" means soul
It is located in Giza.
No. It is Algeria's capital lol XD
Yes. They helped to increase agricultural yields by fashioning tools that would improve farming methods. This increase in agricultural yield led directly to increased specialization since fewer people were needed to farm.
Cairo, its capital and largest city.   Luxor and Giza, which coexist with the ruins of ancient Egypt.   Port Said and Port Safaga on the Mediterranean Sea.   Alexandria, the ancient port renamed by Alexander the Great.   Suez, a port city on the manmade Suez Canal.
Pronounced: Nahr El Neel "River of The Nile"
Egypt is not in the United States and it is only the United States that has the two parties. Egypt has monarchs and is ruled very strictly according to Muslim law.
Gamal Abdel Nasser was President of Egypt during the Arab-Israeli  War of 1956 (commonly called the Suez Crisis).
it is 1,910 air miles away
Beni Suef is a city in Egypt. TheBent Pyramid is an ancient pyramid in Egypt.
The Egyptian economy under Mubarak generally grew, but did so at a  languishing pace. Additionally, later in his presidency, the cost  of essential goods rose precipitously causing riots and other  problems that led to the economic decline when he abdicated.
Egypt is predominantly desert. Only 35,000 square kilometers- -3.5 percent of the total land area--are cultivated and permanently settled. Most of the country lies within the wide band of desert that stretches from Africa's Atlantic Coast across the continent and into southwest Asia. Egypt's...
  I miss you in Egyptian to a girl: Wa7eshteenyI miss you in Egyptian to a boy: Wa7eshny 7 is pronounced as a deep 'h' from the throat.
Africa ,middle east, Egypt
you can go by train or by a limousine or by bus or by airplane all this ways are available .
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3,225 miles by road or 5190km
"Good evening," in both Egyptian and standard Arabic, is مساء الخير (Misa'a el-khair).
Yes they have scribes. They translate Egyptian language for the town and the Pharaoh (the Egyptian king). Scribes had to work very hard as there was 700 words to learn in hieroglyphics (Egyptian language).
Cairo is the current capital of Egypt. Other capitals have been  Alexandria, Thebes, Memphis, and many others throughout history.
it was so important so you can get new things and not stick with old things
either universities armies religion or farmland
because of nubia's location between Egypt and Central Africa it was a center for trade.
Al-Baḥr al-Aḥmar [Red Sea], Al-Buḥayrah [Beheira], Al-Fayyūm [Fayoum], Al-Gharbīyah [Gharbia], Al-Iskandarīyah [Alexandria], Al-Ismā'īlīyah [Ismaïlia], Al-Jīzah [Giza], Al-Minūfīyah [Monufia], Al-Minyā, Al-Qāhirah [Cairo], Al-Qalyūbyah [Qalyubia], Al-Uqṣor [Luxor], Al-Wādī al...
workers in Egypt
the well known tutankhamun/tutankaten lived in the 18th dynasty and was married to his sister ankasunamen and they had two kids unfortunately they werent carried to full term but the two feotus' were found by howard carter in tutankhamum's burial chamber.
they put the bodies of pharaohs and their belongings and sometimes their cat inside the pyramids
The black land was all the land. Ancient Egyptians were a black people for thousands of years. Over the course of history they were invaded by different people from Asia and Europe, many of whom took credit for the architecture, technologies, and art done by the Africans.
Ancient Egyptians used a variety of things for a variety of  purposes. Ancient Egyptians used dogs, water, tools, chariots,  papyrus, precious gems, calendars, and a written form of language  called hieroglyphics.
Egypt traded with many neighboring country's such as Nubia.
6 cataracts, the Sahara desert, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea
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War, famine, disease, plagues, & locusts.
Hellenistic means relating to Greek history, language, and culturefrom the death of Alexander the Great to the defeat of Cleopatraand Mark Antony by Octavian in 31 BCE. During this period Alexanderthe Great's Greek culture that he spread to the lands he conquered,flourished, spreading through the...
Now Sudan has split up so north of Sudan is rules by Arabs and south of Sudan is ruled by Africans.
It is because Egyptians have been Arabized, meaning that they  follow the language and culture of the Arabs who invaded, that  Egyptians are ethnically Arab. They do not have genetic roots to  Arabia, if that is what the question is asking.    Arabs, Turks, Magyars (Hungarians), and numerous...