Leopards and Panthers

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Leopards (also sometimes referred to as 'panthers' along with jaguars and mountain lions) can currently be found in sub-Saharan Africa, Indochina, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and parts of the Indian subcontinent, with largest population being found in sub-Saharan Africa. These solitary felines are the smallest members of the big cat family.
their spotted fur make them invisible and they get close as theycan for the pray and also they have muscles that help them catchpray their camouflage make them invisible and also their paws moveslowly when they are in stelth mood so they can move without asound
hide them and camouflage perfectly and protect them with theirlifes
No, they only live in the Himalayas... ^.^
Leopard cubs start walking when they open their eyes. They open their eyes after a few days of their birth.
According to several websites and my brain, J.R McDuffiehas bean researching the leopard.
Black, muscular, and may have some very faint spots that are brown.
They are an endangered species and not living very long due tohumans. There are only about 1500 alive today . If left alone withplenty of food they can live to 15 years.
No Snow leopards are notoriously shy and hard to spot.
There are usually 2 or 3 cubs in a litter but there can be more.But the reality is that usually only 1 or 2 at greatest survive.
The opposite is diurnal `happening by day, coming out during the day, occurring every day'. Animals which come out at twilight are called crepuscular.
some panthers do hunt zebras, yes. because panthers eat meat, theyhunt for zebras though zebras eat plants.
yes they are but there are other ones like elephants and bull dogs. yes they are but there are other ones like elephants and bull dogs
They live in lower manhattan.
Lions are native to Africa, leopards are also native to Africa but tigers are not native to Africa.
Yes, leopards live close to man.
There has been rare sighting of Black Panthers in Missouri.Although, no verified photographic or scientific evidence for theirexistence has been proven. There have been occasional and recentsighting where armature video and/or pictures (not positive ifreal) have been taken.
The size of the cougar depends on their sex and their habitat. The males weigh in at about 110 to 180 pounds. The female can get up to 130 lbs. The largest jaguar is about 200 pounds. And the average weight of jaguars is about 220 pounds. Plus jaguars are the third largest members of the cat...
They are white or grayish with spots with thick tails often asbulky as your arm. They live mostly on mountains and prey on mainlymountain goats. They are very reclusive, and wont attack unlessprovoked.
Yes. It snows because the water droplets which would fall as rain if it were warmer have frozen. Water doesn't unfreeze below 32, so it will continue to snow.
A leopard can run at 35-45 mph
the snow leopards are located under men on the food chain. As everyone knows, man is at the top of the food chain.
There are many things that contribute to this unfortunateoccurrence. Loss of habitat and pouching from hunters for pelts arethe biggest contributors. I will admit that this is the onlyreasons I can think of though I am sure there is something thatcontributes that I am unaware of.
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No their just trying to keep you safe. Thay dont do thing just to bother...Right ;)
Technically no. All predators know how to kill. Big Cats are taughthow to hunt by their mothers.
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Yes, and no. A black panther/black puma is really a jaguar, or leopard, that has melanism. That is when the cats fur is turned black. Some cats with melanism you can still see some of the tawny and spots. Cats with melanism can have littermates without it. It is possible that all animals can get it.
Because people want their fur
A leopard cannot change its spots : used to say that people cannot change their character especially if it is a bad one.
Yes, yes she is.
Amur leopards aren't much different from any other leopards,really. They just go about it as any other wild animal would. Theysimply urinate where they wish to.
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Oh, regularly every winter.
A panther is a carnivore. They do not eat plants, only meat.
Leopards aren't native to North America, so not really. . There might be a few in zoos and private collections, but that'sit.
Big cat family fur coats facial features ( except for spots )
In England, we call them Orthodontists. Not sure if that's used internationally!
There are nine different subspecies of leopards. The Amur leopard,Indian leopard, Anatolian leopard, Javan leopard, Persian leopard,Snow leopard, Clouded leopard, Arabian leopard, and the Sri Lankanleopard.
How many Snow Leopards were there ten years ago
you can do alot for the snow leopard like recycling because trash effects there habitat.you can protest hunters from killing them to sell there fur.If you want to help save them come to my website www.saving snow leopards.com
Clouded leopards move through the trees primarily, and their longtail is used like a balancing stick, they keep it straight and itlets them move quickly and stay on top of their platform. If theystart falling, their strong tail muscles wrench to the oppositeside quickly, to regain balance.
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golden fur with dashes of black. i think?
The snow leopard has a gestation period of 90-100 days. To read more about the snow leopard on Answers.com, see the Related Link.
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In captivity up to 21 years. Their life in the wilderness is probably shorter though.
Any other mammal. It will often attack livestock
Black leopards can vary in weight depending on whether it is a male or female leopard. On average the males are approximately 30% larger than the females. The average weight of a male black leopard is 66 to 200 pounds where the females are approximately 51 to 130 pounds. How much does a ...
No, they live in the snowy tundras of eastern Russia.
Black leopards live in the same habitat as regular leopards.Although more rare, black leopards coexist with theirnormal-colored counterparts.
Not a lot. Like most animals they are well camouflaged and they eat like all other animals..
they live in china,asia,india,russia ,nepel
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Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas.. Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas.
In short bursts a leopard can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour but it is usually around 40 miles per hour.
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (December 23, 1896 - July 23, 1957) is the author of the novel "The Leopard". Specifically, the book in question actually is called Il Gattopardi in Italian. It was completed in 1956. But the historical novel was not published until 1958, the year after the...
The leopard uses it spotted coat to break up the light on its body so that it could blend into its surroundings!
they got found in a wood banch in America
A snow leopard moves without trouble through the snow because itspaw pads are wider than most big cats. Also, its strong legs propelit through the snow easily. ;-) Answer by Answer Girl It also has a large thick tail that helps its to maneuver risky andsharp turns on the mountain slopes. Answer...
they are fish and have eggs
Snow leopards are in the cat spastics so they're related to all kind of cats. !
totally no!!!like that is soooooooo obvious
Its a combination of high-pressure water and air being blasted out of the nozzle of the "snow gun" (ive never heard it called a snow cannon before...but Im an American.) This mixture comes out at a very high-speed, producing a fine mist. That mist freezes as soon as it hits the cold air and falls as...
Well yeh, the lion/tiger is slightly bigger than the jaguar, there has been records of fights between the jaguar and a lion and jaguar has been the winner, so maybe a tiger, but other than that not really any, as also lions have been recorded to win tigers soo, depends on male/female size/age.
A panther can run as fast as up to 35 miles per hour for shortdistances. They have been known to travel up to 20 miles a day andthe territory they roam around can range from around 70 squaremiles up to 250 square miles.
white clouded leopards are like snow leopards but theyare not seen very much.they are smaller then normal size leopards aswell.their spots are different from ohter leopards. bymuhymen mostakim sami
No. As it melts, it will saturate the layer below it, so that layer of snow will be heavier but there will be the same amount of water-equivalent on the limbs. And some of the water will likely drip off the branches anyway. In other words, the most weight that will be on tree limbs is right after...
A female leopard is called a leopardess. However, as is the case oflions and tigers, more often than not, they are simply calledleopards.
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The term "nevada" means snow-clad or snow-covered, and the US statewas named for its high snowy mountains.
Because leopards live in warm areas, they neither hibernate normigrate. The climate is stable enough where they live to allow themto sustain themselves year round.
The biggest 3 reasons are for their fur, in retribution for attacks on domestic livestock (interestingly enough, there is no documented case of a snow leopard ever killing a human being), and for the eastern pseudo-medicine market.
A Cougar is at an average of 7.5 feet for males. A Jaguar is at 8.5 feet average for males. A female cougar is at 5-6 feet average, and I think it's around the same for a female jaguar. Last of all, Cougars are usually 200 lbs. Jagaurs are usually 300 lb. But, some large males are 250-270 pounds,...
wait for the snow to melt i guess play some psp Nintendo ds/dsi or go to garage get a shovel and dig your way through it will be like making a tunnel that will never end