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In this category, you will get more than just the bare facts about bears. Mammals of the family Ursidae, there are 7 genera and 8 species spread over North America, northern South America, Europe, Asia, and parts of North Africa. Leave your picnic baskets at the gate and wander around this category for information about bears.
I would assume as a way of conserving energy. Kind of like a natural suspended animation.
no, bears only eat fish and berries but a coyote will kill elk and then a vulture or a hyena will eat the remains.
Yes they are. They're also closer up into the body so that theystay warm and don't get frost bite during the coldest days of theArctic winter.
It is a big white bear, has thick fur, and it's warm-blooded. it's white and furry It is white and furry. It has four legs and four claws on each. Its tail is white and very small, so small that some people don't even notice that it has a tail at all! Its face is very fierce looking and its sharp...
At Moose Factory Manitoba there are tours given in armoured vehicles of the local dump so tourist can see the polar Bears going through the garbage. Seriously consider if you really want to work near these animals they are very dangerous.
because averyone has to make sacrifices
Grizzly bears can live in woodland areas . Rosimar~
each polar bear has a different amount of cells and not one polar bear has the same number of cells in its body.
A mother Panda Bear will usually only give birth to one cub at atime. If more than one is born, she will pick the stronger of thetwo to feed. This is because the mother will not produce enoughmilk too raise more than one at a time. The cub will feel off themother for 18 months. It can eat small...
panda bears are related to grizzly bears and some people say they are related to the raccoon.
Around 2520 red pandas are left in the world but 40 of those are in captivity.
Anywhere from 800 lbs to 1500 lbs
there are only 7. Five at the San Diego Zoo and three at the are at the Peterson's Zoo.
Pandas usually have heart shaped noses.
Lots. Many ecosystems would become so unbalanced,it would take many, many years to repair the damage done to nature
Somebody better tell the bears, it will come as quite a shock to them. . Polar bears are not extinct.. Polar bears live in the arctic region of north America and Asia. They are an "affected" species due to the effects of thinner ice and longer summers in the northern regions they inhabit, making...
they hibernate or grow more fur
Polar bears are losing their habitat because global warming is seaice melt and polar bears live on ice like it is land.
First of all, pandas help bamboo forests grow by spreading bambooseeds. Pandas are also China's national animal, and they have avery important cultural icon for China.
In the rarest cases bear will eat a dead human being if it is starving. Naturally that is instinct of any animal, even humans.
According to records compiled by James Wilder, a US Forest Servicebiologist, there were only 20 fatal polar bear attacks (out of 73total attacks) between 1870 and 2014
The first day of the Chinese Year of the Tiger in 2010, is February 14.
Polar Bears. Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Pandas, Cinnamon bears,Sloth bear, Sun bear, spectacle Bear, Gobi Bears, Blue bears, Atlasbears and hybrids. {There are many more but I don't really knowthem}
Giant pandas are good tree climbers, excellent swimmers, skilled hunters of fish, and their main food is bamboo. An interesting fact is that the giant panda can eat 83 pounds of bamboo a day. red The Red Panda has a long red structure and eats bamboo too.
Pandas are growing extinct. So the CMS parties are protecting them.They might be able to populate and become the largest species inpopulation.
The polar bear is the world's largest predator found on land. As it can hunt consistently only from sea ice, the polar bear spends much of the year on the frozen sea. The polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species. The U.S. Geological Survey predicts two-thirds of the world's polar bears will...
Because grizzly bears have hair/fur and female animals have mammary glands.
Australia does not have any wild bears naturally found in nature.
Predators of polar bears, for the most part they are an apex predator however, on rare occasions they have been eaten by orca whales, and greenbay sharks. Grizzly bears have also been known to eat their young. Prey of polars can include, seals, walrus, beluga whales, muskox, reindeer, berries,...
pie tastes so good. if you are reading this then you are in the exact same situation as me. no one knows the answer.
It isn't really the fur that is perfect for the cold, it's the skinthat's underneath. The white coat makes it blend in perfectly withthe snow, it is also a very thick, dense coat. It prevents thestrong winds from "breaking" the coat and making the Polar Bearcold. The thick skin that is underneath...
Polar bears eat seals. Seals swim faster than bears do, so the bears need a big area of ice floating on the sea. The bear waits by a hole in the ice. When a seal comes up through the hole for air, the bear is ready. Polar bears need food, and that's why they need ice. I don't know why or whether...
It has been told in the new report which has been submittedrecently that, pandas are having high immune system and so it canbe easily adapt to this situation and habitat.
predators decrease because when they eat there prey, they arnt getting enough energy that they should be getting. prey stays the same because they arnt dieing and not being harmed, and they hide or adapt into the environment so they can stay alive
its a bad idea my opinon but i will anwser you should get theanimals food like a seal and the seal will come to you by youcatching a fish go to the seal show it the food and it will followyou probaly and the polar bear will eat it thats if u want to feedit thats one thing by the way i am a 10 year...
If you work at a Zoo you probably take care of it, but if not, youshould leave it alone and call animal control.
Black bears prey on small mammals.
it depends on what the person likes, i personally like both of them, but polar bears speak out to me more now that their going extinct.
Newborn grizzly bear: 1.1 lb Female grizzly bear: 220 lb Male grizzly bear: 600 lb or more
It was modeled after the 'California Grizzly Bear' in captivity.The bear was named Monarch and was captured by a newsreporter.
There is only one place where giant pandas live in the wild: high in the mountains of central China. There, they live in cold and rainy bamboo forests that are often misty and shrouded in heavy clouds. Once upon a time, giant pandas lived in lowland areas. However, as people built more and more...
no, if you encounter a bear and it attacks, it was more than likelya territorial issue or the bears cubs were also close by
Most of the time Pandas are very nice and docile creatures.However, there have been instances that Pandas have attackedhumans.
Grizzly and black bears are the two main bears at Yellowstone. Theylook for something to eat, mate, and roam the park. There areapproximately 200 grizzly and 1,000 blacks.
An involuntary response to seeing bears in the wild would beshaking or running.
it all depends wher you live, brown bears will eat almost anything so it probably would if it could
they eat little animals as it diet as well as bamboo
they poo on itType your answer here...
Panda bears are necessary for humans to exist.
They have evolved so as to be able to face, and survive living in deep snows, and digging birthing dens, and swimming distances.
A Giant Panda's sight is poor, but they see well enough to movearound at night.
he will broaden his territory and change his habits
Some polar bears are 1600 pounds and square close to eleven feet.
Because there is a plague of humans at the moment. And the giant panda lives in the most populous country. Also huans hunt pandas for there fur which they use for clothing.
There are not many animals that would prey on a Grizzly Bearbecause of its size but, humans are the main predator unless thebear is hurt or young. When they are hurt or young almost anycarnivore can become a predator.
I would take the panda to the organisation which takes very good care of pandas until it grows up and goes on to living it's life free in the nature.
I would have to say no. Polar bears are built to live in the arcticwith thick fur and blubber that help keep them warm in the freezingtemperatures. They also have slight webbing on their feet thatenable them to both walk on the snow with ease and swim. Humans arenot built to withstand much of...
Black bears live in Mexico. There was once a bear called theMexican grizzly bear, but it is now extinct.
No, they could not live without ice.
Brown bears eat ground squirrels in the prairie.
Big feet work as snowshoes and paddles, helping the animal travelefficiently on both snow and through water. Big feet help todistribute their weight as they walk on thin ice in the arcticwaters. Big feet stop them from sinking into the snow, and helpthem swim.
Polar bears have enormous paws! On land, spreading the bear'sweight and helping them move across soft snow and thin ice. On ice,they keep the bear from slipping: they have footpads covered bypapillae (small soft bumps) and claws that are short, thick, andcurved. The paws also are covered in fur for...
Yes; there is a documentary by famed director Werner Herzog called Grizzly Man .
Actually yes it does. The black and white pattern on it's body helpit to camouflage with it's surroundings. Same with a panda bear'spredator the tiger. The tiger has orange and black stripes thathelp it to hide from unsuspecting prey.
Another animal that lives in the same habitat as a panda is a snow leopard!
In the wild a polar bears life span is about 15-18 years, and in captivity their life span is about mid- to late 30s
They stopped hunting pandas due to threat of extinction.
In a circus, bears can ride bicycles.
The Giant Panda is already protected along with large segments of their habitat. The Giant Panda is listed as "endangered", with the population posted as "decreasing", according to the International Union of Conservation for Nature, or the IUCN Red List. The Giant Panda is protected from hunting,...
bears will eat ground squirrels but not tree squirrel's. of course a bear will eat almost any thing it can catch.
No, they have fur.
Yes Pandas do live on land but other places to like in the forest with bamboo in western China.
Bears areranked as order on the hierarchy of biological classification's.And there are extensive subcategories for the various species ofbears. There is a site that has a great number of them with muchinformation on the different species. It is wikipedia, just searchbears on the site or google it...
Do The Armadillo. It protects the face and any fragile innards.
Depends on how far back you look. . They're both land-living mammals and carnivores, so way backthere's a common ancestor. . But they're not closely related.
They are born in sometimes in the winter and summmer
Although they may be cute, some people don't see them as that. They see them as another animal filling up the Earth. They just want their fur, in order to make money.. I disagree to the answer above because people don't kill pandas, they destroy their habitat to build stuff like shopping malls. It's...
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The difference is that one has something that the other one does not have and one is a boy and the other is a girl.
Mother Grizzly bears usually look after her cubs until spring ifthey are in the snowy or cold seasons, then they still take care ofthe just not as much. Mainly 3.5 years but sometimes 2.5.