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Arachnids are members of a broad class of organisms that are very familiar to humans. The organisms in this class range from the common spiders to scorpions to ticks and mites. However different these organisms are, they all share one common characteristic, they all have eight legs. Questions and answers about the class and the organisms in it should be placed in this category.
Anti parasitic medication, like "Frontline" and "K-9 Advantics"  keep ticks off of dogs. But cutting down long grasses and trimming  bushes and tree limbs keeps ticks from climbing onto the tips and  getting on your dog when it brushes by.
Wolf spiders can be found in basements, but usually they make their  way there accidently. They prefer outside environments such as  shrublands, woodlands and forests.
Raise awareness, make posters and websites.
Try how you jumped in dare devil 1, if that doesn't work, try  pressing A twice fast.
If you are referring to MayDay Parker, Peter's teen daughter, she is 15 or 16...still in highschool.Hope that helps :)~Emily
The Black Widow Spider has either a yellow , red, or orange hourglass
Your spider may be dying or dead, because spiders die with their  legs curled up. Or maybe it is because there is no more hydraulic  pressure in their legs. (Hydraulic pressure is what is used for  spiders to jump, move their legs, etc.) Not sure about the abdomen  thing though, sorry.
A haribon also known as a Philippine Eagle lays eggs about twice in  a year. However there are no evidences on this as it is a  critically endangered animal.
Brown Widow Spiders. When the subject of dangerous spiders comes up, theaverage person usually thinks about the black widow spider.Their shiny black body with a prominent red hourglass marking onthe underside of the abdomen is an image that readily comes tomind.. Source:Google.com.
"Redback spiders can be difficult to remove because mere spraying  of pesticides cannot kill redback spiders. Their hiding places have  to be identified. Brisbane Pest Control Specialists from Bob Gunn  can correctly identiywhere redback spiders are hiding because they  know the insect's life...
Yes, I live on the just outside Birmingham AL and I found a black  widow today while working on my house.
Common Drugs and Medications to treats Scorpion Bites:   1) Centruroides (scorpion) polyvvalent antivenom intravenous   2) Anascorp intravenous    *I would suggest looking at the side effects before use and(or)  talk to your doctor about it so you can choose which one is most ...
Multiparty cephalothorax abdomen
yes how else are they gonna see to stab you with their stinger
spiders, mosquitos, bed bugs, and many more
The main antagonist is El Patron, but I guess everyone who works  for him could also be considered an antagonist
No. A tarantula is an insect, a spider/arachnid.
The scientific name for spiders is Araneae.
The black emperor scorpion is found in native rainforests and  savannas in West Africa
It might be a gangster's logo. Also watch out for white and black  tears. White means "My friend died in a gang fight" and black is "I  killed the guy who killed him". My aunt used to be a cell inspector  at a prison.Might be a gang sign.
I think it might be a Corinnidae (Ground Spider) But I'm not  exactly sure. Look up pictures to see if that is what you are  looking for.....
the design of the web used to be considered the only design to fit the ellbow, as other designs will distort when the arm is bent. If you see old photographs of inked up sailors almost all had a spider web on the elbow, so did the early tattooers: Bob Shaw, Lyle Tuttle and possibly also Sailor Jerry...
If you eat stuff like bread pudding, stuffing, spices. The more smellier the food is the more likely you're farts will smell bad. Also alot of mushy food like moshy pea's or just general mushy foods can make farts bad. Also junk food can make ur farts smell. if you got a bad fart it means you need a...
It depends on the species. But in general 70-80 degrees is fine. I  suggest you do research on your specific species though to find  what is best for it.
That varies greatly on the type of insect and whether or not the  person bitten is allergic to it. Most bites that occur cause little  to no damage with maybe a little redness and itching. An insect  that is not very dangerous on its own could cause great harm in a  swarm. An insect that is...
Probably the head of the tick if you didn't remove it correctly.  Dump some mineral oil on the tick, [enough to completely cover it]  and then gently twist tick counter clockwise while gently tugging  tick out. Do not try to sqeeze it out. It will eventually be  dislodged by the body's own...
Putting chemicals onto a spider or any other living creature is  likely only to make it sick and/or die. It is not advisable to put  anything onto other creatures as it could be seen as cruelty or  abuse. The spider would not become radioactive.    Answer   Can't be done. Radioactivity ...
Yes, all arachnids live on land. Some, however have developed a way  to live temporarily under water using air bubbles.
A Black Widow can eat once or twice a week depending on the size of insect that gets caught in her web
uh...they're not? probably because spiders are harder to see and so it would be easier to be bitten by one. also, youre more likely to be struck by lightening than bitten by a poisonous spider.
They don't hibernate, but sometimes it can seem like it because  they are generally inactive most of the time and wont move. They  don't naturally migrate like you think birds would do, but if  something were to happen to their habitat (like a forest fire,  logging, flooding) then they may move...
your getting a fear of spiders
Earth? Tarantulas and man have lived together since the beginning.  Every early equatorial culture probably had some knowledge about  them.
acachnids have 2 parts of there body
they fear people most of the time
Newspapers. Slippers. Hair Spray. lol Actually, air movement around a spider is what usually causes them to move; that is their defense mechanism. They feel air moving towards them on their body hair, and that causes them to get out of the way.
i only know that they have eight legs rather than insects who have 6
According to the CDC's profile on Lyme disease, the bacteria that  commonly causes the disease is known as Borrelia  burgdorferi. Upon searching elsewhere for more specific  information about the bacterium, I found an excerpt from an article  published in 2012 in the journal Nature Reviews ...
a stick insect fools a predetor by staying still to look like a  stick
for camoflauge so the squid can change color to better blend into its surroundings.
Differs from person to person. Most people who but clothes know their inseam provided they have bought pants.
Yes, tarantulas can be considered secondary consumers in most  environments because they are carnivores that eat primary consumers  ie. crickets, roaches.
A tarantula hawk eating eagle of course. lol, you may want to  re-word your question. If you're wondering what eats a tarantula,  there is a type of hornet or bee that lays an egg in the T that  will eventually eat it from the inside.
They eat our properties. They also eat our cloth that we use everyday!
No, ladybugs do not eat dust mites since their primary food sourcesare aphids, a garden pest. Dust mites are too small to eat and tosee with the human eye. If you see dust mites, you are seeing manyof them together. Dust mites exist to clean up what falls off fromone's body, food scraps, pets and...
A black widow spider venom acts on Ach which is a neurotransmitter and stops the normal cascade which then causes the muscles to not get the signal to move, causing paralysis and potential death
call a scorpion investigator to catch
Yes, tarantulas live in the desert.
First of yes, I have a 3" Lasiodora parahybana and they are grate pets for anyone, I also have a chilean rose and Avicularia Minatrix, if u decide to get another tarantula just don't put them togeather as u know, have fun.
Yes. We're very big and they're very small. They usually bite people because they think their lives are in danger and are trying to survive.
The scientific name of the Arizona bark scorpion is Centruroide.
One that has a magnification range of 20x-100x.
  Per UofM Extensions http://www.extension.umn.edu/distribution/naturalresources/DD6962.html     = Potentially Dangerous Spiders =       === Brown Recluse Spider Bite ===   The brown recluse spider, Loxosceles reculsa, is common outdoors and indoors in the southern and...
because they pretend/camaflarge like a leaf - by shannon
different insects eat others such as spiders
These are not much of a comparison since they have different types of venom. Also, the Brazilian Wandering Spider's venom is not as good at killing humans as the Black Mamba's venom is. So the point goes to the Black Mamba.
it breathes through its nose and it keeps it in its lungs
All dogs can get ticks & flea's. You wanna make sure you  protect the dog by applying flea & Tick ointment or getting a  flea & tick collar.
  Yes, since some spiders are poisionous. But most are harmless to pets ans people.
used for science experiments    ANS 2 - Sulphur's main use is in manufacturing  Sulphuric acid which is used in many aspects of industry. It is  also an essential component of fertiliser and is also used in  rubber, concrete and other manufactured products.
IN a xtremely expensive costume shop Go to a Halloween costume store close near you. on E-bay, after they finished filming, they post a lot of items on E-bay. It'll sell for at least $2,000! Just ask........ :) you might as well jump into a vat of steamy hot gloopy tar and there you go youll...
i think they dont talk to each other but they communicate to each other
Wolf Spiders are carnivores (mostly insectivores) because they eat other animals, mostly insects.
Crabs belong to the order Decapoda.
  Spray a bleach or ammonia based cleaner directly on it. Or just drop a heavy book on top of it.
Hamsters like all mammals, get fleas and ticks when placed outside or in dirty conditions.
  == tick ==   what does a tick look like
Yes, arachnids are cold-blooded.
  There are about 800 different types of taratulas.
There are a number of species of scorpion in the deserts of NorthAmerica. not just one.
No they do not. There are Mygalomorphs in Canada such as purse web spiders but there are no true tarantulas. The Canadian climate is too cold, despite getting past 100F during summer in most of the souther portion of the country. The winters are overall too cold and or wet for tarantulas.
  == Answer ==     You can try to get legally emancipated, but having a strict guardian won't generally be considered sufficient grounds for it. Contact a family lawyer in your local area to ask for more specifics for your state or county.   == Answer ==   At 16 you are a minor and...
  == Answer ==   Not sure if this is "natural" but I prefer to use Avon's product "Skin So Soft".  It feels a little "oily" but it feels natural and it repels ticks and mosquitoes.  It is also great for de-greasing and cleaning car-gunk off of your hands.  And it leaves...