Oceans and Seas

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Oceans are the largest bodies of water that cover about 72 percent of the Earth's surface. Seas are large bodies of water that border the land and the oceans, and are sometimes lakes, which are landlocked seas.
The salinity in isolated seas and salt-water lakes (for example,the Dead Sea) can be considerably greater. SO there's a highsalinity in the Dead Sea. :D
Mainly salt water, excluding things like sea life.
Perhaps you are thinking of a sting ray.
They are not too far apart they bothered lie in the Middle East. They are about 3,000 miles apart. Hope this helped!
This question refers to the United States Navy aircraft carriers ofthe USS Lexington and Saratoga. These two carrier were by away fromport at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese assault on December 7th1941.
Technically, there are more than one body of water separatingEngland and Finland: the North Sea, which is closest to England;and the Baltic Sea, which is closer to Finland.
The continents have not stayed in the same place because of theshifting of plate tectonics going past each other or crashing intoeach other. The process took millions of years.
The water is a better ground than land, so it finds the water near the islands
Yes. Organisms die and their skeletons collect to make coral.
It is called a cape. A smaller piece might be called a sand spit.
Greenyly Greenish, and Teethlys!
It is part of a continental plate that is submerged by the ocean. At the edge of the continental shelf, the slope suddenly increasesand begins to drop off, this is called the continental slope.
What herbivores are m the pacific ocean
It's an island so, all around.
constructive because the two plates are pushing together
desalination process is used to remove salt and the large boilerare used for it
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To either discover/study animals, or they ae bored ad want to do something.
Clockwise in Northern Hemisphere. Counterclockwise in Southern Hemisphere.
Covering 71% of the Earth's surface, there are five oceans. Theyare the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans.
The bottom of the ocean is a dark color because light cannot penetrate through the bottom of the ocean.
Ocean mysteries The amazing sea
He wrote a bestselling book "We" and helped a French scientistdevelop an early form of artificial heart.
Indian Ocean Theories The Indian Ocean is right under India, a sub-continent and this is how it got its name. this is cool I have found no official reason for that. It seems that it was named such because early oceanography consisted of the knowledge and skill necessary to navigators and sea...
It's unlikely to surpass Don Juan Pond concerning hyper-salinity.But It's certainly ONE of the most hyper-saline lakes In the world.
Different. Oceans are huge bodies of water that separate continents are smaller than oceans and are partly or completely encircled by land.
The Bering Sea, the Beaufort Sea, and the Chukchi Sea. And these all are right by Alaska and Europe.
You wouldn't drink seawater because it would make you more thirsty because of the salt, which will eventually lead to kidney failure, then death. . You wouldn't drink your own urine because your body is getting rid of it, so it wouldn't make any sense to drink something your body doesn't want and/or...
Tides are the result of the moon's gravitational pull on the oceans. The shifting of the tide is in relation to the moon's rotation around the earth
The Sea of Galilee(Lake Kinneret) lies in the Northern District ofIsrael. It is fed by the Jorden river and several undergroundsprings. Lake Kinneret is about 33 miles long and 8 miles wide. Itdoes not have storms any more than average lakes. However, since itsits in a valley, the lake can be prone...
it affects the environment because all of the ocean trash lands in the grass.
Brisbane is a seaside capital, like all of Australia's state capitals. It was built on the banks of the Brisbane River, which has its mouth in Moreton Bay, and many suburbs are located directly on the bay.
Volcanoes that are underwater, known as submarine volcanoes. Thedeepest one is the Submarine 1922 in the Celebes Sea near theSanghie Islands of Indonesia, and it is 16,000 feet (5,000 meters)below sea level.
Check the Wikipedia article on "Life"; a living being (or "life")is expected to have certain characteristics. The fact thatsomething moves is not a requirement (plants generally don't move).Moving waves might have some characteristics of living beings(especially with some stretch of your imagination...
i was asking the same question ^^, i know what she wants. you dive into the abyss and go to the whale bone part thingy XD and then you keep going west and go up and it should be about 465.0 ft deep and then turn south, there's a huge fossil on the wall and also she wants you to search for stuff...
According to Wikipedia... "Red tides are caused by increase in nutrients that algae need, usually due to farm runoff, causing an overpopulation. Their occurrence in some locations appear to be entirely natural, while in others they appear to be a result of human activities. The frequency and...
Florida or Hawaii or the Bahamas.
Vasco de Balboa's point of departure was 1485
A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is called apeninsula. An example of a peninsula is Florida.
the water is very salty which makes you very ill
If you Go west you will go through the Artic and the Pacific. If You go east you will go through the Atlantic and the Artic/ Atlantic and the Indian.
The arctic ocean has an area of 5,105,700 square miles. There isan estimate of over 4.4 million gallons of water. . +++ . That answer only makes sense if you quote the volume, notsurface area - i.e. include the mean depth over the ocean'sarea.
lake superior, lake Michigan, lake Huron, lake Erie and lake Ontario
When CO2 reacts with seawater, the reduction in seawater pH also reduces the availability of carbonate ions, which play an important role in shell formation for a number of marine organisms such as corals, marine plankton, and shellfish. This phenomenon, which is commonly called "ocean acidification...
Life Forms Basically Swim In Each Ocean But, Sometimes Life Forms with Defects Sometimes Can't Swim.
You could put a map on the poster. See if you can find pictures ofanimals or cities in that area.
the Christians dead sea scrolls are simular to all of there bibles
France's capital, Paris, is located inland and therefore has no border on any ocean or sea, but instead it is located on the Seine River. France itself borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
There are many careers working with animals. Some of these areveterinarian, horse trainer, dog groomer, zookeeper, dairy farmer,and animal control officer.
Quite so; most of the world's water (and hence, most of the world's hydrosphere) is in the oceans.
Hawaii's ocean life is.... Fish Whales Sea Turtles Monk Seals Manta Rays Dalphins
The B lack Sea borders Turkey in the North.
Captain Cook Strait between Vanua Levu and Yawasa.
· Adriatic Sea · Aegean Sea · Arabian Sea · Argentine Sea
Yes, Lithuania is one the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea and is north of Poland.
Water has higher specific heat capacity compared to the materials present in the earth. So with less amount of heat earth's temperature rises up easily but temperature of water has not that much rise. So we feel that earth gets heated faster than water.
At the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it is about 2.5 degreesCelsius, so 36.5 degrees Fahrenheit
Because a lot of water can run to them at times without enough drainage for the water to escape.
Therese Peltier flew across Atlantic in July 1906 but she was apassenger. Baronees Elisa Reymond was first licensed pilot in 1910.Aug 1911, the first female American pilot Bessie Coleman achievedfirst license in USA. Anyway for info- the first woman to fly inCosmon was Valentina Tereshkova of Soviet...
Texas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama, Florida
suduction or sea floor spreading
There is no such thing as the Pacific sea, there is however a Pacific Ocean.
The saltiest ocean is in Asia. It is called the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is so salty nothing can live in there. Most are 3.5% salt. The Dead Sea contains 24% salt!
how much dead sea water do you have to drink to die
lots of animals like lantern fish, skate, northrn bottle noesedwhale, empire penguins
Visayan Sea (Philippines)
Close to the the marine's benthic zone, this zone is the bottom-most zone to the fresh water biome.
The Atlantic ocean is a food source for Africa.