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Farm Crops

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Wheat, rye, alfalfa, soybeans, other grains and corn are well-known farm crops, but farmers might also grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, tobacco, food or bedding for animals, cotton, flowers, and other crops, too. Whether grown for commercial or subsistence reasons, questions about the crops and those who grow them on all sizes of farms in all countries and regions of the world are welcome here. Come on in to this category to learn more and share your knowledge about Farm Crops and those who grow them.
Rice, corn, cassava, and sweet potato (in this order) are the most commonly found crops growing in Vietnam
Currently, agriculture remains the main economic use of the pampas.  Herding, cultivation of wheat and corn, and other grains along with  dairies is very popular here. In the pampas cattle was introduced  for the first time by the Portuguese in 1550's. During the colonial  period, only a small...
It is a Kharif crop
There are many yield-improvement systems but a well known one is  crop rotation, where fields would have different crops and be  fallow (empty) for a time in between.   The reason for this is that different crops need different  nutrients, so the soil would be used to maximum effect. The...
It really depends on the area in the state. Generally $1,600 to $3,000 an acre. You won't find any cheaper than that, unless someone is really hurting for the cash, but in major cities it can run as high $5,000 an acre or a bit more if the lot is located in a prime building area.
== Answer ==   italian flat parsley or basil   === Answer ===   You could also try a prostrate sage, parsley, mint, thyme - especially the creeping sort, and chives.   == Answer ==   You can grow any types of Herbs in a window box, including all the herbs mentioned above, as well as...
In Strip Cropping, grass and other plants that grow close to the ground are planted in strips between bands of grain crops.
Wheat requires the sun temperature around 70 to 75 degree F.  Whereas the minimum temperature needed is 40 degree F and if the  temperature exceeds 95 degrees F means,then the whet will not grow.
...contains DNA which makes the plant produce a protein which is toxic to certain insects of the Lepidoptera family. The protein is the same one produced by the Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, from which the name "Bt" comes.
  Winnow means to separate grain from chaff using the wind, as in "The farmer winnowed his wheat."
  The temperature of water you  choose to use on your hair can result in different outcomes, but  not to the degree of affecting hair growth, or how long you will or  won't keep it.      Using slightly hot water may be  beneficial if your hair and scalp is particularly oily, or gets...
There was no certain age you had to be to work at the Cotton Mills. You just had to be skilled:)
There are 4 pecks in one bushel.
Yes, wheat is growing in Portugal.
There are 4 pecks in a bushel.
  seed, the carrot part we eat is an enlarged stalk
You dig irrigation channels alongside the crop, and link it to a water source (such as a pump, or windmill). Note that the amount of water supplied is variable so if you only use windmills and have very little groundwater, you can easily run out. Use water towers to have a backup supply. Water will...
  Agriculture. California produces Agricultural products such as milk, grapes, carrots, rice, strawberries, almonds, oranges, and so on.
wheat,barley and nutmeg
  They had to do everything the men used to do example:   harvesting, planting, weeding, threshing, etc...   They had to do everything the men used to do example:   harvesting, planting, weeding, threshing, etc...
Its important for alot of reasons, the main one being grain farmers make the most money from growing corn.
Walnut trees can grow in the east-central and Midwest states of the  US. The walnut tree is native to North America.
Yes, some shrubs grow fruits. For example Redcurrant and Blackcurrant are shrubs that grow 1m to 1.30m tall and produce edible fruits. Ornamental shrubs such as Rhododendrons produce wonderful flowers. After some time, the flowers transform into fruits capsules, but those are not edible.
It depends on the area of the world you are in. In villages in the American South West as system of irrigation ditches called Acequias are used.
Palm trees. Cocoa, groundnuts, and rice.YOU'RE WELCOME!
== Answer ==   Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, maize andsome other things.
It ensures that the resulting plant will exhibit the desirable characteristics found in its genes.
Yes, Kenco coffee is world famous and the country produces 60,000 tonnes each year also tea and corn are big sellers as well
When established in 1892, it was called "The Corn Belt Exposition".
Brown rust (Puccinia recondita) and Common bunt (Tilletia caries).
In simple terms lots of rain or snow con cause crop failures.
Brazil has a majority of Subsistence farming (owned by a family or small amount of people), but that is not to say that it doesn't have Commercial Farms. When we judge whether a country is commercial or subsistence, we judge the majority of the farming. Brazil's farming is Subsistence.
What are the foods grown in UAE
Agricultural extension is a concept which provides access to the latest in scientific research and new production practice through local farmer education. Extension agents in the US normally work for the state land-grant university, but can also be regular state employees. Extension agencies can...
staple crops such as corn, barley, and oats.
Maize, mullet, wheat, barley, sorghum, rice, teff, bean, cowpea,  soybean, groundnut, cassava, sweet potato, yam, coffee, cotton, oil  palm and bananas.
  Canola = 50lbs per bushel... 1 tonne =2,204lbs 1 tonne =44.092 bushels of Canola.
Corn, rice, and cotton.
What are the effects of use of agrochemicals in the farm land? Agro-chemicals are used for quantity production. In this process, we use more doses of artificial proteins, Minerals, Vitamins and agents to grow up the plants and fuel them to produce more number of products or in bigger volume. ...
Because many people like to eat pork and pork-based products.
Becuz farmers feel like having farms or people that want animals inside somewhere or there just want a piece of junkman dont even bother asking god made what he wants to make
Their primary purpose is food production. Following very closely is fiber, fuel, and raw materials such as lumber.
An important crop that Germany has is organic apples. Other foodsthat Germany produces are breads, potatoes, onions red beets andlegumes.
It would be 2,178 feet deep x 200 feet wide.
The largest producers of cotton, currently (2009), are China and India, with annual production of about 34 million bales and 24 million bales, respectively; most of this production is consumed by their respective textile industries. The largest exporters of raw cotton are the United States.
  According to the musical "Oklahoma" in 'Oh what a beautiful morning', "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye, An' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky." Some types of sweet corn are as short as 4ft. Other types such as field corn can get as tall as 12ft under good conditions. I...
  Cedar can be set green if the heart wood is red all the way through.
it depends on the type of cotton you are going to by but i think on  average it would be approx.2.99
it is harvested in mid-summer-the beginning of fall
The main crop is wheat. Other crops include hay, corn, barley, grain sorghum and oats.
Because those trees and grasses produce more total dry weight mass than corn or sorghum per unit of time.
While there are definitely exceptions, most plants seem to prefer a neutral pH of 7.0.
Two main reasons: 1) Crops and livestock tend to be mutually beneficial. The crops feed the livestock, and the livestock waste feeds the crops. 2) The more diverse a farm is, the more protected the business is from changes in the market. If a farm only produces one or two crops, the farm is at much...
A farm is a tract of land that is used for growing crops. Farmers may also raise animals as well, and some may call it a field.
how long does the cotton eared marmoset live for
Different varieties of sweet corn have different maturity ranges. Generally speaking, you should be able to harvest somewhere between 60 to 100 days after planting, with most varieties in the 75-day range.
== Answer ==   Absolutely. Almost everyone involved in the agriculture business does a little of both. That's why there is so much confusion in the general public about what constitues a farm or a ranch. Strictly speaking, on a farm, you raise plants, on a ranch, you raise animals. But even on...
"...six measures..." also translates to "...six ephahs...". Trying to figure out how much that is in modern terms is difficult at best. Since there is variation between US and British measurement systems, I was looking for one consistent conversion measurement and chose liters. However, there are at...
role of farm machines in agriculture
well, i know that in some parts of the world they grow dry rice and wet rice. dry rice is grown in hills and mountains where there is not a lot of water, and wet rice is grown in valleys. wet rice is grown in things that look like big ponds, called patties. they plant the rice and they must keep...
Wheat prices vary WIDELY across the world, depending on location, supply, demand, quality, season, and numerous other factors. However, the price of wheat in the US Chicago Board of Trade today (11 Feb 2010) is about $180 US per tonne.
plantations i think
Mainly potatoes and corn. We also grow standard vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc) to a lesser extent. Hops destined for production into alcohol, animal feed, etc., accounts for about 5% of total farming in NB.
Yes! It's the number one producer in the US, growing nearly 2.439 billion bushels of grain and 4.84 million tons of corn silage in 2009, and thousands of tons of sweet corn for processing and the fresh market as well.
wheat,maize,rice,cane sugar
  Good soil, warmth sunlight and water, once upper stems and leaves are growing you need to check for pest/blight damage and treat accordingly.
Because people need food, fiber, and fuel.
You can get roughly a Bale an acre. If you are luckys maybe a bale and half. You can pick by hand in a full day a bale, only if you are a good worker. That's 500 pounds of cotton.
the factors are- humidity rainfall soil temperature
The Planter helped we farmers out by making it less time consuming to plant our crops.
While there are certainly exceptions, modern agribusiness-type industrial farming generally takes less of the farmer's time per unit harvested . It does not speed up the rate of maturation of the crop, it simply means s/he can culture more acres than with organic farming. On average, a single...
Ya she's my best friend since kindergarten
Wheat is the first cereal to be cultivated by man.
For Agricultural UseIn most states of the US, you need to have an unexpired applicator's license issued by that state's department of agriculture. Even if the state does not require a license, you should get the special training so that you know how to safely handle the material, since it can be...
With diligence, knowledge and careful planning, organic gardeningcan be very effective. Organic farmers can consistently provide ahealthful product which is frequently more attractive and tastesbetter than their industrially-produced counterparts. It takes morelabor and must be very carefully...
Best bet, I feel is just to pull it out, or spot spray with something that kills grass. If it has taken over your lawn, you may want to kill the whole yard and start over in the fall. I may have to do that with my side yard because the grass I planted this spring did not come up well in some spots....
Maize silage is a kind of livestock feed, usually for cattle, that is comprised of finely-chopped (less than 1 inch pieces) corn, or maize. The plant is cut off whole approximately 2 inches above ground level, and then mechanically chopped up. It is then put into anaerobic storage for a time until...
he/she want more facility of water so that he can grow more crops in diffrent seasons
This answer maybe different for other countries, but here in North American no such crop exists. Farmers may just leave the field untilled until next year, or not till at all and instead adopt no-till practices for producing next year's harvest.
It's not a pesticide. this article has some good info on common usage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium_hydroxide#Niche_applications
They had to tend and wait for their crops to fully ripen so they could be harvested. They couldn't be nomadic and look after the crops they sowed at the same time, that just wasn't possible.
We grow mainly wheat, barley, oat and rye. Wheat and oat are not that widespead, they're only grown in the south, because they don't survive the conditions up north. Barley and rye are more tenacious.
1 acre = 43,560 square feet so for example: 100 feet long by 435.6 feet wide would equal one acre Length x Width = Square Feet Square Feet / 43560 = acres208.71ft by 208.71ft is equal to one acre
the main farm produce is oranges and grapes because wine is very popular