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Known for their distinctive "Honk!", geese are either gray (Anser), white (Chen), or black (Branta). Here you can find questions and answers about the various geese, their migration patters, size, weight, and more.
It looks as any liver would. It is reddish brown depending on how  healthy the goose was. It would have lines, folds and bloodstreams  travelling inside and out.
Yes, there are 10 gauge bolt action mossbergs that were designed to be reliable, powerful goose killers. There were also something called a punt gun, which actually was filled with black powder and glass, which is now illegal because of its effectiveness.
Let it fully air dry and it will happen on its own.
Shake it out really strong to fluff it up again.
The bar-headed goose eats wheat, rice, and barley.
Geese have two layers of feathers. One top layer that we see, but beneath they have a layer of down. This down can be used in pillows. Geese can also be used for meat.
It could be a flight of helicopters, or a squadron
Geese:Scientific ClassificationKingdom: Animalia Phylum: ChordataClass: AvesSuperorder: GalloanseraeOrder: AnseriformesFamily: AnatidaeSubfamily: AnserinaeTribe: Anserini
The price of a 5th of Grey Goose vodka depends on where the alcohol  is purchased. Different states and retail stores charge different  prices but the average cost is $20-$30.
"It takes 28 days just like any other kind of egg or just like chicken eggs." Duck eggs are not like chicken eggs. Chicken eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch. Duck eggs, depending on species, incubator temps, and humidity levels, take between 25 and 35 days to hatch. Best bet is to do a...
Walk and swim
One view: It actually depends on the age of the embryo in the egg.  An older embryo will warm the egg and the egg will stay warm  longer. If you feel of the eggs and they are losing warmth, she has  probably abandoned her nest. She knows the age of the chick and how  long the eggs can be without...
I couldnt say exactly when but it's after their first year of hunting season. By time they get back down next year they have them. I would assume that they get them in the spring at a year old during molt and plume
The word Goose is a direct descendant of Proto-Indo-European root, *ghans-. In Germanic languages, the root gave Old English gōs with the plural gēs and gandra (becoming Modern English goose, geese, and gander, respectively), New High German Gans, Gänse, and Ganter and Old Norse gās. This term...
thousand and thousands
  Buy them a drink
the best feed for all geese is straight corn. I get my corn from a local farmer and i get it cheaper then you will at a feed mill of your local hardware store. Any goose wiill grow very nice on corn
To lead away by arousing desire.. In fishing, a lure is any artificial device, incorporating a hook, designed to attract and catch fish. Flies, nymphs, streamers, spinners, softbaits, jigs, are all types of lure.
A goose can be either or , male or female.
OK, if you have a dog this is going to be easy but if not then i don't know. So, do you know how for some pet dogs they are in a wire cage, a happy kennel thing? Well go to a ranch store and ask for dog cage panels. They are about 5ft long and 6ft tall so if you get those the your gonna need a lot...
grass, reed, sea aster, cattails, and root stocks of alkali bulrush
Well first put ice on it, that will keep the swelling down. Keep the ice on it until its gotten like not really hurting to much, and the swelling has gone down somewhat. Don't take the ice off if they're still crying.
"beag n" should be "beagán" However "beagán gé " doesn't mean "little goose", it means "a little bit of goose" "little goose" is "gé bheag", pronounced "gay vyug"
a goose eats mainly grass
Round characters: Dummling, The old man from the forest , the king Flat characters: The goose, the followers, the king's daughter
No! and not recommended! Just like you can't keep two roosters and a hen. The ganders will fight at some point for dominance and it will never end. The only exception is if they were all raised as goslings together. If they were all babies together they might grow up fine and not fight but if they...
Christiano ronaldo has not yet won the world cup with Portugal , as yet.
Wild geese will eat a variety of foods such as corn, any type of  bread, beans, as well as rice.
Brazil has five FIFA World Cups: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014.Brazil is the country with most wins. It has won the world cup five times.
A young goose that looks like a duck but isnt. it is just a baby goose that will grow up do be a goose.   It is also a naive or inexperienced young person.Young goose.
English: "the goose" is German: "die Gans".
The term is gander.
Goose refers to one, while geese refers to more than one goose.
When they fly, it is the one in the front of the "V" formation.
Yes, they get along okay. Just keep an eye on any roosters that may cause trouble.
  Poultry includes Chickens, Turkey, duck, goose, peacock and swan.
Yes. The Canadian goose is native to Canada, hence the name Canadian goose.
Yes, but not often. If you watch a goose look for his eye to turn white. When that happens it means he has blinked because his eyelids are white.
To be quite honest, I really have not got the faintest idea!
Yes. The wishbone is the breastbone in most fouls (edible birds).
A baby goose is called a gosling.
Geese can be white or brown but usually they are white
You may be able to. You need a large, shallow water source such as a retention pond for water to drink and to swim in and rich grasslands for feeding. However, I have observed many sights like this and have seen no geese at all call it home. Water is a must, but beyond that, it is up to the...
We have a pair of domestic geese (different breeds) that have mated for the first time. The goose laid 18 eggs, but, just today, (18 Mar 2013) my son came in and reported that she had kicked an egg out of her nest, then pecked it open and ate it. So, yesterday, I would have said I can't believe it,...
No, they are all warm blooded.
5,169,000 Canadian geese live in North America, but I was not able to find the total goose population of Canada alone.
Yes, there is less moisture in the higher air, making it easier to fly.
Yes they can   They can, but it is not healthy for them. A lot of places have  sighs saying 'do not feed the waterfowl'. It is also not good for  them to get dependent of humans for food. Breads should be avoided  because its just filled with fat and does not contain any minerals  or vitamins...
Canada geese migrate to find food.
I'm assuming you're wondering what poem that quote came from??? If not, it's not cool to kill any living thing unless it is in self-defense. If not, "I have rock in hand which will hit you on head if you try to kill goose."
yes they are very noisy. ------------------------------------------------ They are only noise prior to the nesting period and during the fall migration. Priior to he nesting period, geese will fight over territory where they will make their nests. Battles can be dramatic, with loud honking, wings...
  Baby geese
the scientific name is lecreontas
a goose can lay 20-50 eggs per season
Well, you may find a gosling, or an embryo; if you find a gosling, then it will most likely die soon. When birds hatch, they have a special tooth, but they also need strength. Breaking out of the egg on their own builds up strength. If you open the egg for it, then it will not have the strength it...
they take about 28 days to hatch ☺
Don't think it's part of their diet but won't hurt them if they eat a little
bread is bad for ducks. choose birdseed, oats, or chopped lettuce instead.
when im not working or going out , i make sure that i have a good deal of kerosene for heating during the days , at night i run my oil filled raiators , safer for sleeping , also as there are usually power disruptions due to the weather , i make sure that my propane campstove has enough supply of...
No- a baby goose is called a gosling.
Yes, they do. Often a domestic goose will fly away or "escape" from a farm and find other geese to spend time wiith in a pond nearby. They become close with a wild goose and, vola! goslings that are half domestic/half wild are produced. Sometimes the results are quite beautiful.Same is true for...
If an infant plays too much 'Duck Duck Goose', then it will become an addiction. And if you have an infant addicted to 'Duck Duck Goose', you have a serious problem. A 'Duck Duck Goose' addiction can lead to serious problems later in life. For example, one might think one is a goose, and might try...
Any scientist that has a degree in migration.
Perhaps they are mating pairs.Yes, if you see two geese flying together chances are they are a couple.
maybe.....   geese travel a long way so they cant fly high enough to look, they get tired heaps.
The healthy ones can. And so can healthy Mallards too.
my geese had 3 eggs and one hatched it died and the mother moved the nest why and will the other egg be OK I never had geese before please help my
They start from wherever they make their summer home.
All goose eggs are a little bigger than a peafowls eggs they are atleast four inches long in size duck eggs are about the same size as regular chickens eggs a quails eggs are a little bigger than a quarter