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Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates and site of several ancient civilizations.
The Mesopotamians knew about Venus, and calculated its pattern of movement.
Sumerian or Eme-gir with a ^ above the g
Sumerians signed documents with cylinder seals
Ancient Sumerians wrote in Cuniform. Cuniform characters have  straight lines and sometimes has triangles.
He was an inspirational and spiritual leader
They are recorded in 2 Samuel 23:8-29.
Greeks took Mesopotamian (Iraqi) works and plagiarized them. "Pythagoras theorem" is one example, of many.
The area where Mesopotamia was is now Iraq.
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Nobles were the Sumerian wealthy class! :)
  They sold bread, milk, cows, chickens, hens, sheep, apples, bananas, corn, pigs, sheep, plums, dates, pears, onion, garlic, lettuce, cabbage and timber.     They produced turnip, grapes, peas, sugar cane, mango, flax seed, oranges, tobacco and rice.  
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Africa    Honestly, that answer in NO WAY answers the question. Re-read the question.   The basic transition from pre civilization to civilization is the development of culture, tools and agriculture. Culture because it taught us to work together, tools because they made everything easier...
The Sumerians used the reed stylus to write. Unlike nowadays we use pen or pencils.
body of the boat is made of bundled reeds covered with leather
1.Government Officials2.Priests3.Scribes4.Artisans5.Peasants
the people would drink WHISKY
Because they need to use those rivers for their crops. They also need it to help them survive>
Indus Valley seals were square stamp seals and usually had a bull or other animals on them, and Mesopotamian seals had cuneiform writing on them and were rolled onto the clay instead of stamped.
Some of the important historical Mesopotamian leaders were Ur-Nammu (king of Ur), Sargon (who established the Akkadian Kingdom), Hammurabi (who established the Old Babylonian state), and Tiglath-Pileser I (who established the Assyrian Empire).
The people created The Wheel, Farming Innovations, and our first written languae.
it was in B.C.E and it was in sumer
the city-states of Sumer were ruled first by nobles. but for such short time it was recorded much in history. it was generally ruled by Kings. (during the noble rulings, priests helped) hope it helps!
To document the events.
They called themselves Gods because they believed when they were crowned Pharaoh a God came into them or was there parents. Or that when they were born a God gave them powers to choose things and be the true ruler. That is why the called themselves Gods they believed they actually were part of a God...
Advances in government of Sumer
Akkad is regarded by some as the first empire in history. The  government established help set a standard for other Mesopotamian  states. Roads were built, agriculture produced a surplus, a postal  service was instituted, and a library was established. New  technology was discovered and used and...
It called Kirkuk Not Kirfuk and Kirkuk one of the Largest City in north Iraq now, lies on a big oil field.
Ziggurats were said to connect Earth and Heaven
The oldest Ziggurat  is the Sialk ziggurat, of the Tepe Sialk archeological site.  It is located in northwestern Iran, and dates to 5000 BC.
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I believe it is from lowest to highest.SlavesMerchantsMaidsAverage PeopleKings,Queens.Royalty,etc.
  == Answer ==   It is not much but the link reported below may be of help to you.
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Sumerians settled in Mesopotamia around 3500 B.C.E. They are one of the earliest civilizations and had a Temple in the middle of their community called a "ziggurat" meaning "mountain of God." The temples were made up of square levels that had stairs up to the top. The Ziggurats were believed to be...
The wheel improved life in Mesopotamia by not making people cary crops or objects they can travel there stuff with a dart that has wheels
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well the sumerian slaves
there is no MAIN god that Mesopotamia people believe in, that is why they are polytheims.
Two things; it's spelled "ziggurat" and they were huge steepled towers used as temples to the gods of the Sumerians.
Mesopotamia. Currently the country occupying this area is Iraq. Mesopotamia, from the Greek words meso = between, potamos = river.
The Tigris river flows from the mountains of southeastern Turkey through Iraq. The Euphrates flows through Syria and Iraq to join the Tigris in the Shatt al-Arab, which flows into the Persian Gulf. Together these two rivers are the boundaries of Mesopotamia.
they built a lever system pulled by slaves that would bring a bucket down and up to water it.
The two rivers in Mesopotamia ("the fertile crescent") are the Tigris and Euphrates.
it would get everything flooded but they got good soil and new crops grew
The Sumerians used a plant called papyrus to weave paper. The Sumerians used the paper to record stuff such as records and letters. The word paper actually comes from papyrus
The writing system of the Egyptians were hieroglyphics. Sumerians wrote with the style of cuneiform. I am not sure what the type of writing the Israelites wrote with. Hope this helps!
Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed several technologies that  influenced later societies and are still used today. Some examples  include:    Bridges   irrigation systems   Canals   Formal education   the wheel   walls   citiesship-building   
No. Mesopotamia is in the modern-day country of Iraq. Saudi Arabia controls no part of Mesopotamia.
The land between them was very fertile and ideal for growing crops.
it is important because was able to tell the correct date and time
It gave them more crops, so more food, so more people
Sumer was in fact a city-state, so the main city was Sumer itself
Mesopotamia is located between two rivers. The water from the rivers gives it very good farming soil.
Those are the two rivers in what is now Iraq, which in earlier historical times defined the region of Mesopotamia, which was the site of the earliest civilizations, and which was extremely influential in the evolution of human culture as we know it today.
The Sumerians were polytheistic.
They invented writing so they could communicate with each other.
They expanded China to include the Yangtze River Valley aka the Middle Kingdom as well as pioneered in mathematics, engineering, iron working, bronze working, and astronomy.
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Mesopotamia was a great place to live because it had water nearby, great food sources, and rich, fertile soil.
Because Mesopotamia was between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in Greek Mesopotamia means "Land Between The Rivers".
If this is for a review of Mesopotamia linked to BC Science 7, the answer is a "Climograph".
The cities of Mesopotamia were:   Akkad  Alalah  Aleppo  Assur  Babel  Babylon  Isin  Kanes  Kush  Mari  Nineveh  Nippur  Susa  Ugarit  Ur  Uruk 
Yes, Actually the have many mountains and rivers. It is mostly like a natural fence. Trees can also be included too.
They are thought to be platforms for temples honoring the gods of ancient Mesopotamia. each city-state had its own gods, so each city state had a different ziggurat.
it was an ancient summerian temple for their gods
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So that they could keep records of trading or buying the materials they needed or specialized in.