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J.K. Rowling

Joanne Rowling, aka J.K. Rowling, went from rags to riches after coming up with the idea for the Harry Potter series on a train in 1990. Her first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was published in June 1997. Ask any questions dealing with the author herself, but please place Harry Potter questions in their designated category.


She is not dead.
7 years, she first thought of the idea in 1990 and spent those 7 years planning out the rest of her story and writing the first book.
31st July 1965.July 31 -- same as Harry Potter.July 31, 1965     She was born on July 31 1965.
she does not have a brother she only has a sister witch she is one year younger than her and her name is Di s
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  She was struggling to support herself and her children before HP. Now she is the first person to become a millionairre by writing books. That's what she's gained.
Well, she had an idea when she was on a train but was too shy to ask anyone for a pen or paper so for the whole train journey she sat and thought of ideas. By the time she had gotten home, she had an idea of what to put in all of the books.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, also known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was her first published book, but she wrote things before that, including a childhood story about a rabbit called Rabbit.J. K. Rowling's first published book was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ...
Well, she wrote the "Harry Potter" series, producing her millions of dollars, donating to health causes and many campaigns encouraging kids to read, and starting many market lines, media, and websites with her Harry Potter franchise, making her world-famous.
We're not sure why, but Minerva is the name of the Roman goddess of  wisdom, strategy, and a sponsor of arts and trade. Seeing Professor  McGonagall's personality, it probably had something to do with the  Roman goddess'.
Yes. She is a ferocious reader.
Because she wants to make money and enjoys literature.
J. K. Rowling went into a train and saw various people. She imagined these peoples personalities, intwined with magic, and made them characters in books.
She graduated from Exeter University.
There are seven novels called "Harry Potter". The first one is called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in the U.K. edition, and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in the U.S. edition.Each story is about a orphaned boy who was reluctantly took in by his magic hating aunt and uncle ...
St. Michaels Primary School in South Gloucestershire does not have a "stupid row". Nor does it seem terribly likely that the 12th richest woman in Britain would have resided there if there had been.
  She has one sister named Di and has no brothers.
Answer . She enjoys playing Minesweeper on her computer, according to the official JK Rowling website..
painting, drawing , reading,,writing,and playing sports, also curling up with her cat and reading after a hard days work.
The book J. K. Rowling wrote last is "The Tales of Beadle the Bard" first published (in limited editions) in 2007. The last novel was "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" also in 2007.
A whole lot better then yours is going to be. If you even make it to college.
one day in the real kings cross station she saw a figure with a lightning scar in her imagination outside the train she named him harry potter and wrote 7 books about him
J.K Rowling owns the copyright to the Harry Potter series, if there was an eighth book (which she has stated she won't write) it would be illegal unless written by her.
Yes she is.
J.K. attended Exeter University in 1983
i dont know the name of the last one but here is a list of them allHorrible Harry in Room 2BHorrible Harry and the Green SlimeHorrible Harry and the Ant InvasionHorrible Harry's SecretHorrible Harry and the Christmas SurpriseSong Lee in Room 2BSong Lee and the Hamster HuntSong Lee and the "I Hate...
Her mother's maiden name is Anne Volant.
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J.K. Rowling had a very bad childhood. her mother died when she was15 and her relation with her father was not all that good. So the Harry Potter series has been described as a giant attempt to reclaim a lost childhood.
Her mother's name is Anne Rowling (nee Volant).
some books cost 16.56$ but mostly around 20.00 dollars but good books for good price
Well she wrote only 7 harry potter books because the series was getting long and her readers would have stopped reading so she had to make an exciting ending to the harry potter books but she is still writing extras like hogwarts a history and books like that.
she went to a university called Exeter University and then graduated.
JK Rowling went to high school at the Wyedean School and College. It is only assumed that she attended College there too.
J.K. Rowling's second daughter is named Mackenzie Rowling-Murray. She is the third child in the family, the eldest being Jessica Rowling.
JK Rowling has proven herself to be a very worthy female figure in British history. Her Harry Potter empire has earned her over one billion dollars. There is a biography of her life to chronicle her journey from writing a novel on napkins to having that book turned into a movie.
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J.K Rowling is currently still writing, it's an encyclopedia for Harry Potter that will have everything in it, however we don't know when it's going to be out
J K Rowking doesn't exist. J. K. Rowling however, was a teacher from 1991.
her dad has read to her many books when she was about 2 and she has loved books ever since.
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Her achievements were getting her books (Harry Potter) published, turned into movies. She has also contributed millions to charity. To date she has published ten books.
She's not dead.
Yes, she has three named: Jessica, David and Mackenzie.
A girl in my school has written
An object that represents J. K. Rowling is a Harry Potter book, Harry Potter memorabilia, etc...
It depends what version you have. If you have Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (UK edition) then it is worth a lot more than Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It will be worth something since the first book had the lowest print run, especially the UK version. An exact price is hard to...
The idea for Harry Potter and Hogwarts came to her when she was delayed on a train for four hours. She states that the idea just fell into her head fully formed, with all the plots, characters and story bubbling away in her head.
  Joanne Rowling and Dr. Neil Murray were married on December 26, 2001, in the library at their home in Perthshire, Scotland. It was a private 20-minute ceremony
The dedications at the beginning of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" say: "The dedication of this book split seven ways" To Neil, To Jessica, To David, To Kenzie, To Di, To Anne, and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."
Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury publishing house in London
No, as she has stopped writing the Harry Potter series at Number Seven, which is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.
JK Rowling was on a train, heading towards King's Cross Station, when the idea of Harry Potter "simply fell in her head." From then on, she planned out the series and began to write it soon after.
Joanne Kathleen Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series
she most like to write books about harry potter
When she started to actually work in writing she was 28 years old. Her first book was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which she started in 1993. It was published in 1997.
cuzshe wanted 2 make more of the harry potter series
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Gloucestershire, England . btw its J.K. ROWLING
  Her mother died of multiple sclerosis.
she feels like it. and people like it.
Anne Rowling was a lab technician until her death in 1990.
Actually, she a person.
I daresay she did not. There were times, for example, when she was too young to write.
One of J.K. Rowling's role models is Jane Austen, who is her  favorite author.
writing the Harry potter series
People liked her books.
There are two parts of the Movie . the first one will come out at November 24 or November 19 2009 and the second part will come out April or may 11 2011. so if this helps with the scheduling of the movies please do not count on the second part because the movie crew did not fully finalize the dats...
In Yate, Gloustershire, England
The Tales of Beedle the Bard (2007) and 2 "Schoolbooks" Quidditch Through the Ages (1999) coauthored with Kennilworthy Whisp and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2001) coauthored with Newt Scamander.So they relate to the Harry Potter world, but are not in the series.
She is a vegan, and eats no dairy or animal fats
J K Rowling is 44 years old and to many that's not considered old, and since she is not yet old aged no one can know where she will live as an old woman.
Yes, I'm pretty sure he's still alive, but there has been some controversy about her relationship with her father.
J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series because she thought that a little bit of magic in a child's life would help to show the child that imagination is the only way to live life. That is true and she came up with it on a train in the year 1992. The first book, Harry Potter and the sorcerer's...
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JK Rowling has been writing since she was young. She had adifficult childhood and found solace in writing. While she was notan exceptional student, her teachers did say she was a skilledwriter from an early age.
JK Rowling's parents were both English teachers.
The books are written in third-person limited.
this might not be the best answer but all i know about J.K Rowling and college is that she went to Exeter i believe she did but I'm not sure