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Vikings were Scandinavian or Norse pirates, etchants, warriors and explorers who explored, traded, raided and settled in many areas of Europe and the North Atlantic from the 8th to 11th century.


Skandinavians. Thor. Loke...There were many belives.
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Baffin Island, Labrador, Newfoundland.
raiding foreign countries
There are old Viking settlements in the Shetland Islands.
There are two types of Vikings. One is the raider type, who do what they want and harm people. Just like robbers. The other it the settler type. Settler Vikings travelled to grow crops in a better place with less population. Raider Vikings leave their country to conquer others. Raiders also leave...
A lot of them did settle and their descendants still live in the north of England and northern Scotland. They integrated into the local populations. The reason many did not stay in southern Britain is found in mass graves in places throughout the south of England which provide evidence that the...
24 7! Vikings used to get injured all the time. So their had to be doctors for all of them!
Vikings used hulled barley to make flatbread over open fires.
The Vikings have been around from around 750AD to the year 1066when the Vikings conquered and settled in England
The vikings play in minnesota on home game.
Not in the sense you mean; the Norse explorer-conquerors known as the Vikings never made it further south (or west) than what is now Maine. However, Minnesota has a large Scandinavian population, which settled there in the 19th and early 20th centuries; almost 1/3 of the residents of the state...
There were many in Britain and France and some still have the Viking names for places and streets. In North America there was one in Newfoundland.
No, James Creighton invented it in 1875 in Quebec, Canada
Vinland A.K.A 'wine land' because what the vikings thought were huckle-barries were actully red grapes.
I guess food clothing money weapons etc
None. He provided his own ship and supplies.
To stabilise their increasing population. It is also acknowledged that their looting was out of pure greed.
they were people who travel
Leif Ericson was born in Iceland, but moved to Greenland in 986. That same year Bjarni Herjolfson, who was following Ericson to Greenland, missed the island and sailed in a south-westerly direction and sighted both the Labrador coast and Newfoundland . And so hearing of Bjarni Herjolfson's...
dynamite and spear guns
Do you mean the US NFL team or the ancient ones? If you mean the ancient ones, some warriors aged and became poets and other calm duties, such as telling and sharing stories with the young and the old. Some also became builders after they thought that fighting weren't really for them.
all i know is iceland and Greenland
No one. He supplied his own ship and supplies.
The name Leif Ericson refers to more than one individual. Read the below and follow through with the link provided. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.
They were the first European Americans. Indians were already there.
He was searching for new lands to colonize.
Maybe. From the viewpoint of those they attacked, they had much thesame effect. But Vikings had a very complex society, rather thanbeing relatively uncivilized tribes of marauders, as the term barbarian suggests.
viking woman had the most rights of any women in Europe at the time. they were born learning how to take care of the animals and weaving cloths for there family. this is my grade 11 role of womens part of my presintation. Viking woman were married normally by family arrangement and between the...
viking woman had rights. Divorce rights: the woman was entitled to the land after divorce
In the year 1002 or 1003.
No, they didn't have any canons.
The Vikings named Iceland, Iceland. They wanted the island for themselves and wanted to discourage others from settling there. They named Greenland, Greenland for the opposite reason. They wanted to sell farms on that cold frozen piece of ice filled land. They thought that by calling that place...
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i think the top three things the vikings traded were women, slaves and food!
In 1962, archaeologist uncoverd proof that vikings had estabished a settlement in L'Anse aux Meadow in northern Newfoundland.the remains of seven longhouses, a steambath, two cooking pots, and four boat sheds were uncovered. The houses were very much like those found in Greenland.
Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor. It helped Thor fight his enemies butit also allowed him to bless weddings, and other ceremonies andward off evil spirits.
In Greenland, where he had a farm.
Non of them were fiercer than the other. They shared a common culture and language and were quite similar in all aspects.
about 99% of the population
well the vikings thought the peolple they had to fight they lost most of them especciall the one with hassan
food, weapons, and equipment
Mostly they killed villagers. But they also stole everything theycould get their hands on. _________________________________________________________________ Vikings were after valuable stuff they could take away and trade orsell -- mainly silver and slaves. They did "kill villagers," butonly...
Vikings were very skilled craftsmen. Their boats were built withoverlapping planks, then waterproofed with a mixture of resin ortar and reindeer hair, cow hair or moss. ANS 2 Near my home, in Vancouver B.C. we actually have a half sizefully operational replica of a Viking longboat, the Munin. It...
Viking houses were made of wood, with the walls supported by upright logs. The roof would either be tiled with overlapping wooden tiles, or straw reeds. They had low rounded roofs, and vaguely resembled an upside down boat.
Both women and men went to Valhalla as long as they died in battle. However, an especially adept Viking woman would be inducted into the land of the Valkyries if she was deemed fit to be among their ranks.
The vikings were not involved in the battle of Hastings. After the attack at Stamford bridge up north, the vikings went backhome. it was only the Saxons and the Normans who were involved. The Normans were however descended from Viking invaders of France,"Nor-th-men", and the battle of Stamford...
No. Vikings did not wear animal horns on their battle helmets. This was a depiction that began with mythic descriptions in 19th century Sweden. The horns were symbolic of fertility and strength, and were among the devices found on helmets used in Teutonic rituals.
Newfoundland, mainly, but also that whole coast along Canada
Well the Vikings didnt explore a lot. For example,I DONNO CANT YOU GO TO.............
They would get arrows and knifes and shoot the animals down then cut them up. After that, they'd put it on a long stick and go home or hunt some more.
from my point of veiw they did because doctors were invented in a.d time periods
Either Quebec or New Brunswick Because that is a french name and Quebec is French and New Brunswick is the only official bio-lingual province in Canada.
That's how they got around on the sea. It's no fun swimming from Denmark to England. Also, it helped them get to safety quickly after they had attacked someone.
Viking culture was patriarchal and revolved around a pagan religionand pantheon. The Viking peoples were very protective of what theyconsidered their own and would go to any length to obtain it.
Tall and fair skinned
Jan 3rd monday ARGHvoo
They probably did it for power and money, they wanted what other people had.
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The runes were an alphabet used by the ancient Germanic tribes and ancient Scandinavians. Prior to being used as an alphabet, the runes had magic purposes, such as casting lots (divination) and casting spells of protection.
A Dragons head to scare away other viking ships
Slaithwaite and Linthwaite (both in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire)
no there was a priest who built a raft and sailed across the Atlantic ocean even before the vikings but after the vikings i am pretty sure that the spanish were the first after them
Life in Scandinavia was hard; living there meant dealing with a harsh climate, rapid population growth, disputes over land, political turmoil and religious conflict with neighbouring saxons. Venturing out into other lands it meant that they could gain political asylum, economic benefits, trading...
While the Vikings made some minor explorations of North America and had temporary colonies there, contact with Native Americans was limited. Records from the time recount limited trading, and at least one incident of violence.
Where vikings came from plants couldn't grow all year round, so food had to be harvested, preserved and then rationed to take them through the winter until things started growing again in the spring/summer.
Unless you have a steady supply of food all year round, you have tostore food when you can get it to have something to eat when thefood isn't growing.
Good farmland and forest.
North Korea has an high infant mortality ratre.
The position of the man who directs a rowing crew is called the coxwain. For more complete information, check the definition in the dictionary.