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The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is a country in North Africa. With an area of 679,359 sq mi, Libya is the fourth biggest African country by area and the 17th biggest in the world.


No, but that is the predominant weather pattern.
Yes the un has intervened in a con flict involving libya
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they have a dictator named Muammar Gaddafi
almost all but the special ones are camels,fox,snakes ..........etc
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Yes it does. The north of Libya has a coast on the MediterraneanSea, on what is known as the Gulf of Sidra and also known as theGulf of Sitre.
They are working on that at the moment. Not known yet.
The first national flag of Libya, when it gained independence from  Italy in the year of 1951, had three stripes, red on the top, black  in the middle and green on the bottom. In the center of the flag,  against the black stripe, there was a white crescent moon and star.    When Gaddafi was...
No it has a Provisional government.
No, it does not. After independence King Idris took over, then 18 years later, power was seized by a faction of the army led by Moamar Gadaffi.
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Lybia was a colony of Italy from 1912 until 1942, when Allied forces captured the territory from the Italians. Before that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire.
Here are some holidays or national holidays of Libya    1. National Day (September 1)   2. Independence Day (December 24)   3. Declaration of People's Authority (March 2)   4. Evacuation Day (June 11)
because it was in the middle of africa so whoever colonized it could get around more easily and try 2 ccolonize the other countries around it
Muammar Kadaffi seceded in over throwing King  Idris in 1962. So as to present himself in a better light to  the rest of the world he declared himself to be "president" of  Libya. The facts show quite clearly he was NOT, by definition a  "president" but a dictator who despised everything...
Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was 69 years old when he was killed  on October 20, 2011.   (birthdate June 7, 1942)
Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Egypt.
Depends on where you go. Very mountainous though, at points I think it looks like the Mountains of California (remember the background of the old MASH series?). The mountains have dense vegetation and seem to shoot straight up--not the gradual incline.. All cities seem to look the same, though. No...
The European country that colonized Libya was Italy and in 1947 Italy lost Libya as a result of WWII.
El Azizia is in Libya in Northern Africa.
The country of Chad is south of Libya.
Libya is its own country in the Middle East. It is located in North Africa and borders the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and Niger. In 2011 Libya broke out in civil war, following protests in Egypt that sparked an Arab Spring or uprising in a lot of the Middle East.
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In the dessert: Camels, fox, snakes. etcIn the cities street,cats,birdsIn suburban: horses, dear, rabbits, eagles, halksIn farms: sheep, goats, chicken, cowsIn homes: cats, dogs, birds, fish!
The Libyan Desert covers most of Libya. (As does despair, but I assume you're talking about the desert.)
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It is the Dinar.
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thedoubling time is high, the birth rate is higher than the death rate, the population is a lot compared to the area of land etc...   hope this helped...ps. this was done by a short 12 year old!
Second World......it is an extremely rich country that lacks democracy......it already has a capitalist economic system. If they achieve democracy there is nothing holding them back from being a first world country.
For the total population of Libya the literacy rate is about 82.6%. For those that are male the literacy of Libya is about 92.4%, and for female, it is 72% according to the 2003 estimate. Libya has the highest literacy rate in northern Africa.
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The distance from Tripoli, Libya, to Johannesburg, South Africa, is 4,181 air miles. That equals 6,728 kilometers or 3,633 nautical miles.
Like a dictator. People who have a problem with that are getting shot dead right now.
Yes, unfortunately
Depending on what you mean by "main" language, it could be any one of the 9 spoken languages in Libya:1. Arabic, Libyan Spoken 2. Arabic, Standard 3. Awjilah 4. Domari 5. Ghadamès 6. Libyan Sign Language 7. Nafusi 8. Sawknah 9. Tamahaq, Tahaggart
Muslims of mixed Arab and Berber ancestry
King Idris I (Libya was independent on December 24, 1951 after Allied occupation during World War II)
Its because Gaddafi's favourite colour is green. :)
The Libyan Desert is in Africa.
The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe.
It is rish because of oil, gas, and gold.
Muammar al-Qaddafi is the person that set up a dictatorship in Libya
  I've lived in libya since ever and i think it's veryyy safety place to live , work , invest or travel
There are 4 seasons in Libya. Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. Also, it usually rains in winter, Moderate in Spring and a little hot in Summer.
no nichiname for Libya.
Well, their former leader, Gadaffi is dead, so i guess that"s good for their government.
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The first president in Libya was ZAKIA HUSSAIN (180BC-280BC)
A major environmental concern is the depletion of underground wateras a result of overuse in agricultural developments, causingsalinity and sea-water penetration into the coastal aquifers
There goverment is unlimited so theres your answer
He was never elected. He seized power at the head of a group of army officers.
Dr Mohammed Milad from a village near Al-Zawia! net wealth almost $7.3 billion- all his wealth is legitimate and self made. owns several successful world wide companies.
No, as there is no such post and al-Gaddafi is dead now.
Egypt is the country that lies east of Libya, north of Sudan, and west of Israel. The capital of Egypt is Cairo .
No, as i am Libyan, I have been to Libya and most of my family live there, it is a quite wealthy country. There is lots of big buildings anad lots of buisness running and most of the people have a lot of money. Most of the people have big villas and swimming pools. Plus Libya gets a lot of money...
Colonialism devastated the Libyan economy and held it back for many years.
I'm actually doing a project and you would think that this answer wouldn't help but keep researching : )
Desert since the Sahara is found.
The July 2008 estimate shows Libya's population is 6,173,579. The 2006 census showed the population of Libya was 5,670,688. But the 2010 estimate was at 5,766,000 people.
No, it has provisional Government.
Tripoli is in Africa and is thecapital city of Libya.
Small lake, Oasis, and ground water bodies can be found as well as ground water from the Nile river. Salt water sources: Khalij Surt (Gulf), Golfe de Gabes (Gulf), and the Mediterranean Sea (Sea).
Oil is Libya's main industry.
European country which colonized Libya and Eritrea is Italy.
a united nations declaration
It is between 200 400mm per year mainly between October and March.
a constitutional monarchy
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imports: transportation equipment,machinery, food, andmanufactured foods exports: crude oil, natural gases, refined petroleumproducts
In libya there are oil spills and the war going on right now about the government
National Transitional Council.
Egypt Sudan Chad Niger Algeria Tunisia
Berber & Arab descent population. The Phoenicians,Greeks,Romans populations is also scattered in north & west of Libya.
The best way to improve Libya's economy is to destroy the capitalism.
there are no important products in Libya or that it trades that is why its unanswered