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Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country in Southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is home to three ethnic groups: Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. This politically decentralized country comprises two governing entities: Republika Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Milosevic had non Serbs killed or forced them to leave the country.Several mass grave sites were found.
Konvertibilna Marka (KM) - "Convertible Mark", which is tied to the value of the German mark.
Bosnia is North of the Equator.
They celebrate mostly 'Kurban Bajram' ( though its a muslim holiday many people celebrate it ) , 'Ramazan Bajram'( Also a Muslim holiday ) and Christmas.
Bosnia is not a communist country anymore and it's not a Socilalist  country anymore.Politics in Bosnia are very complicated to  understand for eople who are not Bosnians or generally  Ex-Yugoslavian countries.Bosnia is now simply democratic and  capitalist system.
  The early centuries of Christianity were marked by division between the two major branches known today as proto-Catholic-Orthodox and Gnostic Christianity. Gradually, the well-organised Catholic-Orthodox gained the upper hand, especially after Constantine adopted that faith.Unlike the Catholic...
Konvertibilna Marka (KM) - "Convertible Mark
Bosnia itself didnt do anything different than most countries. But a bosnian Gavrilo Princip who was a member of organization called Young Bosnia (Mlada Bosna) assassinated the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand .
Bosnia and Herzegovina is in Europe. yes bosnia is in Europe the southeastern part Europe
there is only one McDonalds in Bosnia. It opened in July this year
Me to have the 1993 Yugoslavija dinar. Can i change in Indonesian rupiah? Where place?
Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia on March 1, 1992, but this is observed on April 6. This was part of the conflict that became the Bosnian war (1992-1995).
No, Bosnia uses the Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark.
Pretty much like people in any other country..pretty well just trying to recover from the war sitll
At places including Podbrdo and Crnica hill in the Bijakovići hamlet.    Catholic AnswerAs of 2014, the Vatican has not approved, and in fact has censored the "seers" of Medjugorje. All initial reports are that Medjugorje is either a hoax or the work of demons.
we have all 4 seasons... summer,fall,winter, & spring
Our main allies would be Turkey, Kuwait, Malaysia, Austria, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan We have also have good relations with Croatia, Germany, Libya, MontenegroOur relations with Serbia are improving
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Some Cultures Of Bosnia Are That They Celebrate
The flight distance from Florida (FL) to Bosnia and Herzegovina is:5,363 miles / 8,632 km
Theme Today: not Subdivisions in Border [Autoroutes: (Rečice-Maglaj - FBH) (Doboj-Srpski Brod - RS), (Sarajevo-Bugojno - FBH)
Bosnia-Herzegovina has ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,
Islam 40% Serbian Orthodox 31% Roman Catholic 15% other 14%
no, haha they do it however they want it
"samo malo" pronounced "ss-aah-moe mah-lo" try not to pronounce the H's
There is no such language as "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene.
what is the head of the state in bosnia and herzegovina
Bosnia became Muslim during the Ottoman occupation, primarily in the 1600s. It has remained Muslim-majority to this day.
The Bosnia war started when a guy from on country shot a really important guy from a nother country.
  Yes! As long as they were deployed to Bosnia--Herzogonia or Croatia, aboard a Navy vessel operating in the Adriatic Sea and those respective air spaces. Joint Endeavor was from Nov. 20 1995 through Dec. 19, 1996 and Joint Guard was from Dec. 20, 1998 through June 20, 1998. This was a one time...
The term is "Ethnic Cleansing"Source: College Text Book, Soci 1301 TCC, Ninth Edition, author: Richard T. Schaefer DePaul University, Chapter: 9, section: Understanding the Issue, page: 236
There is no such language as Yugoslavian. Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene
There is no such people as "Yugoslavians." Please specify: Bosnians, Macedonians, Croatians, Serbians, or Slovenians.
I think it is the same thing , but some people say it is and some don't. The yugoslavian wars were from 1991-2001 and the balkan wars were from 1992-1993 (if I remember right). But I dont know what they mean by balkan really. Where is it?
No bosnia has no nuclear power.
it is really green and fertile it is beautiful, many trees it has mountain/hill like environment
nothing it is an obsolete currency .
  Sarajevsko Pivo - Sarajevo's Own Beer
There is no such language as Yugoslavian. Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene
Yeah, they have freedom of expression.
There is no such language as "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene.
There is no such language as "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene.
I am Bosnian. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very beautiful country. We had a war 15 -18 years ago it was a mess. I lost my grandpa. Mymom had been forced to leave her home. I wonder how my grandpawould have been if those serbs didn't kill him . I hope that neverhappens to my beautiful country. We...
Sarajevo - 350,000   Banja Luka - 150,000   Tuzla - 80,000   Zenica - 75,000   Mostar - 65,000    These are 5 biggest cities/towns based on 2013 census data.
The capital of "Bosnia and Herzegovina" is Sarajevo, the historicalcapital of Bosnia.
i dont know, but you should check out google maps, you can probably find the route there
Central and northern part of Bosnia feature moderate continental climate with hot summers and snowy winters. The southern part Hercegovina has a Mediterranean climate. Mountain parts of the country feature alpine climate.
There is no such language as "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene.
It is a developing country. 80% of Bosnia's economy was devastated during the war that lasted from 1992 to 1995. At first glance Sarajevo, the capital seems like any other european capital.
Bosnia and Hezegovina is not destroyed. It remains a somewhat stable democracy located on the Balkan Peninsula.
They have been there all the time. When the Muslims came, around 500 years ago, they wanted people to change their religion. Many of them did to have a better life. A few didn´t change their religion.
Furniture, cheese, wine,
The region, Bosnia, borders the countries of Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro and is landlocked. However, if you mean the country Bosnia & Herzegovina, then it also borders the Adriatic Sea.
They steal everything in sight.
The relative location of Bosnia positioned in both the northern and eastern hemispheres and is located in the southeastern region of the European continent.
Bosnia-Herzegovina was a former part of Yugoslavia. Look across eastwards from Italy, over the Adriatic sea, and you will find Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and such.
Vojislav Kecmanović was the first President of Bosnia-Herzegovinawhen Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of Yugoslavia. Alija Izetbegovic was the first President of an independentBosnia-Herzegovina. Kecmanović was the Chairman of the Presidium of the People'sAssembly of Bosnia-Herzegovina...
Well things after the war changed a lot. Now, if you are a Muslim you are called a Bosniak, if you are an Orthodox then they call you a Bosnian Serb and if Catholic then Bosnian Croat. But people which do not care about they're religion simply call themselves as Bosnians. Many petitons and...
Bosnians were killed by Serbs, even though they were underprotection by the UN
The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was the former alliance of six BalkanStates: Croatia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republicof Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. The WWIIinvasion by Germany, the post war occupation by the USSR, internalconflict and sectarian violence resulted...
Political instability and racism caused it.
First of all, its not Boznian but Bosnian. :) The Bosnian war began when Bosnia decided to separate from Yugoslavia which they eventually did because more than 60% people voted for independence. However, Yugoslavia(just Serbia and montenegro) disagreed with that and that's how the war started.
There is no such language as "Yugoslavian." Please specify: Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovene.
the national game for all of Europe soccer Day and time?
One Yugoslavian Dinar equals about 183/1000 of a U.S. dollar, therefore 100000000 Dinar would equal 183000 USD. In euros this would equal about 150000.
It is a normal country.. as I know a lots of Bosnians.. and I've been there.! people live perfectly.. they don't work a lot but have for good living..! they trilex..don't have to work all day all family to survive! and it's one of the most Beautiful Natural Countries in the Universe.! visit it.! I...
There is a website in related links that should be helpful.
Stanley Gibbons Balkans catalog, 5th edition, last published in May 2009 lists all Yugoslavian stamps, complete with useful information and color illustrations to aid identification. ISBN 13: 978-0-85259-711-8 ISBN 10: 0-85259-711-8 It will be just one "orientation" to use catalog, it is not that...
Its Called Convertible Mark (Konvertibilna Marka (KM) )