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Area is a quantity expressing the two-dimensional size of a defined part of a surface; typically a region bounded by a closed curve. This category includes questions related to the formula for calculating the Area of a surface or how to determine the Area of a surface.
Answer: 1,742,400 ft² = 40 acres.
The gill is a unit of measurement for volume equal to a quarter of a pint.
You can calculate as follows: * Convert the 4 inches to feet. * Multiply the area by the thickness. The result, so far, will bein cubic feet. * Multiply this by the density of the base. If you have the densityin pounds per cubic foot, the answer will be in pounds. * Convert that to pounds.
980 square feet. Just multiply length by width - the answer is the square footage.
11 * 16 = 176 square feet
12' x 20' = 240 square feet
2152.78 Sq Feet. 1 Sq meter = 10.763 sq feet
New York is the most populated city in the USA, but Los Angeles has more area.
Feet to Linear Feet? Question not Clear . 100 Feet IS 100 Linear Feet.. If you wanted to know how many linear feet would give you 100 square feet, you would take the square root of 100, which is 10... SO a 10 x 10 linear foot area would be 100 square feet, and a 100 x 100 Linear foot area would...
Ohio, USA - 44,825 square miles ( 34th largest of the 50 US states ).
You can fit nine 4x4 tiles in one squre foot (3 tiles wide by 3 tiles long). 56 square feet times 9 = 504. Add about 10% for cutting a/o waste (50 tiles) and you should buy around 550 tiles to complete the job. Good luck.
7.36649737 × 10 9 square feet.
One of the most confusing and misleading metrics in the homebuilding and home selling business is area - the "size" of ahouse. The problem is that there's no adopted standard; everyone measuresit differently. There has been a move in the past few years tocreate a universal standard like the one...
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576 feet x 12 inches in a foot = 6912 inches 6912 inches/18 inches per tile = 384 tiles
You cannot convert square inches to inches. Square inches are unitsused to measure area and inches are units of length. You cannotconvert one to the other.
43,560 square feet = 1 acre A square that measures 50 feet on every side has an area of (50 x50) = 2,500 square ft. 2,500 square feet = (2,500 / 43,560) = 0.0574 of an acre (rounded)
1,850 square feet equates to about 172 square meters.
you multiply acres (500 in this case) by 43,560 to get square feet.
A square meter is larger than a square yard.
A square meter is larger. A square yard consists of an area 3 feet by 3 feet, producing an area of 9 square feet. A square meter is an area roughly 3.28 feet by 3.28 feet, producing an area of roughly 10.76 square feet.
1 acre = 43,560 square feet 0.1 acre = (0.1 x 43,560) = 4,356 square feet
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There are 640 acres in one square mile. 0.5mi x 0.5mi = 0.25mi^2 = 640 x 0.25 = 160 acres
100 square yards is the same as 83..6 square meters.
The formula for the area (A) of a circle is A = π r 2 - where r is the radius. The diameter (d) of a circle is twice the radius. The area of circle having a diameter of 24 ft is A = π 12 2 = 144π = 452.39 sq ft (2dp)
A marla in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh equals one square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square meters.
A room that is 12' x 15' would be 180 square feet.
1 (square yard) = 9 square feet . 1 (square foot) = 0.11 square yards
86.88 square meters = about 935.17 square feet.
one foot Cubed. one foot 3 one foot X one foot X one foot
A farm in Kansas must have a minimum of 20 acres used foragricultural operations.
Answer: 5,000 ft² = 0.114784 acres (a little less than 1/8th of an acre).
20,000 square meters is two hectares.
1 foot = 12 inches 1 sq ft = 12 x 12 = 144 sq in Floor area = 12 x 14 = 168 sq ft = 168 x 144 = 24192 sq in
734.4' x 160' = 3.4 acres
There are 11,168 feet in 3,404 meters.
You need a third dimension to provide a cubic measurement.
Approximately 17.2% of an acre.
33.3 square feet. .
I do not know what a "metter" is but 12 feet is about 3.66 meters
It depends on the shape of the area. For a shape with that area,the distance around(perimeter) is: Square:1.58 miles Circle: 1.40 miles Equilateral Triangle: 1.80 miles
55 US gallons equates to 7.35 cubic feet.
You find the area for every single side of the object (base xheight) and sum it up to get the surface area. For example: to findthe surface area of a cube, you would use the formula of 6a^2 (or 6x a x a). To further explain that: because a cube has 6 identicalsides and the measurement of base and...
Answer: 10.7 acres = 0.016718 mi²
59.02 square meters equates to about 635.3 square feet.
The area of the Republic of South Africa is approximately 1,219,912square kilometers or 471,008 square miles.
One square meter equals 1.196 square yards.
24 x 32 = 768 square feet.
6 feet by 10 feet is 60 square feet.
One acre is 43,560 square feet.
28 square meters equals 301.4 square feet.
dependent on height, therefore volume, is there a gas bill to accompany it ?....how big are the windows ? all things taken into consideration ,pay no more than £250 per annum. if you live in a 1700 sq foot home work it out yourself from your yearly statemen over the last five years..add it up and...
Area of a circle = (Pi)(Radius) 2
883 acres is 1.38 square miles.
2500 sq ft = 2500*12*12 sq inches = 360000 sq inches. This would suggest that 360000/(247*123) = 11.8 ie 11 items would fit. HOWEVER, it all depends on the configuration of the 2500 sq foot area. If, for example, that area is 10 ft * 250 ft then NOT A SINGLE item will fit in it. The width of the...
1 sq yard = 1 yard * 1 yard = 3 ft * 3 ft = 9 sq feet So 131 sq yards = 131*9 = 1179 sq feet.
It is 69,898 square mles.
The total area of the Bahamas is 13,880 sq km. Of this, 10,010 sq km is land and the remaining 3,870 sq km is water.
1 sq metre = 10.764 sq feet.
Square feet is a measure of area and does not have to be square. The area of a triangle is 0.5*base*height where the base and height are expressed in feet. (The height is the vertical distance from the apex t the base.)
90 feet equates to about 27.4 meters.
1 square metre is equal to 3.25 feet squared, so simply divide 650 by (3.25 x 3.25) to give the answer, which is 61.54 square metres. (2 d.p.) That is based on using the U.K. imperial foot, which also equals 12 U.K. inches.
If your aplication rate is 300 lbs per acre of 13/13/13, you need 100 lbs of 13/13/13.
Afghanistan is slightly smaller then the US State of Texas.
Asia comprises 43,820,000 square kilometers.
gaz is nothing but Square Yard. 1 Acre = 4840 gaz (220 gaz long and 22 gaz wide) .
Convert $24.85 USD per square yards to square meters
68,151 square miles of land ( an additional 1,747 square miles is water ).
There are 9 square feet in a square yard . So 1100divided by 9 equals 122.222 .... the decimal 2 repeatsforever and is a recurring decimal.
No, a hectare is much bigger. A hectare is equal to 10,000 meterssquare.
22 acres is equal to about 16.64 Americanfootball fields..
Any room where the length times the width equals 59.
16 square yards equals 144 square feet.
12feet/3=4yards 11feet/3=11/3yards 4yards*11/3yards=44/3sq yards as a decimal fraction 44/3=14.6666666666
I assume you mean cubic yards (some of us are really rigorous about our units) 600 ftxft (1/3yards/ft)(1/3yards/ft) = 600 (1/9)yards 2 = 66 2/3 yards 2 4 inch (1/12 ft/inch) = 1/3 ft 1/3 ft (1/3)yard/ft = 1/9 yards 66.66666666 yards 2 x 1/9 yards = 7.41 yards 3
an acre is a unit of area, a mile is a unit of length. The two are not inter-related.
The state of New Jersey has a total area (land and water) of8,722.58 square miles making it 47th in size.
The Hershey Company, known until April 2005 as the Hershey FoodsCorporation and commonly called Hershey's, is the largest chocolatemanufacturer in North America
14.14213562 or 10 rad 2 which is 10 radical sign and 2 underneaththe radical sign.
Multiply Kilogram by 0.00981 NOTE: Kilogram is a unit of mass, and Kilonewton is a unit of force. The above conversion is only useful for an object at rest on the Earth's surface. At that point, the force (kN) exerted on an object is equal to the mass (kg) multiplied by the acceleration due to...
Answer: 2500 ft² = 232.257 m²
2 feet is 2 feet.
This cannot be answered since a linear foot is a measure of lengthwhile a square foot is a measure of area.
A 14 x 7 foot room has an area of 9.1 square meters.
Wise County, Virginia has a total area of 405 square miles.
0.08 hectares is 800 square meters. ( hectares x 10,000 = squaremeters )
France covers a total area of 640,679 square miles.