Southeast Asian country formerly named Burma but renamed Myanmar in 1989
The Panglong Agreement was signed and passed on February 12, 1947 after which on January 4, 1948, Myanmar achieved its full independence under the British colony for more than a century.
Myanmar imports several items into their country. Myanmar's mainimports are, machinery, tires, pharmaceutical products, polymers,construction equipment, fuel, vegetable oil, and vehicles.
Myanmar is developing. If you look at pictures you can see buildings, and you can see people living in villages.
kyaw zaw who was army colonel in u nu regime.he is retired army office who is very friendly with aung san founder of communist part of burma. aung san is the father of daw suu kyi of NLD
Well that's a very good question but they were awarded the burma star right after the pacific star, this was because they had successfully landed on the Feircnh Beach and eliminated the 15th Gedisch Infantry. The reason why there was confusion is because when they were awarded rumors had...
gas, wood products, pulses, beans, fish, rice, clothing, jade and gems
It is because USA is so rich and Burma is so poor. It is also the reason why USA is so rich and India is so poor. Colonists stole lands and resources and became rich while poor countries did not invade and kill and became so poor. China is also a poor country. It was invaded for the past 200 years...
Myanmar or Burma is not really poor. Because Myanmar has lots of natural resources such as jade, ruby, gold and take etc.. We can say Myanmar is one of the best riches in natural resource in the World. But the government authority is so bad. They only do business for their family. They don't care...
She was fighting for democracy in her homeland.
678,500 square kilometres
Burma (AKA Myanmar) is in the Continent of Asia .
There is no desert in Myanmar.
The Union of Burma (NCUB) works on democratic principles to achieve a democratic federal system in Burma.
The largest earthquake recorded was in 1960 in Chile. It was a 9.5.
the allies used this rout to carry supplies from India to china
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I'm almost definite that japan invaded Burma from Jan 15 to May 15 1942. They gained a lot by doing that.
No, it was a monarchy back in the 1800s, but later was colonized by the British. Now the military regime rule.
Than Shwe cam to power in 1992, by rising through ranks of the Burma military. He is still in power as of hte present day, rumors say he will be giving up his power to the civilians of Burma this year.
You would cross the bay of bengal and the bay of Sean
because of government rebellion.
No, because the government takes too much money from the people and they kill the people if they don't like them.. It is not a democratic government and the people don't have many freedoms. This is proven by the results of the recent protests there; journalists were kicked out of the country and...
Britain captures Mandalay after a brief battle and Burma becomes a province of British India.
With a fair wind 45 degrees against you, it would take about a week.
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Gross human rights violations
mountain passes that have affected military campaigns
Yes, they do have uniforms. but, their uniforms are white and green in color and traditional costumes.
When US starts sanction on Myanmar.
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The conflict started as soon as decolonization began in 1948. The genocide began in 1962, after the first military coup d'etat
It is one and the same thing. The area of Burma is part of the Union of Myanmar. It is located in an area called IndoChina and is bordered by China, Thailand and some other small South East Asian places.
china, india, vietnam,
It is the statutes of the Myanmar drug trafficking of your mom went to college!
Myanmar is also known as Burma
Before its conquest by the British, Burma was called Myanmar.
Burma has the southeastern neighbor of Thailand. Thailand's capital is Bangkok.
U Zwe Ohn Chein was a Burmese (Myanmar) inventor,writer and teacher, best known for inventing a Burmese shorthandtechnique In the 1950s.
I could be wrong but seem to recall the very Jungle-movie sounding Irawaddy ( sounds like Daddy-Waddy of Winchell-mahoney fame) Irawaddy river.
Bacterial blight is one of the most serious desease in Myanmar rice growing areas especially at the road side areas. Such areas are shaded with road side shading trees, poorly drained. Paddy fields beside the raod sides were mostly suffered from that disease. Even though blight appearance could be...
Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Might include Thailand, since US Servicemen stationed there were part of the war in Southeast Asia.
new burma also called as ruby from bankok
There is lots of animals living in Burma such as tigers, white tigers cattle and deer.
Burma, now called Myanmar, in mainland, Southeast Asia.
The Ayeyarwady River is the major river flowing through Myanmar. Amongst other significant rivers are Salween and Mekong.
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Of course not.
Most Burmese people are strong Buddhists, however, I would think refugees would change to whatever suited there future situation.
Yangon , also known as Rangoon , is a former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of Yangon Region .
From 1962 and is still going on today.
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Burma is a country located west of Bangledash and south east of Thailand.
Latitude: 16°48′N Longitude: 96°09′E
Basically there was only one main cause, which was a dispute of wages , but other underlying facts were . Political Disadvantages . Poor Health and educational facilities . Inadequate housing . Racial segregation
The Tiger is the national animal of Myanmar.
Uganda is located in East Africa and Kenya and Tanzania are in EastAfrica
Answer: Seagrave "Burma Surgeon" sequel . Seagrave published the sequel to "Burma Surgeon", aptly enough titled "Burma Surgeon Returns" in 1946. Publisher was W. W. Norton, binding is hardcover exactly the same as for the original "Burma Surgeon". The sequel reads like the second volume of a...
In Burma not everyone has the right to vote. However, the climateis changing somewhat and the future, presently, looks fairly good.
Myanmar comprises 261,970.3 square miles of total area.
Burma was once part of the British Empire. More specifically, the UK placed Burma as part of her Indian Empire. The British sought the minerals, and precious gems that Burma had. It won its freedom in 1937.
A number of things but the top three are wood, rice, and pulses. exports; are mainly teak wood,rice,pulses,beans.they export about 6.1 billon dollars per year to thailand,india,china,and last but not least japan
The Blue of the flag of Myanmar represents peace and endurance; red symbolizes courage and gallantry; and white stands for purity and honor. There are also symbols and emblems on the flag. There is a cogwheel and some ears of rice which together represent the country's industry and agriculture,...