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Southeast Asian country formerly named Burma but renamed Myanmar in 1989
The Panglong Agreement was signed and passed on February 12, 1947 after which on January 4, 1948, Myanmar achieved its full independence under the British colony for more than a century.
Myanmar imports several items into their country. Myanmar's main  imports are, machinery, tires, pharmaceutical products, polymers,  construction equipment, fuel, vegetable oil, and vehicles.
Myanmar is developing. If you look at pictures you can see buildings, and you can see people living in villages.
Burma is a country. it is very beautiful. But the government is very bad.
Myanmar or Burma is not really poor. Because Myanmar has lots of natural resources such as jade, ruby, gold and take etc.. We can say Myanmar is one of the best riches in natural resource in the World. But the government authority is so bad. They only do business for their family. They don't care...
678,500 square kilometres
There is no desert in Myanmar.
No, it was a monarchy back in the 1800s, but later was colonized by the British. Now the military regime rule.
Than Shwe cam to power in 1992, by rising through ranks of the Burma military. He is still in power as of hte present day, rumors say he will be giving up his power to the civilians of Burma this year.
You would cross the bay of bengal and the bay of Sean
The foods vary from region to region in Myanmar. The traditional food is rice and carry. for about regional food ask www.myanmartravel.com
because of government rebellion.
No, because the government takes too much money from the people and they kill the people if they don't like them.. It is not a democratic government and the people don't have many freedoms. This is proven by the results of the recent protests there; journalists were kicked out of the country and...
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Gross human rights violations
Yes, they do have uniforms. but, their uniforms are white and green in color and traditional costumes.
When US starts sanction on Myanmar.
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It is one and the same thing. The area of Burma is part of the Union of Myanmar. It is located in an area called IndoChina and is bordered by China, Thailand and some other small South East Asian places.
china, india, vietnam,
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Myanmar is also known as Burma
U Zwe Ohn Chein was a Burmese (Myanmar) inventor,  writer and teacher, best known for inventing a Burmese shorthand  technique In the 1950s.
Bacterial blight is one of the most serious desease in Myanmar rice growing areas especially at the road side areas. Such areas are shaded with road side shading trees, poorly drained. Paddy fields beside the raod sides were mostly suffered from that disease.Even though blight appearance could be...
Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Might include Thailand, since US Servicemen stationed there were part of the war in Southeast Asia.
new burma also called as ruby from bankok
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Of course not.
Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is a former capital of  Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of Yangon Region.
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Burma is a country located west of Bangledash and south east of Thailand.
  Latitude: 16°48′N Longitude: 96°09′E
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Myanmar comprises 261,970.3 square miles of total area.
The Blue of the flag of Myanmar represents peace and endurance; red symbolizes courage and gallantry; and white stands for purity and honor. There are also symbols and emblems on the flag. There is a cogwheel and some ears of rice which together represent the country's industry and agriculture,...
Children under 18years old is 19 million
according to online they do have ethnic minorities
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no its not a state
because of the beautiful landmarks and of the power and trading that they had.
Senior General Than Shwe.
The largest cities in mainland shouteast asia is chiniese
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No! Myanmar had a Prime Minister up until 2011 March 30th when the position was merged into that of the President.
It depends on what civilizations you consider to be Burmese. The  Pyu City States of 200 B.C.E. are typically considered the oldest  Burmese civilization.
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The national flower of Myanmar is Padauk
It had a king but now it has a president
Rich in natural resources, Burma was once one of the wealthiest countries in Southeast Asia. Today, after 37 years of military rule and isolationist policies, it is one of the poorest; and it has the second worst human rights record in the world, after Algeria.Burma is situated in Southeast Asia...
16.97 (births per 1000 persons in 2009)...
The people of Myanmar elected Aung San Suu  Kyi.But the military leaders of Myanmar refused to  step down and did not accept the election's results . Besides , the  military put the elected pro-democracy leaders , including Aung San  Suu Kyi,under house arrest . Aung San Suu Kyi continued her ...
Chillon is the national game of Myanmar
The country formerly known as Myanmar is BURMA
because its under military rule and people are not free to choose their leaders or to vote the whole power is in the hands of the military general
Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi is 72 years old (birthdate: June 19, 1945).
Rubies - 90% of the world's rubies come from Myanmar, and blue sapphires. Also jade, but it's less valuable than the previous two gemstones.
The question as posed gives no specifics on the country in question. As a result. It is impossible to give any decent answer. Every country responds to its citizens differently. Some are very motivated to satisfy the plebiscite's demands, some are very motivated to crush all dissent, and others are...
Absolutely! Unfortunately I know first hand.
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Historically, Myanmar has been under military rule since 1962. It is a dictatorship in which no one has the right to vote and they have a very miserably life . In the 1970s, the military government brutally suppressed student protests at leading Burmese Academic Institutions. In the late 1980s,...
they don't have equal voting rights
Myanmar is the present name
  From what I hear on the news it appears to be the military government therein. Quite why that is I do not know: Burma, as it was formerly, appears to be devastated. It's very sad.
no one knows yet - 50,000 perhaps   === Update: ===   As of 1400 hrs on may 7, 2008 EST, as many as 100000 are estimated