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Chinese Language and Culture

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Chinese language and culture is unique to the mainland Asia. The language is a part of the Sino-Tibetan family of language that has 12 different regional variations, while the culture is represented by the 58 ethnic groups spread across China.
Tai Chi has been well known in China for being an immenselyvaluable general health practice (if you practice Tai Chiregularly, most health problems go away). In the philosophy of Tai Chi, it is said Chi (life energy) followsthe mind, each posture and movement creates a different energy flowthat,...
Did you mean how did I learn chinese? I took it through middle school and high school. I'm assuming that you are wondering the best way to learn. If your school doesn't offer it, or if you are no longer in school, then you could sign up for courses at a night school, or take an online course.
The Dragon is the 3rd lunar month of the year or the month of Aprilin the Gregorian calendar.
The Chinese language consists of only characters and no actual"letters". However, the character "啊" corresponds to "ah!", whichis an "a" sound.
used to exaggerate something..or grand, as in the grand from 'grandmother' etc.
It means brother in Korean
There is no alphabet in written Chinese, but a collection of tensof thousands of characters, if not more.
1963, was the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.
In ancient China's society, 9 is biggest than other single no. Andfrom the pronoucation, 9 means for ever. So, it remind people thatthis no. is the biggest and will last for ever, it also used as thesimble of the King.
Chinese scrolls are like Egyptian scrolls, Spanish scrolls, andIrish scrolls. They are used for documents, important papers,books, almost anything you can think of that would be in a booknowadays.
! (ni hao) lol 1. wǒ I / me / myself 2. yě also / too 3. zhēn de really / truly / genuinely 4. xǐ huan to like / to be fond of 5. bǎo bèi treasured object / treasure / darling / baby / cowry / good-for-nothing or queer character So, "I...
"夢", pronounced "mèng".
The Chinese number systems derived from the number systems thatwere in use in the Shang Dynasty.
1988 is the year of the Rabbit. From BEST to WORST rabbits getalong with Rat, Goat, Ox, Monkey, Dog, Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon,Horse. You do not get along with Snakes or Roosters
I think its classical chinese
it helped by saving time and making everything easier
It depends on the year you were born not the month.
Latin and German are western languages, so they use letters just like how we write English. Japanese, Chinese and Arabic are eastern languages, so instead of using letters, they use characters that consists of strokes.
é´¨ "ngaap." The "ng" (which sounds like the "gna" of "gnarly" whicha bit more of an emphasis on the "g") sound is much softer than the"aap" sound.
The Spring Festival is the New Year's Day for the Chinese lunar calendar. For this reason, it is more commonly called Chinese New Year. It always falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20 in the Gregorian calendar.
The month animal suggests how a person expresses themselvesemotionally and in their personal relationships. The Chinese zodiacanimal associated with January is the Ox.
Using the Chinese zodiac, year 1962 was the year of the WaterTiger. The zodiac are for those who was born between February 5,1962 and January 24, 1963.
If you're writing "I'm sorry" in Chinese, it is 對不起 (Traditional).But in spoken form, it would take the form of "dui (duy) mm ju". It's hard to explain through words without audio, but the "ju" islike a mix between "Jake' and "Juke". Neither too much of an "a"sound, nor too much of an...
If you were born in January of 1957 your birth animal would be theMonkey. If you were born February or later of 1957 your animal is theRooster.
1/31/1957-2/17/1958 was the year of the Rooster, If however you were born 1/1/1956-1/301957 then you would still have been under the previous year which was the year of the Monkey.
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Chinese people are Chinese because they have lived and derived from China. That is similar to saying "Why are American people American?".
They can reach a 1000 metres or mile in height.
2 words.......... not much
Ahem! They are Beijing (Capital City), Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.
the national parliament of china
Mano i.e. spanish meaning "hand" Po i.e. particle of the tagalog language showing respect to superiors e.g. arents elders etc.
The year you were born is the Chinese Year (animal) you are. Rat: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960 Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961 Tiger: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962 Rabbite: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963 Dragon: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964 Snake: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965 Horse: 2014, 2002...
The Chinese zodiac system is important as it relates to the cultural history of the Chinese people and their strong belief in fortune and luck. Therefore, the animals of the zodiac, and one's identification with each animal, traditionally governed many important choices in Chinese life such as...
The main colour in a facial makeup symbolizes the disposition of the character.. Gold and silver colours are usually used for gods and spirits.. Red indicates devotion, courage bravery, uprightness and loyalty.. Black symbolizes roughness and fierceness. The black face indicates either a rough and...
2006, was the Chinese Year of the Dog.
There are many reasons to learn about China's history and cultures or any country's history or culture. If for nothing else just to better educate yourself in regards to world history. Just because China and the US are on the other sides of the world does not mean their histories are not linked....
In China , some segments of society who think they are "advanced" discourage discussion of the old ways, herbal remedies, accupuncture etc.
There are many large cities (by population size) found in China.The largest include Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, as well asShantou.
If you mean the English word "yo" as in "Yo, what's up?" then I'mafraid there is no equivalent. As "Yo" seems to be a form of aexclamation used to greet someone, attract their attention, orexpress excitement, there are currently no Chinese equivalents forthis exclamation.
The Great Wall of China stretches from Shanhaiguan in China to Lop Nur in Mongolia.
In the contemporary Chinese written language, there are currentlytwo standard character sets: Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese characters are currently used in Hong Kong,Macau, and Republic of China (Taiwan). While traditional characterscan still be read and understood by...
(酸奶) suan nai
Travel to Manchuria, Learn the Manchurian language, and Marry Manchus
1937 was the Chinese Year of the Ox.
stone and tools made from iron.
I think you mean the great-wall.
because of there bright colors like:red yellow and gold
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In general, Chinese will exercise by dancing at the park with a group of friends (usually 30 or more), do taichi. Actual sports, Chinese play soccer, ping pong, baseball, basketball, as well as many others.
The dragonfly means a variety of things in Chinese. The dragonflymeans power, poise, maturity and a depth of character.
A large quantity of manufactured goods are made in China. This includes technology such as televisions, stereos, ipods, and cell phones. It also includes clothing, shoes, and other daily used items.
Chinese religion tkes place after budism while Japanese is more of a zen masters religion where the practitioner empteis his mind of all thoughts to gain enlightenment.
我想看你 Wǒ xiǎng kàn nǐ
A cantonese lamp with the initials C.L. is Chinese lanturn
Chinese New Year isthe longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.The Chinese year 4713 begins on Feb. 19, 2015 . Chinesemonths are reckoned by the lunar calendar, with each monthbeginning on the darkest day..
The Filipinos got their strong family ties and the respect for elders from the Chinese.
Water Snake. Water Snakes are influential and insightful. They manage others well and tend to be good for organizations to utilize as staff.
It means grandma :) When the wife calls her mother in law, it's Po Po.
"Hello everybody" in Chinese is 大家好 (da-jia-hao).
china people who speak fluent mandarine or cantonese
hi~it sometimes in Jan. Actually,chinese new year is in January on the lunar calendar,not according to your solar calendar. ps:my English is poor ,but I hope it is helpful.
It's certainly been true historically that the first to discover a place are not necessarily the ones who develop it. The Native Americans, the Chinese and the Norse all had been to America, but obviously the Spanish and English developed it the most. Likewise, while America reached the moon...
in a legend they use fireworks to scare away a dragon called 'nian'
The Zodiac representative on the placemats in Chinese restaurants is the Chinese Zodiac which runs from February of one year to February of the next year. The Chinese Zodiac is different than the Western Zodiac we are familiar with.
The hungry ghost festival is celebrated in China on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. In 2010 this falls on 24th August.
There is no large Chinese population in the Middle East, but it is increasing, especially in Iran since most other countries will not assist the Iranians in drilling for oil (due to the sanctions). There is also a Chinese guest-worker population in Israel in the few hundreds. However, the Middle...
"wo xi huan ni"(我喜欢你)
My friend Maria Filipina Lumingkit said that they are a half Chinese family? Is it true? I'M CALLING THE CHINESE. If there is Lumingkit family in CHINA.
Its Chinese name is 招财猫 [zhāo cái māo]. It is often put on the cash desk of a business for welcoming customers and calling wealth.
The Qing dynasty was overthrown. It is also referred to as the Ch'ing, Manchu, and a few other names.
Chinese new year has a lot of names in Mandarin. Such as 春节(chūn jié),过年(guò nián),除夕(chú xī ),过新年(guò xīnnián )。 From HujiangChinese
Chinese pinyin: li shi (利是) it's pronounced like LIE shee
yes every year there is a different zodiac.
it's said like this: knee pa ling toaw
Super Star by S.H.E. and Tong Hua by Guang Liang are some of the popular Mandarin Chinese songs. They're both good.
The Chinese zodiac for January 16, 2009 is the Rat.
It is mainly year of the Pig, the earlier part of 1971 (January and perhaps include part of February) is still part of the year of the Dog because Chinese New Year follows the Lunar Calendar, not the solar or Gregorian Calendar. The year of the Dog formed the bulk of the preceding year 1970.
you shouldn't sweep or clean as Chinese ancestors say that you are sweeping away your good luck for the year.
Just that you will be better in tune with the universal (God)energies of that year.
yes only if they are 7 pounds and seven ounces
The Chinese zodiac for 1960 will depend on your birthdate. The Year of the Pig (February 7, 1959 - January 27, 1960) or the Year of the Rat (January 28, 1960 - February 14, 1961).
中文zhongwen 汉语hanyu
French: Ami (AH-mee) Japanese: Tomodachi (toh-moh-DAH-chee) Spanish: Amigo (ah-MEE-goh)
That's the pinyin for 俄罗斯 [éluósī] It means Russia
新年快樂!"sun leen fai lok" (The "fai" sounds like "fight" without a "t". Like, "WiFi" withoutthe "Wi".) If you want to get fancier with this, you can add "祝你" (zhoknei/nae) in front of it. 祝你新年快樂! Wish you a happy new year!