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Tennis is one of the original events at the first Summer Olympics in 1896. However, it was removed in the 1924 Summer Olympics and after two appearances as a demonstration sport, the event became a full medal sport since 1988.
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it was put in the summer Olympics in 1934.
The International Tennis Federation site states that a net shall be  suspended by a cord or metal cable which shall pass over or be  attached to two net posts at a height of 3 ½ feet (1.07 m). The  height of the net shall be 3 feet (0.914 m) at the centre.
You stand behind the white line at the back of the court. This is known as the base line.
Federer - The Fed ExpressSampras- Pistol PeteAndy Roddick- A. RodDjokovic- The Djoker
The simple answer is that they don't play it. To master a sport requires practise.
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No. All of the sounds you hear are picked up by parabolic microphones stationed around the court, so you hear every squeak of a shoe and every grunt on a two-handed backhand shot. If the players address the umpire, they usually have to walk toward the middle of the court to be heard.
this year the winners for both men and women get 1 million pounds.
Real Tennis predates organised Lawn Tennis by nearly 100 years.The Real Tennis championship is not a tournament as such.in that it is held on a challenge basis.A player can challenge the reigning champion,who can decline or accept any challenge.So in 1840,there was in fact only 1 match which was won...
Tennis player Song Dong-wook is 54 years old (birthdate: August 20, 1962).
Els Callens is 46 years old (birthdate: August 20, 1970).
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  == Answer ==   That depends on the federation that the event is played under. In tournaments played under the International Tennis Federation rules, balls are changed after the first 9 games, then after the next 11 games, then after the next 9 games, then after the next 11 games, and so on...
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Yes it can be bad for your elbow. As you develop your tennis skills, you may experience heavier racquets that could sometimes hurt your elbow. If you notice that your elbow throbs, see a doctor. There is such a thing as "tennis elbow" and it is where the inside part of your elbow is enflamed.
A regulation-size tennis court is a rectangle, 78 feet (23.77 m) long and, for singles matches, 27 feet (8.23 m) wide. For doubles matches, the court is 36 feet (10.97 m) wide.
No. Tennis star Paradorn Srichaphan of Thailand competed in two Olympic Games (2000 and 2004) without winning a medal. He was defeated in the second round in 2000 by Magnus Norman of Sweden and in the first round in 2004 by Joachim Johansson of Sweden.
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There are alot but the only few that I know are Serena Williams(USA), Chris ga Guccione(AUS) ,Roger Federer(Switzerland) , Rafael Nadal(Spain (I think) ), Olga Govorstova(BLR), and James Blake(USA).
  Men's single Andre Agassi   Woman's single Lindsay Davenport   pls ref: http://www.itftennis.com/olympics/history/medallists/
if you hit the ball and it bounces out of the court, the other team gets a point and they get to serve
Please Refer to http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRM/ENG/Schedule/TE.shtml   Currently, all Tennis matches have ended.
The distance around the tennis court is 36 because 8+10+8+10=36
The 2008 Games in Beijing will be Leander Paes' fourth Olympics (1996, 2000, 2004). He won the bronze medal in men's singles at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.
Ladies Singles gold medalists in tennis:   1900 - Charlotte Cooper, Great Britain 1908 - Dorothea Chambers, Great Britain (outdoor event) and Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith, Great Britain (indoor event) 1912 - Marguerite Broquedis, France (outdoor) and Edith Hannam, Great Britain (indoor) 1920 -...
  Its played outside but if it rains or something it just gets delayed.
Tennis became an Olympic sport in 1826. After being discontinued in 1924 it was brought back in 1988.When did tennis become an Olympic event How can tennis have beeen introduced into the Olympics as a sport in 1826 if it was only invented in 1873 by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield and patented as...
Steffi Graff an impressive 29
  == Answer ==   The general rule of thumb is to first determine how many times per week you play tennis. The number of times you play per week should equal the number of times you have your racquet restrung each year. For example, if you generally play 3 times a week then you should have...
These were the results.    Men's Singles Gold: Nicolás Massú from Chile. Silver: Mardy Fish from United States. Bronze: Fernando González from Chile.    Men's Doubles Gold: Fernando González and Nicolás Massú from Chile. Silver: Nicolas Kiefer and Rainer Schüttler from...
  Nicolas Massu won gold.
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15 October 1981 (age 30)Moscow, then Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
  It is often forgotten that tennis was one of the original nine Olympic sports in Athens in 1896. Ireland's John Boland defeating Dionysios Kasdaglis of Greece to become the first Olympic tennis champion.   http://www.itftennis.com/olympics/history/medallists/
Lleyton Hewitt Rafael NadalRoger Federer and probably Pete SamprasSorry I don't know anymore for sure..Amended answerTennis was not on the list of Olympic sports from 1928-1984.Upon resumption the men's singles champions are as follows;1988 Miroslav Mecir.1992 Marc Rossett.1996 Andre Agassi.2000...
Through the 2008 Games in Beijing ... 1 ... a gold in men's doubles (with partner Stanislas Wawrinka) at the 2008 Games in Beijing.
Tennis was an event at the first Modern Olympics in 1896. It was contested every Olympics until 1924. It was then dropped from the Games and did not return as a medal event until 1988.
Men's Singles: Nicolás Massú from Chile won the Gold Medal.
Juan Martín del PotroArgentina (ARG)Juan Martín del PotroArgentina (ARG)
Andrea Hlaváčková and Lucie HradeckáCzech Republic (CZE)
Serena Williams and Venus WilliamsUnited States (USA)
  You must be 16 or turning 16 the year of Olympics to compete in them.
Canadian tennis player Daniel Nestor is 45 years old (born Danijel Nestorovic , September 4, 1972).
All of the Olympic tennis rules are in the related links section.
It helps them in a way to put more power into there hit so they have a better chance of winning the match.
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There is a play-off for the bronze medal, only one is awarded per event.
These were the results: Men's Singles Gold: Nicolás Massú from Chile. Silver: Mardy Fish from United States. Bronze: Fernando González from Chile. Men's Doubles Gold: Fernando González and Nicolás Massú from Chile. Silver: Nicolas Kiefer and Rainer Schüttler from Germany. Bronze:...
well i hope the ticket money is cheap cause some woman tennis doubles for the Olympics is like 100/150 dollars to get in maybe
They are both (Men's Singles & Men's Doubles) over
Yes, Roger Federer has won a gold medal in the Men's Doubles at the Olympic Games. This was won at the 2008 Beijing Games. He has also won a silver medal in the Men's Singles at the 2012 London Olympics.
Britain during the 1880s
Because tennis is a sport
The Men's Doubles at the 1996 Olympics was won by Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde of Australia.
  Generally, Yes it is. Both for Women's and Men's
  Men's single Miloslav Mecir (TCH)   Woman's single Steffi Graf (FRG)   ref   http://www.itftennis.com/olympics/history/medallists/
Andy Murray, Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan, Serena Williams, Serena Williams and Venus Williams, & Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi won the gold medals for 5 events of Men's singles, Men's doubles, Women's singles, Women's doubles, & Mixed doubles
yes, it is an original Olympic sport.
These were the results.. Men's Singles Silver: Mardy Fish from United States. Bronze: Fernando González from Chile. Men's Doubles Silver: Nicolas Kiefer and Rainer Schüttler from Germany. Bronze: Mario Ančić and Ivan Ljubičić from Croatia.
  It has already taken place on 17 Aug, 3:30pm(GMT+8).