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The Greek philosopher and teacher who formulated the basis for much of today's modern science. This category is designed to collect questions about his life, methods, and discoveries.
The school's name was the Periapetic school. Periapetic means walk in Greek. He named it this, because he had long talks with his smarter students while walking through the gardens of Lesbos.
Aristotle had two wives his first was Pythias, who died. Then he married Herpyllis who together they had a child named Nichomachus.
when theycould have chosen to study at the University of Oxford, ... Thebanned propositions ... the theologians desired to condemnAristotle's teachings on the ....
Animal's classifications were done by the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). For this reason, he is known as the Father of Zoology. The animals were divided into two main groups: 1. Anaima : Animals without red blood comprise this group, which is further subdivided into...
Aristotle proposed that fleas are spontaneously produced fromputrefying matter. Reference: The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science ISBN-10: 0670026743
The climax due to the role where the character must take on the problem
Aristotle married the niece of another of Plato's students - Hermias the king of Assos. His wife, Pythias, died ten years later.
Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who was Plato's student.
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." At this moment 0.00/1012345678910 "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." "Wit is educated insolence." "Nature does nothing uselessly." "This is the reason why mothers are more devoted to their children than...
Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived was born inStagira, Greece in 384 BC. He died in Chalcis, Greece in 322 BC.Aristotle wrote books based on philosophy, politics, history, andscience. He tutored Alexander the Great and created his ownphilosophical school named Lyceum. These are...
He was killed by a scared messanger when he was trying to find out the equation to the circumference of circles. There was an army invading and a messenger was sent to tell Aristotle. Aristotle said"DON'T DISTURB MY CIRCLES!!!!!" and the scared messenger murdered him.
Sorry, this Greek philosopher has no surname.
Yes. The advances in science since 2300+ years ago (when Aristotle lived) are huge. Science is constantly advancing. It has advanced since yesterday.
Aristotle believed that the man had sex with monkeys and not on women
Theistic means God, like saying holy God. So yes, he did. If, however, you mean "Did he write about a single God?" then no, he did not. In his time, polytheism was the only religion to Aristotle. There were Gods in everything and monotheism had not yet taken hold in Rome.
It depends on the definition you want to use of "tragic hero". But Cassius is not much of a hero anyway you look at it. He is jealous of Caesar, a kind of low snivelling attitude. He is constantly suggesting the politically realistic but very unheroic line to Brutus. After the murder, he uses his...
logic and reasoning/ Physiology
"the reader" b/c he studied a wide variety of subjects "Intelligence of the school" b/c he was Plato's best student "the Stagirite" b/c he was born in Stagira in N. Greece
Not without the help of air resistance. With plenty of air resistance, a small, light, wadded-up sheet of paper could fall faster than a big, heavy sheet of lead foil. In the absence of air resistance, the size, age, weight, mass, shape, race, creed, color, religion, political persuasion,...
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Aristotle was 18 at the time when he joined Plato's school, The Academy, and was born in 384 B.C. So if you subtract 18 from 384 you get the answer of 366 B.C.
his perversion of idealism is his absolutism,, when any one tries to enforce his ideals he becomes absolutist......... the dollowing points will show absolutism in Plato's political philosophical; absolutism in his concept of justice, in concept of philosopher ruler, absolutism in his concept...
Aristotle is Aristotle's first and only name. At that time in that place surnames were not used.
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Because the world without nature would be void of life. So no nature no life. So protect nature, don't contaminate.
He divided animals into two groups- those with red blood and those without it.
Aristotle believed that the audience would identify with a tragichero if they were neither too virtuous or too evil. He believedthat if they went too far to either side the common person wouldn'tbe able to identify with them.
By creating and building on the geocentric model and the scientificmethod, they influenced modern scientific thought.
no,aristotle didn't have any brothers or sisters
his subdivisions were via habitat
they disagreed on religion
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Yes, he was. Many of the plays in Athens concerned political thought as well as commentary on the gods.
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A friendship that is based on usefulness or pleasure without being there through the rough times may last a long time, but it won't be as close a friendship as sharing the hardships of life with each other and it is this that strengthens and binds two good friends together.
Aristotle divided plants into three types i.e. herbs, shrubs and trees and also divided animals into two categories, those having red blood cells and those which do not contain red blood cells. Linnaeus classified the two kingdom system i.e kingdom plantae and kingdom animalia.
Aristotle concluded that the world is round by realizing that the farther the ship goes the more of it disapears.
he thought the earth was the center of the universe and the sun and the planets orbiting the earth. but he was wrong.
This is a famous phrase, this phrase summarize Socrates' philosophyas well as any few words can. My translation is different from thetraditional one because the Greek does not only means that youshould submit your own life to examination but also examining thelives of others counts too - and it is...
Alexander was first tutored by the strict Leonidas, a relative ofhis mother, and by Lysimachus of Acarnania. In early childhoodAlexander was raised in the manner of noble Macedonian youths,learning to read, play the lyre, ride, fight, and hunt. When Alexander was 13, Philip began to search for a...
He classified plants on the basis of stem structure
Aristotle, while known for his scholarship, made many enemies with his politics.
Aristotle and his wife Pythias had one daughter named Pythias (yes they both had the same name. Aristotle and a handmaiden of his daughters had an illegitimate son named Nicomachus. Aristotle was a famous philosopher of the ancient Greece a rock star of the time so could have fathered several...
Born 384 BCE, Died 322 BCE.. Aristotle died On 7th March 322 BC. in Chalcis, Greece (An ancient city). According to Sir David Ross's ARISTOTLE, "in 322 he died of a disease to which he had long been subject."
Plato founded his famous teaching Academy in Athens ca. 387 BC. In 367, the ambitious and intellectually gifted Aristotle, then age 17, journeyed from his native city of Stagira, in Northern Greece, to Athens and Plato's Academy -- much as a promising young scholar today might travel to Cambridge or...
Aristotle classifies organisms by marine animals, land animals, andair animals. The method proved inadequate because it was notspecific enough.
Aristotle classified living things in very broad categories whichare land animals, marine animals and air animals. His method provedinadequate since it did not entail specific classifications.
It doesn't. But what makes a book fall faster (seemingly) than a feather or piece of paper (lets say) is air pressure, and the way it is shaped.
He based his morality upon whether the ruling party ruledfor the benefit of the people (good) or for the benefit of only theruling party (bad).
Plato believed in Education, he believed that the workforce should be educated and there should be prolong education. He also believed in heiracary, higher class and lower class. Division of labour, Selective breeding (within one's status) and he also believed that leaders are born. These are some...
Answer . aristotle stated once force is removed from an object it will stop. Galileo said an objects motion is stopped because of the force of friction
In his "Poetics," Aristotle explains that a tragic hero is going toevoke in the viewer (or spectator) either great pity or great fear,due to the tragic circumstances in which the hero is involved. Suchheroes will occupy noble or otherwise prominent positions in lifeor society and, most importantly,...
Aristotle argued that voids can't exist.
Heavy objects fall with the same acceleration as light objects, and reach the same speed after falling for the same length of time. If there's any difference noted, it's the result of air resistance, and the difference doesn't show up when there is no air. The reason is because that's how...
Philosophers were to be those that showed great promise early in their physical and mental training. They were to be unrestrained by familial or political desire-being provided everything they need by public rearing. Thus they were to have no egotistical interests in running the state. Also, of...
I do not know. That is why I'm asking you. Can you tell me anything about his parrot, named Psittace (sit a see) with the accent on the sit.
In Athens on emajor event that happened was that the Parthenon exploded.
Aristotle believed that neither the chicken or the egg came first.
It rains so plants and creatures can survive.
A political model used to compare political opinions is called apolitical spectrum.
Aristotle is famous due to the following reasons- 1. He made super contributions in physics as well as astronomy. 2. He is the father of biology. 3. He founded the sciences of logic, psychology and biology. 4. He was the student of Pluto. 5. He was the tutor of Alexander.
hero make mistakes in judgements
The audience knows more than the characters.
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They fall at the same rate in vaccum. However, air resistance can interfere with the fall and can alter the speed.
To be the best teacher of plato and all the other great thinkers of ancient greece!:) love my answer!? Did it help a little? A lot? Kinda?
Aristotle Was the first person to create a classification system.
No. Aristotle was not a god. There is only one true God, and thetrue God is the Father in heaven. God is God and therefore not man (Hosea 11:9).