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Solid State Physics

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Solid State Physics is the branch of physics that deals with the physical properties of solid materials, especially the electromagnetic, thermodynamic, and structural properties of crystalline solids.
As the material body travels at the speed of light its relativisticmass becomes infinite. Hence the kinetic energy too becomesinfinite which is not practically possible
Molecules that are in a solid are constantly moving around andvibrating. All states of matter possess molecules in them.
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Electrical current flows along the surface of a metal, so no, it does not flow through the core of a wire, just the surface.
Of course, gold and silver, platinum. Even copper and aluminum alloys have better conductivity.
because glass allthough look like as solid but in true sense it is present in liquid form, or semi solid form
stretchy!! The property of a body to recover its original size and shape when the external force are removed.
A microchip is an electronic device built as a single unit frommany miniature components mainly transistors.Microchips are made bybuilding up electronic circuits in a tiny wafer or pure silicon ina complicated layer-by-layer process.
Not all metals are magnetic; for example, graphite and aluminum. Additionally, a non-metal may be a magnet; for instance, O 2 , or oxygen gas, is paramagnetic.
Like in a gas when a solid gets hot the particles vibrate faster and harder. In a gas when the do this they need more room so the gas expands or the pressure goes up. In a solid the particles are constrained in their movement by the bonds making the solid. Never the less the particles vibrate...
When a particle is heated, it gains energy and starts to vibratemore quickly. When this happens to them, they go through a statechange from solid to liquid and then to gas.
You can reach the Sun in 8 minutes. Due to the speed of light, c = 3 · 10 8 m/s, and the distance between the Sun and us, 150 millions of km), it is inmediate to estimate, more or less, than the light that come from the Sun reaches the Earth in 8 minutes. From this fact it arises something...
When a magnet breaks, two similar magnets are formed. The pole formed at both the facing edges of the new magnets are similar (north-north or south-south). As like poles repel each other, the two magnets repel.\n
Such a strip is made from two metals with different expansion coefficients. When temperature changes it bends because of the different expansion of the two sides
every gas can be ionised, in fact, any chemical can be ionised.
The particles in a solid start to move faster and faster as they are heated. Eventually they may move fast and freely enough to reach the liquid state, and if they continue to be heated, the particles could obtain enough energy to leave the liquid state and go into the gaseous state.
Germanium diodes are more expensive than silicon ones, germanium isharder to process, germanium cannot be used to make integratedcircuits (while early prototype integrated circuits were germaniumthe wiring between the integrated components cannot be integratedmaking it too expensive for production),...
True. Some of these computers used hybrid integrated circuits (e.g. IBM System/360) and some used monolithic integrated circuits (e.g. Apollo Guidance Computer, Minuteman II Guidance Computer)
They move faster. The increased motion is measured by temperature. A substance can also change phase (melting, freezing, boiling, condensing, sublimating, depositing). This is because the particle are arranged differently but not necessarily moving faster.
It would weigh 1,342 pounds.
Derived traits are traits that appeared in the most recent common ancestor of the group and was passed on to it's decedents. Ancestral traits are inherited directly from the ancestor
A descriptive experimental study was made in both air and water of the temporally periodic motion that occurs in the vortex whistle and cyclone separator. The motion can be described in terms of an oscillator that derives its energy from hydrodynamic instability of the steady swirling flow and whose...
The Wikipedia lists the elastic limit for some materials, in the article "Yield (engineering)".
No. Only transverse waves can be polarized Ultrasonic wasves are sound waves, therefore are longitudinal.
Latent means present but not visible or apparent.
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It is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena atmicroscopic scales. Quantum mechanics departs from classicalmechanics primarily at the quantum realm of atomicand subatomic length scales. Hope this Helps:) It did! thank you where ever you might be! ~LionBeats
Work is equal to Force multiplied by distance.
The varactor diode is a semiconductor diode but in this kind, thecapacitance is supposed to vary according to the applied voltage.It has an exponent factor that bears a negative fraction value.
W=P(Vf-Vi) W=(2x10^5pa)*(6.00m^3 - 3.00m^3) W=6x10^5 pam^3 But 1 pascal is equal to 1 (Newton)/(meter^2) W=6x10^5 Nm=6x10^5 Joules
A wave has a crest and a trough.
Volume and weight are not directly related. Objects of the same weight can have a different volume.
Heat is a form of energy. When a solid is heated for long enough, the individual particles have enough energy to weaken/destroy the bonds that keep the particles together. The new formation is not the organised solid structure that it once was, and forms a new state of matter, which we call liquid....
weight is a kind of force,it's numerical formula's W=mg, where m is mass of the object and g is accln due to gravity
the speed of light in vacuum is 300,000km / s, the speed of soundin air is 340m / it s approximately thus dela light speed is fargreater than the speed of sound (in any medium)
In the absence of any forces a mass will continue in a straight line at constant speed. Creating an experiment to test this theory is difficult, as gravity, and its effects on moving bodies on earth (namely friction) are always present.
What is a Hexagonal close packed lattice and what is sign it?"
Heat con conduction is efficient metals
Yes, a plasma TV emits heat which is a form of electromagneticradiation called infra-red, as well as visible light whichis also electromagnetic radiation. Both harmless. In terms of potentially harmful radiation, there may be some highspeed electrons (but slower than those known as Beta) or...
Tephra is stuff that comes out of the volcano, it is mainly disposed as rocks.
it depends upon the substance and it's called specific heat. please mention the subs. by rahul
No. It would take significantly longer. A pressure wave would not move through the rod at the speed of light. According to the internet, the speed of sound in steel is 4512m/s. I'm not sure if a pressure wave would move through the rod at the the same speed as sound, but assuming that they're on a...
To find the density of an object, you have to divide the mass of the object by the volume of the object.
pumice does not sink in water unless it has been floating for many years
Benjamin Thomson (also known as Count Rumford)in 1798
what are the two forces acting immediately after leaving the launching pad of a rocket
Hydrogen gas has a highest specific heat capacity.. At room temperature, the highest heat capacities known are: hydrogen gas -- 14.3 J/K/g water vapour -- 7.3 J/K/ghelium gas -- 4.3 J/K/gliquid water -- 4.2 J/K/g
No. Ice is less dense than water, so it takes up more space than the equivalent amount of water. The lead will not change volume in your experiment, so that's irrelevant. When the ice melts, it will change to its liquid, higher density phase. Your beaker will contain it with room to spare.
Silicon is opaque to all light (IR through UV). . The bandgap of silicon is not high enough to produce visible photons, only IR photons.
Pumice, however it should be noted that the mineral is buoyant due to bubbles of air trapped within it, not because of the density of the mineral itself.
Reverse saturation current of germanium diode The current that exists under reverse bias conditions is called the reverse saturation current. Reverse saturation current of the germanium diode is typically 1 micro ampere or 10 -6 a. At a fixed temperature, the reverse saturation current of...
A good conductor will pass electricity with little or no resistance. Resistance will cause the voltage to drop as the current increases. The least resistance will cause the least drop in voltage and is therefore a good conductor.
The specific heat capacity of a substance is the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of a said substance 1 o K. The capacity is measured in kilojoules divided by kilogram time degrees Kelvin (kJ/Kg k). So, if the specific heat capacity of a substance is high, it requires a very...
If the liquid is static or moving with a constant velocity, then liquid pressure at a particular level is constant. . In case the liquid is in accelerated motion we will get variation in the liquid pressure at a particular level
the chemical is quick lime or CaO or calcium oxide.
No, it is only refracted at each clear air to glass surface, even if the refractive index of the glass changes. If an air to glass lens is vacuum coated with a fluoride film, it impoves the tranmision of light through the lens, e.g. the front lens of a telescope. The film can improve the...
A cooling curve is a diagram or graph that provides a pictorial representation of the change of state or phase of a substance as it cools. It's a plot of temperature vs. time, and it allows an "overview" of the process it was drawn to illustrate. A link can be found below for more information.
There are transistor testers. The down side is that the transistor has to be removed from the circuit to be tested.
That depends on what you're suggesting the speed of light in liquidis faster THAN .
The force of gravity pulling you into the chair and the ambient pressure pushing in on your body from all directions.
If an object was in a circular orbit under the influence of some centralizing force, such as gravity, or magnetism, or electro-static, or even strong nuclear or weak nuclear - then it has a constant speed (not velocity, angular velocity) and a radial acceleration equal to v 2 /r.
diodes, rectifiers . transistors (unijunction, bipolar junction, field effect) . silicon controlled rectifiers . solar cells . photosensors (cadmium sulfide, photodiode,phototransistor) . light sources (light emitting diode, LASER diode) . integrated circuits (analog, digital, hybrid, charge...
Perhaps. When looking at the structure of the atom, we know that it is about 99.99(some number of 9's)999% empty space (meaning not filled by subatomic particles). This means that everything and all matter is mostly empty space. If you took all the empty space out of all the atoms in the earth,...
=> Increase in body's temperature. => Change in state(Solid, liquid or gas). => Thermal expansion of the body.
For isotropic materials the relation of Young's modulus, E, and rigidity, G, is G = E divided by 2(1+u) where u = poisson ratio which is generally 0 to 0.5 depending on material. G is also known as the shear modulus
If we're excluding subatomic particles, then it would have to be a returning space shuttle or else a capsual. It would be slower going up.
No; that is why it is called shrink wrap.
The most common elements in the universe are, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Iron and Hydrogen,
Aluminium is paramagnetic, for it has unpaired electrons.
Answer . md means polymer orientation in machine direction & td means the same in transverse direction.
A laser beam consists entirely of light. So its velocity is equal to that of light. (exactly 299,792,458 meters per second)
A laser beam consists of light rays (or photons) all going in one direction. If the beam is not pointed toward your eye, none of the light in the beam will go into your eye so you will not be able to see the path of the beam, although you may be able to see where it strikes a solid, diffusely...
Not necessarily. If something brittle were to crash into something hard, it would shatter before it could pass through. On a related note, however, there is a small but non-zero chance that something can pass through something else through quantum tunneling.
their magnetic poles atract the opposite charge in order to optain the other charge. therefore they pull together to conect with a negative(-) and positive(+) because one end is filled with negative but needs positive and vise versa so when you put a + and + they don't need each other so the...
Acceleration is not determined by mass unless an amount of force is specified. Acceleration is the change in velocity, which is shown as the 2nd derivative of a graph and measured in Newtons, and the mass of an object doesn't come into play unless you are talking about force exerted. However, if we...
If you want to delve into the depths of quantum physics, all matter is a form of energy. Therefore, humans being made of matter are energy. If you do not want to go that far and want to stick with classical physics, humans contain mass and are made of solids, liquids and gases. It all depends on...
All objects can be compressd unless they are in a liquid state.
It is possible to relate a decay constant of some α emitting nucleus to an energy of α particle in the framework of the Gamow theory (see Related links) that is based on the quantum mechanics description of the tunneling through the potential barriers. Previous view (by Quirkyquantummechanic)...
A particle with at least one dimension that's on the nanoscale(1 x 10^-9 m).
No, it is a liquid and adopts the shape of its container
Pumice does not sink.
The way the light is reflecting off of the object shows the color that is not on the object
Supercooled liquids is a wrong concept for Glass.