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Solid State Physics

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Solid State Physics is the branch of physics that deals with the physical properties of solid materials, especially the electromagnetic, thermodynamic, and structural properties of crystalline solids.
As the material body travels at the speed of light its relativistic  mass becomes infinite. Hence the kinetic energy too becomes  infinite which is not practically possible
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A microchip is an electronic device built as a single unit from  many miniature components mainly transistors.Microchips are made by  building up electronic circuits in a tiny wafer or pure silicon in  a complicated layer-by-layer process.
You can reach the Sun in 8 minutes. Due to the speed of light, c = 3 · 108 m/s, and the distance between the Sun and us, 150 millions of km), it is inmediate to estimate, more or less, than the light that come from the Sun reaches the Earth in 8 minutes. From this fact it arises something curious...
The particles in a solid start to move faster and faster as they are heated. Eventually they may move fast and freely enough to reach the liquid state, and if they continue to be heated, the particles could obtain enough energy to leave the liquid state and go into the gaseous state.
Germanium diodes are more expensive than silicon ones, germanium is  harder to process, germanium cannot be used to make integrated  circuits (while early prototype integrated circuits were germanium  the wiring between the integrated components cannot be integrated  making it too expensive for...
It would weigh 1,342 pounds.
Derived traits are traits that appeared in the most recent common ancestor of the group and was passed on to it's decedents. Ancestral traits are inherited directly from the ancestor
A descriptive experimental study was made in both air and water of the temporally periodic motion that occurs in the vortex whistle and cyclone separator. The motion can be described in terms of an oscillator that derives its energy from hydrodynamic instability of the steady swirling flow and whose...
The Wikipedia lists the elastic limit for some materials, in the article "Yield (engineering)".
No. Only transverse waves can be polarized Ultrasonic wasves are sound waves, therefore are longitudinal.
Latent means present but not visible or apparent.
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It is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at  microscopic scales. Quantum mechanics departs from classical  mechanics primarily at the quantum realm of atomic  and subatomic length scales.    Hope this Helps:)    It did! thank you where ever you might be! ~LionBeats
weight is a kind of force,it's numerical formula's W=mg, where m is mass of the object and g is accln due to gravity
the speed of light in vacuum is 300,000km / s, the speed of sound  in air is 340m / it s approximately thus dela light speed is far  greater than the speed of sound (in any medium)
What is a Hexagonal close packed lattice and what is sign it?"
Heat con conduction is efficient metals
Yes, a plasma TV emits heat which is a form of electromagnetic  radiation called infra-red, as well as visible light which  is also electromagnetic radiation. Both harmless.   In terms of potentially harmful radiation, there may be some high  speed electrons (but slower than those known as...
Tephra is stuff that comes out of the volcano, it is mainly disposed as rocks.
No. It would take significantly longer. A pressure wave would not move through the rod at the speed of light. According to the internet, the speed of sound in steel is 4512m/s. I'm not sure if a pressure wave would move through the rod at the the same speed as sound, but assuming that they're on a...
To find the density of an object, you have to divide the mass of the object by the volume of the object.
Silicon is opaque to all light (IR through UV).The bandgap of silicon is not high enough to produce visible photons, only IR photons.
Pumice, however it should be noted that the mineral is buoyant due to bubbles of air trapped within it, not because of the density of the mineral itself.
Reverse saturation current of germanium diode The current that exists under reverse bias conditions is called the reverse saturation current. Reverse saturation current of the germanium diode is typically 1 micro ampere or 10-6 a. At a fixed temperature, the reverse saturation current of a diode...
No, it is only refracted at each clear air to glass surface, even if the refractive index of the glass changes. If an air to glass lens is vacuum coated with a fluoride film, it impoves the tranmision of light through the lens, e.g. the front lens of a telescope. The film can improve the...
There are transistor testers. The down side is that the transistor has to be removed from the circuit to be tested.
That depends on what you're suggesting the speed of light in liquidis faster THAN .
The force of gravity pulling you into the chair and the ambient pressure pushing in on your body from all directions.
If an object was in a circular orbit under the influence of some centralizing force, such as gravity, or magnetism, or electro-static, or even strong nuclear or weak nuclear - then it has a constant speed (not velocity, angular velocity) and a radial acceleration equal to v2/r.
Perhaps. When looking at the structure of the atom, we know that it is about 99.99(some number of 9's)999% empty space (meaning not filled by subatomic particles). This means that everything and all matter is mostly empty space. If you took all the empty space out of all the atoms in the earth, the...
If we're excluding subatomic particles, then it would have to be a returning space shuttle or else a capsual. It would be slower going up.
No; that is why it is called shrink wrap.
Aluminium is paramagnetic, for it has unpaired electrons.
  == Answer ==   md means polymer orientation in machine direction & td means the same in transverse direction.
A laser beam consists entirely of light. So its velocity is equal to that of light. (exactly 299,792,458 meters per second)
A laser beam consists of light rays (or photons) all going in one direction. If the beam is not pointed toward your eye, none of the light in the beam will go into your eye so you will not be able to see the path of the beam, although you may be able to see where it strikes a solid, diffusely...
Not necessarily. If something brittle were to crash into something hard, it would shatter before it could pass through. On a related note, however, there is a small but non-zero chance that something can pass through something else through quantum tunneling.
their magnetic poles atract the opposite charge in order to optain the other charge. therefore they pull together to conect with a negative(-) and positive(+) because one end is filled with negative but needs positive and vise versa so when you put a + and + they don't need each other so the...
It is possible to relate a decay constant of some α emitting nucleus to an energy of α particle in the framework of the Gamow theory (see Related links) that is based on the quantum mechanics description of the tunneling through the potential barriers.  Previous view (by Quirkyquantummechanic) ...
  No, it is a liquid and adopts the shape of its container
Pumice does not sink.
electrons have less effective size than that of holes(which actually are not real)...formula saysm(mobility)=drift velocity/electric field=et/m where t is relaxation time..so mobility is inversely proportional to masshence e has more mobility.
in bipolar transistors it is called the basein field effect transistors it is called the channel
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A piece of butter is a solid in solid.
There is nothing inside one of the open spaces of an ice crystal. Air would show O2 or N2 within the space, which are comparable in size to water molecules. Any water vapor in the spaces would have to show free-roaming water molecules. Therefore the space is filled with nothing.
"Underminded" is not a word. You are probably trying to ask what "undermined" puritanism. I'm not sure why this question is in solid state physics and special/general relativity categories, because I don't think either of those had much to do with the weakening of puritanism. However, as someone...
Because Weight is a force due to gravity, we must use gravity to measure it. Gravity stretches or squishes the spring in a soring balance or scales and this gives us a measurement weight = mass x acceleration of gravity.It should be noted that the acceleration of gravity is dependent on your...
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No human or machine can travel the light of speed. No matter how close you are to the speed of light if you have all the thrust in the universe you cannot get going past the speed of light. The familiar notions of absolute space and absolute time independent of your relative motion must give way.
The most common way is to measure the force generated on the object by the gravitational field of the earth and compare it to the force of a standardized mass. Another way is to create your own force field usually by swinging the mass in a circle on a string at a carefully regulated speed (angular...
Because the classic racing technique is to do all your braking in a  straight line before turning in to the corner, and then drive the  car on acceleration into and through the turn. This basically uses  the centripetal force of the drive wheels to drive to the apex and  around the corner and...
the answer can be done by using perpendicular axis theorem that is using Iz=Ix+Iy and the answer is ma*2/12
when a capacitor is connected to earth the potential of capacitor becomes zero. as a result all the charge residing on the conductors of a capacitor passes away and the final charge on capacitor becomes zero
Tracks in cloud chambers are the "contrails" left by ionizing particles. The magnetic field that set up across the observational space will act on charged particles and deflect them. The curves these particles carve out are better measured a bit away from the site of the origin because greater...
Because the atoms do not move around. The whole idea of convection is that 'groups' of things move about. In the case of heat convection these moving groups take or bring their heat with them.
Yes, if the moisture content of wood is high and enough potential is applied to the wood, current would flow.
Keep pushing on it, hard, for a long, long time. 5 kilograms is a mass that weighs roughly 11 pounds on earth; so our object is something roughly like a bowling ball ... you can pick it up, hold it, toss it, etc. If you push on it, then it accelerates. It keeps accelerating as long as you keep ...
The speed of light is constant, regardless of how far it is from its source.
Yes, it is. More specifically it is zero-band-gap semiconductor http://plaza.ufl.edu/tongay/
Multiply its mass (m) by the acceleration due to gravity (g) to find the weight (Fg). On Earth, g is usually about 9.81 m/s2. Fg = m * 9.81 m/s2
Os tres estados físicos da matéria estão subordinados ás mudanças climáticas, em seus estados naturais, principalmente frio e calor. Imagine uma pequena poça de água, se fizer muito calor a água irá se evaporar, e se condensar em forma de nuvem. Se fizer muito frio a poça d'água...
That's the inner ear ... where the fluid in the cochlea tickles the cilia on its walls, then the little cilia tickle the ends of nerves. From there, it's just a short hop through the nerves to the brain. They get a direct, non-stop, and don't even have to travel via the spinal cord.
Equivalent weight is the molecular weight/functionality. Sulfuric acid is 98 molecular weight with two protons, so its equivalent weight is 49.
Raman is used a lot as it is not sensitive to atmospheric water and CO2 usually won't stand out on the spectra. Its also useful in most settings as there is no sample prep needed, which is quite a difference to somthing like IR spectra which need nujol mulls or KBr plates. In comparison to IR the...
Hmm, well it all depends on the size of the apple. Exactly the same as the mass of a green apple of exactly the same size and density. Half the mass of a golden apple of exactly twice the size and the same density. One quarter of the mass of a Northern spy apple of twice the size and double the...
The physical properties of carbon vary widely with the allotropic form.
Very. It appears in many glow-in-the-dark watches.
Plastic is artificial because it is not (formed as) a natural substance, not in or by living organisms, like animals, plants or microbes.
to increase the conductivity of materialsno.of free electones and holes increase by conductivity
Yes, lightning striking a tree and going to ground is a perfect example of electricity passing through wood.
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The very top of a wave is called the crest.   They very bottom is the trough.   From one crest to the next is the wavelength.   The center of the wave is the medium, or rest position.   From the medium to the crest is the amplitude.   The wave has two parts i.e. Crest and Trough  ...
Gravitational force is between two object caused by energy in mass. Here when you are in a mine the radius of the earth in case of calculating gravity is reduced to the length between you and the center. This means the mass of earth is decreasing even though the distance is decreasing. Relative to...
Yes, unlike velocity which is a vector and has both magnitude and direction, speed is a scalar and lacks a fixed direction. Therefore you can have constant speed in a circular motion and a centrally directed acceleration which is equal too a=v2/r where v in this case would be speed not velocity...
    By conducting his famous terrestrial experiment.
1) So far, we have not been able to figure out a way to get objects with mass to travel at the speed of light. The energy required to do so would be infinitely large, and since there's no such thing as an infinite supply of energy, it's impossible. 2) That being said, if you were to travel at very...
In certain crystalline solids, the crystals are very fine.These cannot b seen by the naked eyes.Such solids gives an impression of being amarphous.Such fine crystalline solids,which appear as amarphous,are termed as poly crystalline solids.. Eg. Metal powders
Yes it is. Most Sn (tin) materials as semiconductors are direct band gap materials. Silicon on the other hand is an indirect band gap material.
Silver is more elastic than steel