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Commercials refer to advertisements on radio and television, paid for and produced by an organization that intends to market, present or deliver a specific message. Commercials are designed to attract viewers and listeners through catchy themes.


Contact an insurance broker who can spend the time to understand the risks your business generates, then helps you understand what policies are available to cover those risks. Almost all brokers write general liability for businesses but it isn't a bad idea to seek out a specialist if you have a u…
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The only song for an iPod commercial I know is "Bruises" by Chairlift.Well, the one for the iPhone is called "You, Me and the Bourgeoisie". It's by The Submarines.it doesnt matter just google it they are all in between £3+ and they all do the same so go for what you like
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Cute Brunette in the Levitra CommercialHer name is Marie Silvia. Deb D'Agostino has done work on Levitra Commercials she is a model from New York City. Not sure if this question relates to the commercials Deb is in.
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The name of the girl is Melisa De Carlo and she is from Argentina.
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Cingular Song Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: If it's the commercial I'm thinking of, it is "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell. If it's the one where you see "signal bars" everywhere, and the fellow is in a hurry to get to the hospital, then the song is "Melissa" by the Allman Br…
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ANSWER. On the new iPod nano adverts (you know the really colourful ones where paint begins to drip down?), the song is sung by a band called Chairlift. The track is "Bruises" and it's really catchy. :) The lyrics on the advert are.. "I tried to do handstands for you I tried to do handstands f…
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I can help! Its by "Low Light Supercharger" and the song is "Ticket To The World"  Hey thanks! That's the song. I've been searching all over the net.  Hey thanks! That's the song. I've been searching all over the net.
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Karen Defries
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WOW come on you Know this that song is from a guy name Sisco. the song goes like this "let me see that thonggg...baby make your botty go " and ect.  I think you're thinking of the Fruit of the Loom guys singing "You Can't Ever Overlove Your Underwear". Check it out at www.fruit.com.  i t…
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I don't know either. but if you guys do find out please email me at mypaleale.com sounds like a great tune from the 50's or 60's. it's got a cult western folky feel to it. still searching. will let you know if i find anything. Answer I believe it's a version of the song "The Old Chisolm Trail". …
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Commercial FarmA commercial farm is a farm which is deemed to be a viable farm operation and which normally produces sufficient income to support a farm family."Commercial farm" should not be confused with "factory farm." Factory farms are those which raise animals in high density for the land. They…
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Fruit of the Loom AppleIt is Rad Daly, I've worked with him before on a couple commercials. He's hilarious, great comic actor.More info on Rad Daly. http://www.genesiscreations.biz/Rad_Daly.html
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I think her name is Bridget Mahoney, a recent Northwestern grad  her name is kelly mcnair. she's also in a claritin commercial and a las Vegas commercial, and she's in the new movie poseidon due out in may 2006.  Is that the little red haired girl delivering the pizza while the guys are …
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His sister, Kelley Earnhardt-Elledge. In the most current Nationwide Insurance commercials, it's Danica Patrick.
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Brunette in Lincoln-Mercury CommercialJill Wagner!  her name is Jill Wagner and she is the hottest woman on all of tv. i don't know what gets me hotter; her smile,her high heels,the blue top showing her awesome breasts jiggling when she walks,or all of the above. i would die for just one minut…
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There is two new rabbit baised telus comercials.The one where the rabbits chase the female rabbit around is 'I Was made for loving you' by Kissand the one with the rabbit ears that change colors and warp is 'Television rules the nation' by daft punk.  there is a new one by a female band can't …
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Nokia's Dukes of Hazzard Boy His name is Ed and he's a bouncer. I think he's kinda cute.   His name is Ed and he's a comedian/actor out of LA. He's been on Charmed and apparently in a new movie called The Flock, playing opposite Richard Gere and Claire Danes. www.TheOfficialEdAckerman.com
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Dominos cheap as Tuesday is here. 6.90 pizza..DOMINOS................At the website ILIKESTARWARz.yolasite.com
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Leafy Golden Guy Specifically, he's a Fig Leaf. The actor's name is F. Murray Abrams. I too wrote to Fruit of the Loom who claimed they legally could not reveal the actors' names for privacy reasons. The apple was Harry Goz who died in 2003, Dancing Green Grape was Joey Faye, a comdedian, who die…
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You're the ex, aren't you.  looking for an answer not more questions.Answer is d. d'agostino - sounds like an ex being a smarta** here. you messed up dude.
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Karolina Wyrdra. Polish model and actress. http://www.adweek.com/aw/esearch/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001348941
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One of these gentlemen?Malcolm Stoddard? David Hall? Matt Rozier?No, none of the above. Does anyone have any idea who he is?Was it Sam Elliott?It was Squire Fridell, most likely. He also spent some time as Ronald McDonald, I think.
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Elaboration Are you referring to the one who says "I'm not really technical, like, at ALL"?
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The Go-Go's? The Go-Go's - Head Over Heels; this song was also featured on the "13 Going On 30" soundtrack. Here's one site with some of the songs used in previous Pantene commercials: http://www.soundsfamiliar.info/us/tvads15.php It's called 'They' by Jem off the album 'Finally Woken'
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britany spears before lypo is it a American commercial because i seen one with ayase haruka but its a Japanese commercial
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Nature Valley Actress She's a Russian born actress/model whom many know as Maria Bergman. She goes by the name of Nina Bergman. Her professional work including pictures can be seen at the website with her namesake: NinaBergman.com
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Commerical Actor His name is GAVIN BELLOUR. I'm excited because I've been trying to figure it out forever.
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Aveeno ActressAnswer:Deb D'Agostino - model from NY
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hoping here this is the right person, check out this URL http://www.galawallpapers.com/pictures/23/2346Amelia_Cooke_1024x768_.jpg
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Kim Shively, formerly Kim Kennedy Blair, currently living in LA is the brunette spokeswoman in the Toyota commercials.
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Not sure if it's him, but it kind of looks like Adam Kaufman. he is in the ABC family movie "Hello Sister, Goodbye Life."
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Promotional Consideration When a sponsor provides something of value in exchange for a mention or display of the sponsor's product. Examples: The sponsor provides free travel or hotel rooms in return for a short 10 second mention on the show. HP pays the producers of The Office for showing …
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Deb D'Agostino - Model from New York City.
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It's Gangster of Love by Johnny 'Guitar' Wilson here are the lyrics Theres frank James and Jesse jamesBilly the kid and all the restSupposed to be some bad catsWay out in the west If those cats could of dug meAnd my gangster waysThey would have hung gangsterA near 30, know, or Jesse each out brot…
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It is John Wayne
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If you are talking about the Rueben kid his name is Ryan McCartan.. Hes my boyfriend and the most amazing actor ever and i love hiM!
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Geico Cavemen The Geico cavemen are played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ben Weber, John Lehr, and Ben Wilson.
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If you are asking about the same red-headed actor who you also see in the McDonald's commercial, then you mean Matt McCarthy. He's actually a comedian and quite funny. Here's his MySpace http://www.myspace.com/howcanthisnamebetaken
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Gorgeous Brunette is the Yellow Book commercial is Alexandra Daddario. Don't know why the wrong answer is here.... http://www.yellowbook.com/commercial Blond Girl in Yellow Book Ad The "blonde" in the Yellow Book ad is Gisele Bundchen the Brazilian Victoria Secret supermodel and girlfriend/fia…
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HughesNet and DirecWay Redhead Not sure, but she was also in an old episode of "King of Queens" as a swinging neighbor. Her name is Margaret Easley
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It is the very beautiful Carla Ossa. http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/models/Carla_Ossa FYI I work for CATO and the brunette is also featured on our in-store display posters. The posters are routinely changed and thrown away, so if you call ahead and request it, the local CATO will give you…
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The actor who plays Bacardi is Chris Payne Gilbert. He has been on the TV show 10 Items or Less and some other roles. Love him. ;)
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Her names Holly Lynch, she is an American actress who was in the music video for John Mayer's "Your Body Is a Wonderland". She has also appeared in videos for Harland Williams and Moth and made many commercials to her credit, the State Farm Insurance commercial where she is "the girl from 4E", and t…
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Fruit of the Loom SongThe song name is "Back to Schoolhouse Rock"Lyrics: Well they go buyin' 'viders, dividers, notepads, chop, crayons,hot irons, jam pack of socks, flip-flops, smocks, sneakers, maybe hot tops,t-shirts, tank-tops, super-hero lunchbox, calculator, paper, one of these things,erasers,…
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Fruit of the Loom Actors Gene Steichen is the Leaves, Wayne Wilderson is the purple grapes, Richard Horowitz is the new green grapes, and Rad Daly is the apple.The following link will give you a history of Fruit of the Loom actors; however, does not discuss the current actors.http://www.tvacres.co…
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The human characters in the Fruit of the Loom commercials are the Apple, the Purple Grape, the Green Grape, and the Leaf.The classic "Fruit of the Loom" cornucopia (horn of plenty) includes an apple, purple grapes, green grapes, currants and leaves.
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Fruit of the Loom Costumes Not the exact ones. You might be able to find something similar at a costume store near you. Ex: iParty
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Veet Actressthe blonde actress in the veet advert is Sarah hadland, from mgl...
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Go to fruitguys.com and you can get mp3s and ringtones.
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In the U.S. Hispanic National Campaign the song's name is called : "Destiny" composed by Pablo Caceres from Personal Music in Miami 2007, and facilitated by The Music Agency (www.themusicagency.org). The lead gifted vocalist name is Dexter Scott Robinson (solo project is Dexter Scott Fury). He is …
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Cingular Mom I believe her name is Olivia Birkelund. She played the character, Arlene Dillon Vaughan Chandler, in the daytime soap opera 'All My Children', as well as the character, Ensign Marla Gilmore, in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes, Equinox Part 1 and Part 2. :)
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His name is Andrew. I worked on the spot with him.. He's also the lobster in that Vonage spot.
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Veet Actress Kristine Duran Alyssa Milano also appears in one
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Your mom!!!!!!!!!!! - how sad are you if you dont know the answer why comment at all you are such a sad idiot
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The girl is Chitraganda Singh here is the Wikipedia link- http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chitrangada_Singh. Here is the article supporting the answer. http:/www.zorsebol.com/parties-events/chitrangada-singh-the-face-of-garnier-age-lift-special-photos Depends what commercial you are referring to, I k…
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Prudential Actress Musetta Vander www.musettavander.com
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Ambien Commercial It is not Paris Hilton, and I do not know who this person is, but more importantly, why would the company change the actress? Believe me, the original girl with the LONG hair was much easier to fall asleep to.
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There are several different places online that will allow you to view commercials, movies, and TV shows. The best place to find these kinds of things is YouTube.
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Capital One ActorThe voice of one of the homeless men sounds like James Gammon. (He played Nick, the father of Don Johnson's character in Nash Bridges.) I believe the Actor that says"Thats just Earl" is M.C. Gainey,an actor that plays "Mr Friendly" or "Tom" from the ABC series "Lost"... Actually, th…
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www.splendad.com has some stuffThe Commercialpedia.com project also has acting and production credits. It is a community edited catalog of current commercials with any known details.
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Kim Blair, an Alpha Phi that went to Chapman University in Orange, CA.
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Dream SongThis song was created just for the commercial. You can download it at www.fruitguyfans.comThe artist is Mindy Gledhill...you can find her on YouTube.
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That's my boyfriend Grady Lee Richmond's line referring to actor Stig Eldred.
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According to Guinness Records, the world's longest running TV commercial is the Discount Tire Company's "Thank You" commercial, produced by Swartwout Productions (Arizona, USA) and first aired in 1975. The same commercial has been aired continuously every year in parts of the USA. The commercial inv…
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Her name is Alexandra Daddario, and she's really hot.
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The voice actor for Jack is Dick Sittig (who is also the creative director of the ad firm that does the Jack in the Box ads). He doesn't do the actual in-person acting though (though he does direct the commercials), they just hire random dudes to be in the mask.
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Clean and Clear has many commercials with short haired girls in them. They do not share credits for the commercials with the public so at this time her name is unknown.
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Natalie Cole -This will be (an everlasting love) Ingrid Michaelson - "Everybody"  
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It Don't MatterPhil Collins has a song called "It Don't Matter." But I've heard that clip on the Cingular commercials & I believe that the Artist's are the group "Bread." The song is "It Don't Matter To Me"by David Gates & Bread. Check it out & see.
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There have been dozens of Apple Mac ads since 1984. Can you be more specific? John Hodgman (PC) and Justin Long (Mac) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Get_a_Mac
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I think that it is Silas Gaither from Survivor Africa - Season 3. IMDb has credited him for a Verizon wireless commercial in 2007 and it looks like him.
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Answer It's Melany Mulligan they picked her because her last name was already Mulligan so no one would get confused.
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Answer I think it was made by Nell Carter before she died. answer Dinah Washington,in the 1940s.
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hire some expensive make up/FX workers to do your make up and your good
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sounds like another fab track from the Bees, regards john Wifey says its not, so it seems i may be wrong again Have been told it is "Country Girl" by Steve Earle. It is by Steve Earle, but it is "Galway Girl" . 100% Certain.
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His name is Don LaFontaine, a legendary voice over actor. He is best know for doing movie trailers. actually, it all depends on when this question was/is asked. Don LaFontaine did do a few Geico commercials, but he passed away in 2008. At some point there was D.C. Douglas who was fired for making c…
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It should be from the Armani collection. i am trying to find it too but since the advert was displayed in 2006 it makes it more difficult to find the dress It's Armani Prive, so it's not available over the internet. It might be worth booking an appointment at an Armani shop, but you'll probably hav…
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I have some info. Music from several of the Clorox songs that have been requested here are available on the new charity album, THE BLUE SKY PROJECT. It's available on itunes, cdbaby, and other sites. ITUNES LINK: http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=MeJfNohy0ZU&offerid=78941&type…
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Depends on the movies that they are in. If they play in a really bad movie, they probably get a low cash outcome. However, if they play in a movie such as "Avatar", then they probably get a few millions. Hope this helps.
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The Latest Target Commercial Song for the 2010 Fall Fashion Line is "Blogspot" by Paul & The Patients.
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No. But he appeared in billboards for Salem cigarettes for four years in the late 1970s. Ironically, Tom Selleck and his brothers accepted a deal offered them in their early teens by their father, who gave each of them a gold Rolex watch for not drinking or smoking until they were 21...so he did not…
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James earl Jones
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Answer Actors make mostly about millons per movie so i really dont know but actors probly do make millons per hour or movies like i just said......................Well, as the saying goes - it's all in who you are. But when you're just starting out as an actor, you'll typically make the day rate…
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industrial economy:having many and highly developed industries non-industrial economy:not having many and highly developed industries the difference is simply an economy is more advance when it is industrialized
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last aired T.V. Commercial for Cigarette DEC 31,1970 I believe was the last time a cigarette commercial was aired.also believe this was same time beer commercials had to stop showing consumption of product. J.Englandactually it was aired December 31 1970 and the brand was Virginia slims... but they…
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Nathalie Fay. She's the one that asks, "Have you read your bill?"She's also in the movie, The Hangover .
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Nirvana was the first with their hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. I can't think of the name of the other but it's the band who recorded 'Jeremy'. That's odd because I actually liked that bandPearl Jam performed the song 'Jeremy'.
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