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Commercials refer to advertisements on radio and television, paid for and produced by an organization that intends to market, present or deliver a specific message. Commercials are designed to attract viewers and listeners through catchy themes.


I have seen that commercial and I do know it is for a bar &  grill restaurant. I am not sure which restaurant though, sorry!
I believe that it is SlenderMan. Or the not funny version, Michael  Willig.
I'm not sure who is who, but there are 3 actors; Joseph Julian  Soria, Kevin Grasmann, and Richard Chiu
Eric Clapton the singer who the my touch was made for
The current series is played by brunette Kate Kelton. Before, one  of the blondes was the growingly omnipresent Crystal Allen.
His name is Alan Sader. He is an actor from Richmond, Virginia. He has been known as "the guy with the beard" on the Child Fund (formerly Christian Children's Fund) for a number of years. Not only is he the spokesman for the organization, he also sponsors a few children as well.. Talk about a...
commercialism impacts daily life by persuading people to get something, it is also a way of advertising.
  A way that raccoons walk
Because the tv stations get paid money to put up advertisements. They then use this money to pay for the rights to use a new tv show episode on their channel. Without commercials, commercial tv is nothing.
Tabrett Bethell - at least appears to be in Aus/NZ.
looks like Kim Fields (Tootie) to me Actually, I've been telling my husband that I think she is the same actress on a series for Johnson&Johnson - she does the segment where she teaches viewers how to bathe a baby. Here's a link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egA2HlmDnKU ---- Yes, she is...
He was famous for 2 in pop cultural circles: Jello, Jello Pudding, and Coke, but mostly Jello Pudding and Pudding Pops!-technoccult
Stephanie Courtney plays Flo on the Progressive commercials. She  has also appeared in many other commercials, movies, and had some  reoccurring t.v. show appearances.
i think it is movie ads because everyone can remember a good movie!
who are the actors in the latest RACQ inurance advertisement
Led based paint Banana guards
victoria secret top model who quite because of christian devotion
It affects our daily life because we see it everywhere and it persuades us to do or buy things.
Karolina Wydra... Outside of the world of fans of fashion models, Karolina Wydra has been relatively unknown until just recently. She has burst upon the world's stage in a big way thanks to the personnel responsible for casting the new Acura ZDX Exclamation commercial Read more at Suite101: Girl in...
That's actor Mike McGlone. He was in the movie The Brothers McMullen.
She's a 40 yr old Mom of 2 from Ga!
I like it like that.
Her name is Michelle Carmichael; she played in He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
The actor in the National Car Rental Commercial is Sean O'Bryan. He  is in the commercial where they are playing football.
  == Alison Bartlett (Gina from Sesame Street) ==
Her name is Maria Bayer Goldman and she recides in the London.UK area .She is originally from Sweden.
Born in Alabama, raised in Fl- lives in Ga.
A commercial example of circular reasoning can be found in an  office. When a worker thinks that some upper management personnel  is innocent in regards to unethical things just because they are  related to the business owner, they have a bunch of degrees to  their name or they have some other...
She looks like she could be a sister to Jodi Foster...
i don't know her name but she is the lady from the yoplait commercials, where she goes to the tailor to get all her clothes 'taken in', and she spouts off about 'the Boston cream pie' shes been eating and the tailor says 'you mean out'?
Stephen Schnetzer (from "Another World" soap opera)
commercials are the way networks pay for the shows you watch. actor, producers, set crews don't work for free.   As I understand it - when pay for cable started- it was advertised that you pay for cable   and you get no commercials; the pay part was supposed to eliminate commercials ---   i...
The 2009/2010 commericals in and around Vancouver b.c.
No, it is actually actor Mike McGlone. He happens to look a lot like Pierce Brosnan though...
Probably you are talking about MJ Cole - Red and Black
If you're talking about the trailer to Destiny, Bungie's upcoming title, the actor is Giancarlo Esposito, famous for his role as Gustavo "Gus" Fring in the AMC series Breaking Bad.
His name is Tyler. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvz8xsVSPO4for more info hitmeonmyipod@gmail.com
          Sara Cravens            
In the 70' s heineken had radio commercials about a guy with a cooler full of heineken in the woods stopping at a girls campsite asking her if she wanted a heineken. She had an incredible laugh
amount in a normal commercial eye dropper?
The model on the PajamaGram commercial is Anna Easteden. The  commercial appears on TV the most during Valentines Day.
The song is on a Gap commercial and the song is called The Way I Am, by Ingrid Michaelson
I was wondering the same thing. Kinda looks like Pharrell playing the cashier that the man hugs at the end. Can anyone tell if it is or not?His name is Charles Michael Davis. I recognized him from Switched At Birth
It is the way of conducting business online. It is all about buying and selling in traditional way through Electronically. This is the technique for consumers to helping for start business in online form. And that technique termed as E-commerce.And conducting business processes in electronic way is...
George Clooney - Budweiser (through '10) Christian Slater - Panasonic (-'10) Kevin Spacey - Honda (-'10) Gene Hackman - Oppenheimer Funds (-'10), Lowe's (-'10) Kiefer Sutherland - Apple (-'10), Bank of America (-'10) Donald Sutherland - Volvo (-??) Stanley Tucci - AT&T (-??) Thomas Haden...
Bump, I would like to know the answer to this too. I would assume that the commercials are pre-produced prior to the Olympic events taking place, but the messages within them are very specific so they may actually be done after the events are completed. It is surprising to see how available Morgan...
  Obviously customer no-service at directv does not know who the actress is either. Here is their email.   Dear , Thank you for writing. Unfortunately we have been unable to obtain the name of the actress for you. We do appreciate your interest. Thank you again for writing, Sincerely, ...
The rhetorical questions ad campaign from Geico has allusions.
bluest sky by hestkramer.com sung by jess penner
  That downright gorgeous actor is Seth Elijah Adkins (born on October 30, 1989 Albuquerque, New Mexico) He is now residing in Los Angeles, California. He starred in Funky Monkey(2004) with Matthew Modine. He also appeared in Judging Amy (1 episode, 2005) as Charley Dane. His latest movie is...
If you're talking about the new Avocado commercial in the firestation, the female actress is Lisa Gershuny www.lisagershuny.com
The black guy looks like one of the dudes from Spank Rock?
She is in a lot of commercials for godaddy.com
Tanya Memme  She looks a whole lot like this lady here:  http://www.onemodelplace.com/member.cfm?ID=210408  What do you think?  ~ Zeek   Actually, it's Christina Aguilera. Check out her vidio for the base song for the commercial - Keeps Getting Better. Also, the above link is no longer...
I was hunting for this answer myself. I don't know for certain, but the voice in the most recent one sounds an awful lot like Clinton Kelly from "What Not To Wear."
I just heard a Robitussin commercial and it was John Corbett (Northern Exposure, Sex & the City, Applebees). Not sure if it was the "to go" though
Her name is Jen Mote .... she is the most amazing triple threat I know.
The commercial is done by Dick Van Pattens son, Vince Van Patten.
Commercial recreation the provision of recreation-related products or services by private enterprise for a fee, with the long-term intent of being profitable.
I think it's Lou Reed but not sure.
"And I think the woman playing the mom (Rachael Drummond, who also is in that funny Walmart clown commercial and a recent Progressive ad) works well in this setting as a mom, with a nice sense of timing and delivery of some funny lines." source: http://wheelontheweb.com/toyota-tries-to-regain-its...
They are actors shot on regular old film. A man named Bob Sabiston who developed the animation technique called rotoscope then takes the footage and uses his technique to animate the footage. Bob Sabiston is the same animator who animated the movies A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life.   The...