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Located in the northeastern state of India, Assam comprises the Barak river valleys and Brahmaputra along with the North Cachar Hills and the Karbi Anglong in India. It has a total land area of 78,438 sq km and shares international borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan.
Assam is situated at the easternmost part of India. Geographically it is at the foothills of the Himalaya. Every year Assam experiences a huge amount of losses due to devastating flood caused by the river Brahmaputra.
No, Assam's capital city is Dispur.
The state bird of Assam is White-winged Wood Duck. Binomial name is Cairina scutulata.
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National parks are there to protect the wild life and so people can go out and enjoy themselves and it has an amazing scenery.
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Assam is known for their tea, silk and oil.
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Assam is a flood prone area and is hit by floods during the majority of the year. Thus, the houses in Assam are built on stilts so as to ensure that the houses are not destroyed by frequent flooding. Tundra is an area with a thin layer of soil over a thick layer of permanently frozen ground called...
1)Promoting foreign investments. 2)Developing trade business with Bangladesh,mayanmar,nepal and China. 3)Development of agriculture. 4)development of small towns. 5)development of new ecofriendly industrial areas. 6)developing the state transport and communication system.7)Making the Health and...
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Answer . Hi,. Assam state & Nilgiris (Tamilnadu state). Hope this helps
Well, this is an area where lots of floods occur...
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SERVICE-PROVIDERS: Kewal Nirmal Kalsi Salutary Trust, OFFIC ADDRESS : 18 East-lane, House No.5, Sundarpur, Dispur, Guwahti, Assam India. Cell No. : +9198640-47886 Email :
Assam is a northeastern state of India. It is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas.
Dispur is in Guwahati, Assam, India
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Six airports are in Assam. The city names and airports name are follows Guwahati (Borjhar), Jorhat (Rowriah), Dibrugarh (Mohanbari), Lilabari (Lilabari), Tezpur(Tezpur) and Silchar (Kumbhirgram). Jayanta Sarma
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i mostly think it is jb patnaik ... janaki ballabh patnaik
1. Dorian Platonic - Guwahati 2. Dynasty - Jorhat 3. Metal Edge - Guwahati as far as i kno.....
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Dispur is the capital of the stateof Assam in India.
A place prone to flooding
In the southern part of Assam ( which comprises districts like Cachar, Hailakandi etc) Makad Sankranti is considered as one of the greatest festival. Peaople make tents using bushes and celebrate inside it the previous night. In early morning of 15th January they take bath and burn the tents and...
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The state of Assam does not have a prime minister. It instead has a governor and a chief minister. Currently, Governor Janaki Ballabh Patnaik and Chief Minister Tarun Kumar Gogoi are the officials of Assam.
Home Ministry portfolio is under Mr. Tarun Gogoi, who is also the Chief Minister of Assam.
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In Nepal, India and Thailand, average price is currently 23,000 $ for an adult female elephant.
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Four. Four Oil Refineries of Assam a) Digboi Refinery in 1901; IOC b) Noonmati in Guwahati in 1962; c) Dhaligoan near Bongaigaon in 1962; BPCL d) Numaligarh of Golaghat district in 1999;
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Rice is the main food of Assamese people. But Assamese people take a lot of other side dishes along with rice which are quite different than other parts of India. Assamese peoples are generally non-vegeterian, even the high cast people(Brahmins) also take meat which is quite imposible in rest of...
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Sir Nicholas Dodd Beatson Bell was the first governor of Assam.
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Most people in Assam are Hindu (61 percent). Islam is 2nd with 31 percent.
Make a corruption free environment.Development of transport,health and education system. Make a state anticorruption body,make a separate barak valley development council,complete the central govt grant projects in fixed time with honest and good quality of work.People have to give votes only to...
78438 sq. Km is the total area of assam
natural vegetation of assam is decedious type as it is nearer to sea...but it is a joke i dont know the answer
The peopleof the state of Assam in Northeastern India are known as the Assamese. The ladies wear a specail three piece sari known as Mekhla Chadhor, often made of silk, for which Assam is famous.The men wear dhoti ( a layered wrap worn a round the waist )and kurtas,( high or round collared tunics)...
bamboo grows abundant in Assam.people wanted to construct bamboo houses because of its strength,straightness and lightness combined with extraordinary hardness range in sizes.their houses are almost ten to twelve feet above the ground to protect them from heavy rainand wild animals.
Assam's capital city is Dispur.
1) The people should give vote to efficien t and honest peoples. 2) Develope business with neighbouring states like Mizoram,Tripura,Manipur and the neighbouring countries like Mayanmar,Bangladesh etc .3) Improving the standard of education and healht system.4) Increasing the quality of...
u can cook cheken in 100 types n mutton in 101 types in assam ,i hope now u can predict the no. of dishes in assam...
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Assamese people wear a traditional dress that is the girls wear a kind of a shawl which is wrapped around their waist and is known as puan. the boys wear a shirt and a dhoti. USUALLY.