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Latitude and Longitude

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Longitude and latitude are descriptions of where places are located on Earth using a map.
There's no city there. That point is in southern Uruguay, about 60 miles north of the center of Montevideo.
This is near the mountain "Cerro Las Tórtolas" on the Chile-Argentina border, which has a peak elevation of 20,200 feet (6160 m).
Greek geographer Ptolemy created a grid system and listed the  coordinates for places throughout the known world in his book  Geography.   Anyway, Lines of latitude measure north-south position between the  poles. The equator is defined as 0 degrees, the North Pole is 90  degrees north, and...
Bangkok, Thailand is just southeast of this coordinate.
This coordinate is located in China.
 5°S, 101°W isn't a country, it it in the Atlantic Ocean, West  of Central America  
Those numbers are not appropriate as a set of geographic coordinates that locate a point on Earth. Latitude (the 'north' or 'south' number) can never be greater than 90 degrees.So there's no point on Earth that has these numbers as its coordinates.
Short answer is water. 31N 59W is in the middle of the Atlantic,  east and a little south of Bermuda.
If you got a cell-phone call from a person standing anywhere on earth, and he told you exactly where he's standing, you could guide him to any other point on earth by giving him only two numbers over the phone. 1). How far east or west to walk from the place he's standing. 2). How far north or...
Corvallis is Latitude: 44°34′14.81″N and Longitude: 123°16′33.59″W.
That point is in Saudi Arabia, about 49 miles northwest of Riyadh.
GMT is a time zone abbreviation, which stands for Greenwich Mean Time. This is the time at zero degrees of longitude, which passes through the Greenwich, England.
The international dateline is 12 hours later than Greenwich, or 12  hours earlier than Greenwich, depending on what side of the  dateline you are considering.
it is 40° 0' 0" N / 4° 0' 0" W
 Atlantic Ocean close to northern south america     
Approximately this place Klepikovsky District in Russia. SP.
India.21 N 81 E is between Raj and Chandrapur in south central India.
Snake riverin the US; where the states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon meet.
The reason for the flattening at the poles, North and South. And the widening at the Equator is primarily due to two factors. The rotation of the Earth and the tidal buldge at the Equator, due to the Moon's gravitational pull on the oceans.
The location is latitude 52 degrees 12' 31.60"N longitude 20degrees 59' 20.68" E.
That point is in northeastern Germany, about   37 miles northwest of the center of Berlin.
A meridian is an imaginary line (arc) that connects the Earth's poles at an angular distance from a reference arc, which is established as the Prime Meridian or 0° longitude.
No single country includes continuous territory from 0° to 60° W longitude. This includes lands on the Atlantic Ocean (western Europe, western Africa, eastern South America, and Canada).One country that does extend for a similar east-to-west range is Greenland, which stretches from about 15° to...
This is the nominal meridian of the International Date Line, the point from which calendar days are said to begin (generally since 1917). The line does not follow the longitude scrupulously, being altered westward for the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and eastward for : RussiaKiribati IslandsFiji...
This location in Iraq is the Khawr Abd Allah estuary, where the Euphrates river may have historically emptied into the Persian Gulf. The river now merges with the Tigris River to the northeast, to form the Shatt-al-Arab.
Lines of latitude (parallels) are used to determine locations north or south of the equator. The divisions (90 degrees N and 90 degrees S) establish equidistant lines as concentric circles on the globe.
This location is on the western border of Saudi Arabia where it borders the central region of Oman.
The most northern 'line' of latitude is really a point. 90 degrees latitude north is the north pole.
The only continent that extends to 50° south latitude is South America, the countries Chile and Argentina.The 50° S latitude passes north of the Falkland, South Georgia, and South Sandwich Islands of the Atlantic, south of the Iles Kerguelen in the Indian Ocean, and north of the Campbell and...
This is near Luang Prabang, the capital of Laos.
Temecula, a city in Riverside County, California, is located near 33.5°N, 117.1°W.(More precisely, its central location is at 33°30′12″N, 117°7′25″W)
The location is near the southern edge of the Gobi Desert. This is near one of the speculative points marking the westernmost extension of the Great Wall of China, near Jiuquan, China. North of Jiuquan is the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center from which China's first manned mission was launched in...
The location 20° N and 140° E is in the Pacific Ocean west of the Maug Islands (North Marianas).
This is the Lakshadweep Sea west of Mangalore, India. The sea is part of the Indian Ocean, and lies between the mainland and the Lakshadweep Islands.
There is no way to tell. Their precise latitude locations would enable this computation. Note that unlike N and S latitude lines, which have a fixed distance between degree lines, the spacing between longitude lines varies greatly with latitude. Close to the poles, there is practically no distance...
Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, is located near this location.(A central location is 4°35′53″ N, 74°4′33″ W.)
93.7° W longitude is a line running from around Port Arthur, TX (about 30°N), extending to near western Ellesmere Island in Canada (about 83° N).This line may include areas of the US near :Shreveport, LAFayetteville, ARKansas City, MODes Moines, IASt Cloud, MN
The location is Triel-sur-Seine, France (about 20 km NW of Paris, France).
no one will tell me 
This location is in the Indian Ocean, south of the Arabian Sea.
Strange as it may seem, the answer is: No. To be technical about it, the Aleutian chain ... a long trail of islands that's all part of the state of Alaska and seems to hang off of its 'chin' on the map ... extends several hundred miles past 180 degrees longitude and into the eastern...
The region between the equator and the north pole is called the "northern Hemisphere". The region between the equator and the south pole is called the "southern Hemisphere". The two of them put together cover the whole earth.
No. Mozambique borders South Africa to the North East.
The spherical Earth has 360° of total longitude, divided into 180° east of the Prime Meridian and 180° west of the Prime Meridian.So the highest value for longitude is 180° (this is nominally the International Date Line, and 180° E is the same meridian as 180° W).
the north and south poles 
This location is in Canada at the three-province boundary point between the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Alberta. It is about midway between the locations of Fort Liard, NWT and Meander River, Alberta.
The equator (0° latitude) passes through northern South America and the Tropic of Capricorn (nominally 23.5° S) passes through the south central part of the continent.
This location is between the towns of Galkino and Savino, Russia (about 100 km south of Moscow).
Moving from the West Coast to the east, the 45° parallel passes through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, the northern border of Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, the Canadian borders of New York and Vermont, the tip of New Hampshire, and Maine. -- Oregon -- Idaho -- Montana --...
This location is near the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
It is in the South Pacific Ocean. Near 170 degrees west longitude and 14 degrees south latitude.
Locations having a higher W longitude are farther west, and therefore "earlier" in standard time. Each 15° of longitude defines 1 hour's time difference, there being 360° of longitude divided by 24 hours. So the time at the location at 45°W will be 2 hours [(45-15)/15] earlier, or midnight.
The line of longitude 84.87° W runs from the North Pole, across the northern Canadian islands and Ontario; through the US, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea; the Central American nations of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica; and off the Pacific coast of South America to Antarctica. ...
Chula Vista, CA. San Diego Metro Area.
23 degrees north, 82 degrees west is the name of a jazz tune  recorded by Stan Kenton and refers to Havana, Cuba.
 France  Switzerland  Austria  Italy  Hungary  Romania  Moldova  Ukraine  Russia  Kazakhstan  China  Mongolia  USA  Canada  
  Latitude: 5.558560 Longitude: -0.200924
The Mississippi empties into the Gulf of Mexico.
You can't have a latitude of 120 degrees. If that's 10 North, thatputs you in northern Venezuela, east of Maracaibo.
Taipei is in Taiwan... and Taiwan is a country...More officially, Taipei is the largest city and the administrative center of Republic of China.
At 41 degrees north latitude, you gain some length of daylight every day from December 21 until June 21, and you lose some length of daylight every day from June 21 until December 21. The number of minutes difference from one day to the next also changes. It's greatest on March 21 and on...
Longitude lines go up and down on a map.
East. The line at 100 W is farther west than the line at 90 W. --- Your destination is exactly due east of the point of origin, and about 529 miles away. But if you head out due east to get there, you'll travel about 0.7 miles farther than necessary, because that's not the shortest, most direct...
  According to Google Earth program, Omaha, NE is located at 37 25' 19.1" N; 122 05' 06" W cjm
34° 1′ 15.17″ North, 6° 50′ 29.94″ West
It is the border of Malawy and Tanzania.
That point is on the mainland of Greece, near Athens.
  == near the north pole ==
AfricaExactly Jufra, Libya(SE of al-Fuqahā')
The sun sets in a more slanted/diagonal direction at high latitude locations throughout the year (which is why twilight at these locations can be more than two whole hours), whereas at tropical latitudes the sun sets in a near vertical direction so the twilight period can only be 45-50 minutes.
Within 1/2 degree of 70N. Polaris is not EXACTLY above the North Pole; it is about 0.6 degrees from it.
The areas between 30 degrees and 60 degrees North and South.
point Gulf of Guinea 380 miles south of Accra, Ghana
That is also the location of the world's largest desert, hence the low population.