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John Adams

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John Adams is the US’s second president (1797-1801), and its first vice-president. He died on July 4, 1826, the same day Thomas Jefferson died, which was also the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
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he development of the American System - high tariffs, internal  improvements, and reform of the national bank and currency. Under  his presidency, the Cumberland Road was extended into Ohio and the  Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was started.      His most famous legislation may be the Tariff...
The alien and sedition laws which Adams approved  of, were quite unpopular and were a campaign issue, since Jefferson  who was running against Adams was against them .
He has one in Washington D.C. and John Q. Adams has a memorial but  it isn't in Washington D.C.
A+   He served one four-year term as President of the United States.
john Quincy Adams ,susannna,johothan,James
He became president in 1797 at age 57.
After graduating from Harvard College, John Adams was offered an elementary teaching position in Worcester, Massachusetts which he held from 1755-58. While in Worcester, Adams received his first law instruction from James Putnam, one of the colony's best regarded atttorneys.
No, he had three sisters and two brothers. His brothers were  Charles and Thomas Boylston Adams. His sisters were Elizabeth  Adams, Abigail Adams Smith and Susanna Adams.
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John Adams was the first Vice President, the second President, the first Minister to the Court of St. James (Great Britain), snd a signer of Declaration of Independence.
France with Jefferson and Franklin. They were trying to get support  from the king. For a time Jefferson and Adams were roommates and  Adams writes about how Jefferson had books piled all over the room.  He also complains how Franklin refuses to learn French and likes to  party.
Could be either. Not for nothing was a family slogan- As Above, So Below! there was a German marching song in World War I on this theme- and as we go on advancing to the Foe!-= As Above, ( four beats), So Below- the reference being to the chain of command. The Adams (note spelling) family was the...
Yes, he was a loose constructionist!
In 1830, the Indian Removal Act was Signed by Andrew Jackson
march 4,1797- march 4, 1801
No, but one daughter was stillborn, and another died at age one.
  John Adams had many experiences even with Abigail Dams they both had kids too they had 6 kids  
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He wasn't against the patriots, he was a patriot. He argued that  Great Britian was unfairly taxing the colonies without their  consent. Examples are the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and Tonwshend Act.
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There was no president in 1769 because it was before the end of the Revolutionary War. So no, John Adams was not the President then. He was the 2nd President of the United States (1797-1801)
He established the decleration of independence, he helped Thomas J.draft the decleration of independence. He wrote and a defence ofthe consititutions of the govermnet of the U.S. He established thepresidential cabniet. He avoided war with France and England. Healso established the supreme court. He...
John Adams served as Vice-President of the United States in 1789 during both of George Washington's terms as President
The electoral college chose John Adams (Federalist) for the president, and Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) for Vice President.
There was just one Presidential descendant, his son John Quincy Adams. But he is a fourth cousin 3 times removed of President Millard Fillmore. His son John Quincy Adams is related to Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson through John Adam's wife Abigail.
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After retiring from public office, John Adams returned with his family back to Peacefield, their family farm, in Quincy, Massachusetts.
he only signed the declaration of indepenence, he did not sign the constitution!
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By opposing the Alien and Sedition Act, and weakening the power of Congress, as well as the Powers stated in the Constitution, the Federalists believed that would weaken the Country. The Federalists also believed that Jefferson would lead the Country into war with Britian, and that he was a...
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He was a lawyer and sometimes stayed home watching all 5 kids. He worked on a farm also, having 32 farm animals.
because they thought their country was too young to give each state their own power.
Abigail Adams sent letters to her husband, John Adams while he was at the Continental Congresses. He asked her for her advice and view of the arguements at the congresses, and she replied back with her perspective of the problems.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
She felt like that there should be no war. She felt if people wanted to kill someone that it should be theirself, and that they should think about what they are doing.
second presidant, fathers name was john adams, and he married a girl named abigail.
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  == Answer ==   He was not assasinated. He was tried by a military court and found guilty. The punishment was execution. Calling that an assasanation inflames the situation.
  He believed in speaking of the free mind.
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He served two terms from 1789-1797, being the first vice president.
Abigail Smith Adams had a strong molding on John Quincy Adams education after ther war had deprived Braintree Massachusetts of its only schoolmaster.
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Abigail worried about her husband because he hardly ever wrote to her and he would be gone for years at a time.
Abigail Smith Adams
John Adams singed the Alien and Sedition Act in 1798.and he signed the declaration of independence knowing that he then would be knowed as a traitor and could be killed and his family could be killed so that was a heroic thing to do and now he is famous for doing that because we might not be free...
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Some of John Adams strengths include his determination, diligence, and intelligence. He exalted ideas and was exemplary at negotiating. He was also a good lawyer.
John Adams had two brothers who were Peter and Elihu . He had no sisters.
Neither, a federalist. Which would be a republican in our time.
In those days, one either talked in person or sent notes or letters. There were no telephones or telegraphs.
Abigail Adams parents were William and Elizabeth Quincy Smith.  Abigail's parents were Elizabeth: mom. William: dad
John Adams was on the leading founding fathers, a part of the American Independence movement from its beginning. He played an important role as a diplomat in Europe for the revolutionary government. He was the second U.S. President and the first Vice President. Father of John Quincy Adams. He died...
President John Adams had the following nicknames: The Colossus of Independence -- Given to him by Thomas Jefferson for his leadership in Congress in 1776The Duke of Braintree -- A sarcastic reference to his grandiose airsKing John the SecondOld Sink or Swim -- For the speech in which he vowed "To...
They really didn't get along because Thomas Jefferson was a anti-federalist and John Adams was federalist and they pretty much hated each other
John Adams was the vice-president during both ofWashington's two terms. John Adams was the first Vice President whileGeorge Washington was serving as the first president from April 30,1789 to March 4, 179 7. He then followed Washingtonas President, serving for one term.
he was on the American side
Considering she never worked, except to be a mother of 6, married to John Adams who was a lawyer, congressman, diplomat, president, and farmer she never "retired." Retirement comes from working a job, which she never had. She did have an interesting life and had to "put up" with her husband gone for...
No John Jay did not sign the Declaration.
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John Quincy Adams served as President of the United States between March 4, 1825 and March 4, 1829. In that time, no states were added to the union.
jhon adams stop america from going to war with france
Samual Adams was John Adams cousin. He had another cousin who's  name is unclear.
Assuming that the John Adams in question is the second United States president, then Mr. Adams had five children. Adams had three sons, John Quincy, Charles and Thomas, and two daughters, Abigail and Susanna. Elizabeth, the unknown third daughter and sixth child, was stillborn.
Abigail Adams had 6 children. Her 3rd child died and her 6th child died still born.
yes, he was a patriot
the republicans